rubbing alcohol

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by absentdreamerr, May 28, 2002.

  1. absentdreamerr

    absentdreamerr New Member

    for those of you who dont know how to pronounce it.... its ice-o pro pill alcohol sorry, i jkust got sick of people mispronouncing it
  2. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

  3. absentdreamerr

    absentdreamerr New Member

  4. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    and its a hidrocarbonate
    only C's and H's
    Carbon and Hydrogen
  5. Herb Ninja

    Herb Ninja Seasoned Activist

    and its poison don't drink it.
  6. Jsbnp

    Jsbnp Guest

    works great for cleaning your glass :)
  7. StonedBrad

    StonedBrad New Member

    I wish you had said that 5 minutes ago. :eek:

    ::dials 911::

  8. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    How can people mispronounce it online.
  9. lozirkid

    lozirkid Guest

    What does that have to do with marijuana? Heh
  10. ski

    ski New Member


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