Sacramento City Council Relaxes Zoning Restrictions for Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries

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    During the first week of October, Sacramento County sheriff’s officials seized north of 250 marijuana plants from multiple homes, while city police violated two probationers after locating weed and handguns in their residences.
    The local interdiction efforts occurred days after the Sacramento City Council relaxed zoning restrictions for medical-marijuana dispensaries, which proponents believe will improve patient access and public safety, as well as set an example for the region.
    “We are impacting not just our area, but surrounding areas around us that are watching how we implement this,” said Canna Care’s Lanette Davies, who noted that El Dorado County opened its door to collectives, in part, because of the evolving mood in Sacramento.
    The city’s policy shift affects more than a dozen medical-marijuana collectives that have been in limbo for the past three years. During this time, many dispensaries were forced to close or relocate due to federal enforcement, uncertainties in state law and local stasis.
    “We closed for a time … because many of our friends were raided and had federal interaction,” said A Therapeutic Alternative’s Kimberly Cargile. “We saw what happened to them and didn’t want that to happen to us.”
    Both Davies and Cargile were speaking at the October 1 city-council meeting, during which a 5-1 vote walked back some of the stricter requirements applied to dispensaries in November 2009.

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