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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by captain cannabis, Feb 23, 2011.

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    This isnt really a question about vaporizers, its more about their effects so i figured i might as well put it here. Im in high school and i run long distance and swim, but i also love to smoke. i bought a vaporizer about a month ago so i could still smoke during track season but im still skeptical on whether or not it has any effect on my lungs. i used it about 3 times a week during the winter when i was still swimming and i didnt feel like it affected me but i dont know if this will still apply for running because you rely on your lungs more. I would probably only smoke once a week during track season but i would like to know if even that much would affect me. If anyone has any personal experiences with vaping and running, or has any reliable facts about vaporizers i would love to hear them. Thanks alot.
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    Hey Captain I'm a bit rusty on the "exact" temperatures but hopefully this will give you some insight. The flash point for THC is around 190-195 degree's, the flash point for the plant material with all the carcinogens and pollutants flash point is somewhere around or over 220 degrees.
    Basically burn only the medicine and skip burning the plant itself and you should be able to toke 1-5 times a week with no noticeable effects.
    Hope this helps
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    Vapor is a lot easier on the lungs than smoke. Mine are fine with vapor but not smoke. I do find that big hits (high vapor volume) bother me more than small ones, so if I were you I'd take small hits for effect, rather than big ones you can really feel hitting your lungs. Small hits are more efficient anyway. In my experience, hit size is much more of a factor than the temp you use. Since you're an athlete though, it would be better to stick to the lower temp range, since high temps produce more of a sedative effect.
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    what temp would you consider low, 185 or lower?
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    I'd say 185 to 200 C. Of course, there aren't that many models that will provide accurate temp readings. With lower priced digital or analog units, you really have to go by the color of your remains and the effect you get. If you vape at low to mid range temps, I'd save the leftovers (ABV), since there'll be some beneficial compounds left over.

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