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Complete This Poll When You Get Your Results, No Second Chances!

  1. I'm a male

  2. I'm a female

  3. I'm between the age of 18-30

  4. I'm between the age of 31-50

  5. I'm 50-years-old and up

  6. I followed GrillMeat's suggestions

  7. I last smoked between 1-14 hours

  8. I last smoked between 15-40 hours

  9. I last smoked between 42-72 hours

  10. I used Altoid mints

  11. I used no mints

  12. My test was sent to Quest Diagnostics

  13. My test was sent to Lab One

  14. I brushed and gargled the day of the test

  15. I passed my saliva test

  16. I failed my saliva test

  17. I Did Not Take My Test Yet: Added /11/10/06

  18. I Have Been Tested, and Have Received Results: Added /11/10/06

  19. I Used Spit & Kleen: Added 11/25/06

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  1. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Did You Pass??

    I am trying to create a database on how to pass a Saliva Test. I need your help. Why? Because we are all different. Our Bodies that is.

    I want everyone to pass. To do this I need your help! Please be honest. I've already done tests myself. This will help ease the stress on you Saliva Testers'.

    This is what I would do if I had to take a Saliva test.
    1) Stay away from MJ for at least 24 to 48 hours. 72 hours is the best.
    2) The day of the test you should clean your mouth big time, brush, gargle, and floss.
    3) You should take Altoid Mints up to test time. They might ask you about mint intake, say "NO".
    4) Wait to get the notice from your new employer on start time.
    5) If they fail to call within 7 days, call them.
    6) Please use the Poll Too! Wait Till You Pass


    Be sure to eat RED Meat It Helps everytime, a natural source for Creatine!!!!!!
    (Below Information submitted by nht1260)

    This is basically the testing procedure. I would think that most are self contained like this one, But there is probably of course differnt ones.
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  2. mustang05

    mustang05 New Member

    1) Female
    2) 18 years old.
    3) Yes, everything expect for the mouthwash.
    4) Did everything that Grillmeats suggested.
    5) I smoked 6-8 days before the test.
    6) Yes, I used Altoid Mints. I used the sour apple ones.
    7) I didn't gargle with anything.
    8) Colgate Toothpaste.
    9) Naw, they didn't ask about the mints. (Even though the swab turned red!)
    10) "Quest Diagnostics"
  3. mustang05

    mustang05 New Member

    Heyyyy I Passed =) Hhehehehhehe I'm Hecka Happy!
  4. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Thanks To All The Board Members

    I would like to thank everyone who helped create this poll. My Problem alot of times is that I edit things after I publish them. On my website I import orders right into a database. Orders are filled as needed. When Christmas time comes, I get 200 orders, maybe more. I am ready to take the orders, and send them out.
    When I started this Poll I needed more options. You all got together and rallied around it. Private Messaging does work. I realize it's a sticky, that will make people aware of methods of passing and save $85 dollars on the salt solution that is sold to pass.
    I will now create a table and enter it into the sticky as to my guide to passing.
  5. gohana

    gohana New Member

    so i got the reults yesterday. i passed my saliva test. i was clean for a little over 60 hours....give or take a few. i brushed intenstsly all weekend leading up to the test. brushed three times a day then brushed excessively on test day...gargled once one i got up two times before i went to the test. didn;t really suck on mints but i did maybe use 4-5 peppermints thru out the course of the day. thank you very much for the help grillmeats....again yo uare always extremely help fully.
  6. tailwind

    tailwind New Member

    How I passed my saliva test.

    I did not smoke weed for a full 12 days.
    I used no mints, or mouthwash.
    I just brushed my teeth as usual.
    Most importantly, I bit the bulet, and refrained from smoking.
    I know it's not easy, and suprise tests are another story, but if you want to pass a test for a new job, just DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. REFRAIN.
    p.s. I'm not trying to sound like your dad...hehe
  7. Pepin

    Pepin New Member

    I passed my saliva test...

    I am 35 years old
    I followed most of the suggestions....
    48 hrs before the test... I smoked a blunt, then later took a few vaporizer hits...
    brushed and flossed regularly
    Altoids like pez till the test, test was sent to Lab One
    once I took the swab in my mouth, I inflated my cheek, and kept it as dry as possible...
    dipped it in the blue stuff that they supplied, and sealed it....
    The drug test was on Thursday, and I got the job offer today.

    woo! $11/hr to do what I love most...
    Indoor / outdoor garden at Lowe's!
  8. Bill363

    Bill363 New Member

    I passed

    I didn't smoke for 6 days before the test. (The 6 most boring days of my life.) The day of the test i made sure to brush real good. I skipped the mints as I felt after almost a week I'd have no problem. I also made sure that i ate lots of sweets during the week to make sure that no THC leaked from fat deposits. The job is only part time but it could lead to my dream job. If i had failed i would have lost the job and any chance of unemployment. I could have lost everything and ended up workin for MacD. Thanks to everyone for you advice in this forum.
  9. exec721

    exec721 New Member


    Ok so I just got a call from Charter Communications and guess what... I passed! Muahahaha! I'm actually found something better but that's besides the point. I can't believe it worked! (Not that I ever doubted u guys =) My mouth must have been mint/food/drink-less for at least an hour! Thanks a bunch! =)
  10. pinkl8dyrache

    pinkl8dyrache New Member

    I Passed

    I followed grill meats procedures and i passed, my cps worker just called me to tell me my test came out negative. i didn't use altoids, i washed with peroxide, biotene, and diluted alcohol brushed and flossed, abstained 72 hours and im straight! :D good luck to all!!!
  11. mk3jetta17

    mk3jetta17 New Member

    O yea....i passed

    18 yrs old
    Smoked approx. 15 hrs before test, about an 1/8 of nugs with a few friends that evening before the test
    I also smoked cigarettes and cigars in combo
    I brushed my teeth normally and rinsed with mouth wash right before bed
    I brushed my teeth normally and rinsed with mouth wash when i woke up
    I brushed my teeth normally and rinsed with mouth wash after work, right before school.
    I went to school and was randomly choosen to take a drug test

    Talk about a ****ty feeling in the pit of my stomach when i had to make the long walk to the lounge to get the test.
    My test was done by Lab One.
    I put the swab in between my gums on the side of my mouth, trying to avoid saliva as much as possible, sucking in threw my mouth and out my nose, over and over until it was time to remove the swab. If i would have failed i would have been suspended from college and would have had to take counciling and constant drug tests :(

    But its been exactly 2 weeks and i have not heard that i failed it, and normally people who fail it are kicked out after a few days, so im gonna say im in the clear. Talk about being prepaired for the worst, and in my case it payed off. I will continue to use Listerine :cool:

    Hope that helps you people
  12. zigzaggirl

    zigzaggirl New Member

    First Time Saliva Tester-Personal Specifics & Results

    I've already taken the poll, but here are the specifics of my first ever saliva test:

    I am female 42 yrs old.
    I hadn't smoked in approximately 48+ hrs.
    I was tested for probation purposes.

    I came in expecting to do my very first UA...fully prepared to substitute my urine. (I will post my idea for that in the appropriate location, if you'd like?)

    The common denominators I see in this poll are, that oral hygiene and abstaining from smoking for 24-72 hrs is essential in passing a saliva test!

    I brushed my teeth as I normally do. I didn't use any mouthwash nor did I floss. (heh) Don't tell my dentist!
    I use Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste, at least once a day.
    I didn't eat or drink anything after I brushed.
    I smoked cigarettes like mad on the way to the probation place! (Nerves were starting to get to me, worrying about my piss test!)

    The probation person changed directions on me! He's not an officer, but a "Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor". (Woooo) :rolleyes:
    He decided that I needed to take a saliva test, due to too many females were getting away with fooling the bladder cops...(yes!) :cool:

    I personally think that statement was a bit discriminatory, but I don't like this guy, or anything he has to say. I brought a tape recorder with me, so I could catch his reaction when I told him to stop staring at my breasts! This guy had given me the creeps on previous visits by talking to my breasts when he should have been talking to my face! But that's a different story...

    Today, I took my first saliva test and PASSED! After a very long and bitter 5 minutes or so, to wet the sponge-on-a-stick, I waited yet another very long and scary five minutes to see the results. I had already told myself in my mind that I was ****ED, and if it came up positive for THC, I would make all kinds of excuses. Like, I am overweight! It takes longer to detox in someone who is, I take huge amounts of Ibuprofen, etc...

    To make a very long story shorter, I passed all 6 panels except for Meth...
    I take prescription diet drugs to lose weight, and had the presence of mind to bring them with me! Luckily, he determined that Ephedrine was the drug that made me test positive for Meth.
    I could have told him that, but didn't want to seem too knowledgeable...

    So my conclusion is that brushing your teeth is even more important than your mother or dentist EVER told you, and taking a few days off of smoking only makes the next high, that much sweeter!
    I am still going to check out a home saliva test kit, and the Altoid theory. I may even check out the various mouthwashes that are supposedly an aid in passing a test.
    Whatever the results, I will share them with you, my fellow stoners! :spark: :love:
  13. stanky

    stanky New Member

    It's a miracle!!!

    Ok' I smoked on Superbowl Sunday and then not again until I did one hit on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon I get a call for an interview on Wednesday morning.. I thought it would only be an interview, but still brushed really good and used mouthwash. On the way there I stopped and got some altoids and ate about eight of them. Got to the place about 11:30am and filled out some paper work. I asked to use the bathroom, and washed out my mouth with water in there. I interviewed with two people and didn't do the drug test until about 1:15pm. Somehow, I passed and I start work on Monday.. Thanks for all the advice...
  14. MikeS

    MikeS New Member

    I passed! Start work tomorrow......
  15. stantonn3

    stantonn3 New Member

    I got my results today and I passed!!!! Thank you GRILLMEATS!!!! These were the greatest ways given to pass a saliva test!!! I recommend that if there's anyone out there that has to take a saliva test then just follow GRILLMEATS suggestions and you'll PASS!!! Thanks Again
  16. Heist

    Heist New Member

    Saliva Test

    Okay, so I got a call from Costco on Monday the 6th at about 4PM just after I smoked a J, they wanted to interview me on Wed the 8th. I was like Okay this company most definitely drug tests. I quit smoking. I show up on Wednesday but before I went into the store I saw a kid pushing carts so I asked him do they pee test and he said "no they test your spit". I couldn't have been happier since I had just read GrillMeats procedure on handling the saliva test. I had the first and second interview, left went home, and three hours later get a call back to come in on Thursday for a "3rd" interview. I was like okay this has to mean they want to do the drug test. So this morning I brushed and used mouthwash and the whole way to the store I sucked on two Altoids at a time. When I got to the parking lot I used the mouthwash one more time and popped in two more mints. It only took about 15min before they had me use the OralStat kit (I had just finished my last mint before I put the swab in my mouth). I was real nervous while I waited because the other prospective employee's tests were working faster than mine (not enough spit maybe?). Anyways it eventually came back NEGATIVE! I’ am so damn happy, thanks GrillMeats. :D
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  17. studiocam

    studiocam New Member

    Hello all first post here..anyway lets get to the point.

    i have been a "light" smoker now for about 8 months. i usually will share a bowl or doobie amongst friends on the weekend. i am on probation for a marijuana related offence so i found that this method has always kept my urine screens clean. this last week on thursday i decided to get a bag for the first time in nearly 2 years, thinking that i was done with urine testing. from thursday - sunday i went crazy..well crazy for me anyway, smoking at least 2 times per day. i wake up this morning...drink a gallon of water an hour before i go in to see ms. PO (just in case) and i get there to find out they have just switched to this "new" thing called saliva testing. (small town..u get the idea) so first thing i do is check the brand name for my research. its an Iscreen 6 panel. so i stick the thing in my mouth for 3 minutes...she sticks it in the blue cap and it shows negative lines on the panel and she sends me on my preparating...just didnt smoke for around 72-82 hours beforehand :)
  18. tammycartwright

    tammycartwright New Member

    i passed my saliva test

    Hello, I last smoked on Thursday Morning(I smoked everyday-often). I felt the need really bad Friday Night so I took 2-3 hits. I smoked no more.I got up Monday morning took 2 altoids got in the shower. I got out took 2 more altoids left for the test. put 2 altoids in my gums and let them dissolve. took the test about 1 hour later and passed. of course i brused and gargled before i left..GOODLUCK EVERYONE.
  19. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active


    The Ratio of passing and failing is Too high. Unlike us :spark: :bong2: , that's bad. I want to have a 10 to 1 ratio of passing. Not a 10 to 3. If you want to pass search, Google, Yahoo,, and you will receive (find) your answer
  20. Nobody Home

    Nobody Home New Member

    Well I passed my test. Thanks for the awesome thread grillmeats. What I did:

    80 hours no smoking
    followed good dental hygiene (scope, little flossing, brushed 2x a day)
    had a few mints

    I passed. No more probation! Thanks guys. I did the poll too.

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