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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Rob555, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    Hypothetically speaking :)

    Two roommates live together, one sells pot, the other not involved. If the seller gets busted and there's dope in the house, what would (generally speaking) happen to the roommate? Would both be charged, would it depend on the seller claiming responsibility? How does that work?
  2. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    Usually if 1 person takes the blame they don't bother anyone else. But it really depends on what kind of an asshole prosecuting attorney you have.
  3. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    Well, how will the person get busted? They are not going to randomly come to the house and knock the door. They must have a warrant to search the house or the permit of the people in the house. If they get a warrant, then they must have some evidence or something like that.
  4. Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes New Member

    I would hope the person selling would fess up to owning it. Otherwise both could be prosecuted.
  5. Passage

    Passage Sr. Member

    If both people deny it, they both get charged I believe. However if one confesses and the other denies any involvement, then the person who confessed gets charged. Same thing if you get pulled over with a friend and there's a bag of weed lying in between you two in plain sight.
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    It depends on what the evidence says....if the "innocent" roommate has drugs, packaging materials, and scales in his immediate posession, its going to be hard to argue that he/she is innocent of everything and its all the roomate's doings. However, if the "innocent" rooomate is drug-free, doesn't have drug-related items in his/her immeidate possession, etc, its much easier to believe that they are not involved in any sort of drug sales.
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  7. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    That happened to a friend of mine. He was the dealer, my other 2 friends roommates.
    He got busted outside his home, but aftewards they got a search warrant and raided the house. The dealer got charged with everything, the other 2 roomates got possession charges and conspiracy, even though the dealer took the blame.
  8. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Were any drugs or drug-related items found in the living quarters of the two "innocent" roomates?
  9. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    Yes but none of it was in their rooms, it was all in the kitchen cabinets and living room. It was a 3 bongs, a large sum of weed, a vaporizer, and a scale among other accessories. My dealer had taken blame for all stuff as they had made that deal before they let him move in but they all still got charged. My dealer still had more charges though.
  10. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    I just had to take a drug workshop for myself getting busted, and here's what the guy that ran it told me. When we got caught, I hadn't used, and none of the stuff was actually mine (my boyfriend brought it to for the weekend). Even though I hadn't used, and didn't plan on using, it's still technically conspiracy or intent to use, so they can still be charged. The dealer will DEFINITELY be in alot more trouble, but since they other people live there, and it's partly their property, they're also partly responsible.
  11. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    Exactly. I don't think thats the right thing to do at all, but then again if your going to let something stay on your property (especially if it's illegal) you have to be held accountable for it:shrug:
  12. StonerTaz

    StonerTaz New Member

    the truth of the matter is this even if the dealer takes full responsability for the drugs the room mate will still be charged as an accesory due to the fact that they did not report the crime.

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