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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by grillmeats, Aug 10, 2005.


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  1. I'm a male

  2. I'm a female

  3. I'm between the age of 18-30

  4. I'm between the age of 31-50

  5. I'm 50-years-old and up

  6. I followed GrillMeat's suggestions

  7. I last smoked between 1-14 hours

  8. I last smoked between 15-40 hours

  9. I last smoked between 42-72 hours

  10. I used Altoid mints

  11. I used no mints

  12. My test was sent to Quest Diagnostics

  13. My test was sent to Lab One

  14. I brushed and gargled the day of the test

  15. I passed my saliva test

  16. I failed my saliva test

  17. I Did Not Take My Test Yet: Added /11/10/06

  18. I Have Been Tested, and Have Received Results: Added /11/10/06

  19. I Used Spit & Kleen: Added 11/25/06

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  1. SamTheSlayer

    SamTheSlayer New Member

    hell ya i passed, 38 hours, boom. I didnt even test positive for a drug I was on but have a script for. Swab test is a joke. Thanks Grillmeats!
  2. spaceguy22

    spaceguy22 New Member

    Heck yea wtg man! I had about 120 hrs clean and same result I fortunately passed. I hope someone realizes how innocent this is and legalize it. Utterly ridiculous we have to worry about this stuff. Our society is so backwards. Sad.
  3. Cershagree

    Cershagree New Member

    20 hours clean
    21 year old female
    150 lbs
    Daily smoker of like 3-4 bowls (between 3-4 people) of just shitty swag (all I can get)

    Took a saliva test this morning for a job, pretty sure I am going to fail since I just smoked yesterday. I brushed really good all over my mouth, cheeks gums everything. I smoked a cig on the way there and when she gave me the toothbrush looking sponge I put it between my back teeth. I still slobbered all over it though no matter how hard I tried not to, so right before I took it out of my mouth I tried to suck all the spit out of it. She said she will send it off to the lab today(weds) and I will know by friday. So we will see what happens.
  4. TedAl

    TedAl New Member

    Alright I followed the instructions, took the test earlier today. It was sent to some lab I'm guessing LabCorp. I will post soon with the results.
  5. BobSaget

    BobSaget New Member

    I smoked the night before, roughly 15 hours before taking the test, only 1 hit and was the only hit I smoked that day.

    I am male, 24, roughly 180-220 pounds, medium metabolism.

    Test was Interceptor, by Quest Diagnostics.

    Brushed my teeth normally, and used mouth wash roughly 10 minutes before the test.

    I am paranoid that I will fail, but from what some people have said, 15 hours should be passable. I will let everyone know if I passed once I get the results in a few days. Wish me luck.
  6. BobSaget

    BobSaget New Member

    Did you pass?

    When was the last time you smoked before the test?
  7. BobSaget

    BobSaget New Member

    Got my results back and I passed!
  8. sabbydong

    sabbydong New Member

    I smoked couple bowls two weeks before the test and alittle meth the day before, didnt do a thing,to help pass:/ I showed positive for herb clean for meth ? Must of been lowsy meth, first time trying.
  9. RobertUpland

    RobertUpland New Member

    I have an interview on Thursday and I'm pretty sure they will do the test that day. Does anyone know if they usually have the results right there or do they send them off? The job is for AMF Bowling Alley. The reason I ask is because it would be really embarrassing for them to tell me right then and there that I had failed.
  10. StaticSpud

    StaticSpud New Member

    I would like to thank GrillMeats for his advice, very helpful.
    1) Male
    2) 31 years old.
    3) Brushed and used mouth wash, no flossing
    4) Did almost everything that Grillmeats suggested.
    5) I smoked 3 to 4 days before the test.
    6) I didn't use mints.
    7) gargled with mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide.
    8) Colgate Toothpaste.
    9) They asked if I had eaten 15 minutes before hand.
    10) "Quest Diagnostics"

    Ok, here's my story, I received a call on Friday the 8th that woke me up, i was informed that I had to come in on Monday the 11th for a drug test. I found out from a google search that the company I was applying at did the saliva test. the last day I smoked was on Thursday, so I had the whole weekend so clean out. I drank 2 or 3 bottles of water a day, brushed my teeth twice a day(instead of just the once) and ate normally. I stayed up all night Sunday so I'd be wide awake for the test Monday morning. After midnight I brushed and gargled 3 times, the last time being an hour before the test. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, gargled with an off brand mouth wash, and gargled with hydrogen peroxide for about 10 seconds and promptly vomited. I then re-gargled with mouth wash. smoked a couple cigarettes, ate a sausage link, smoked another cigarette and took the test. Tomorrow will be two weeks since I took the test. they called my today, I got the job :) and start on Tuesday.
  11. Smokahantus

    Smokahantus New Member

    I po[SIZE=-1]sted in the wrong re[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sult[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s forum. Oop[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s! Prolly the [/SIZE]'[SIZE=-1]sour' I wa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s enjoying while typing. :-D Anywho, I took a [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]saliva te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st ye[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sterday morning. Here are my [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]stat[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s:

    ~42 y.o. female
    ~[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]slow metaboli[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sm
    ~exerci[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]se 3 time[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s per week
    ~heavy [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]set - 180lb[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s and 5'9"
    ~[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]smoke daily - at lea[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st one fat blunt per day, [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sometime[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s a bowl or two

    Found out on Friday afternoon that I would take a [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]saliva te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st on Monday a[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s a pre-employment [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]screening for a job I had interviewed for[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]. I freaked. Never took one before. Immediately headed to the head[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]shop and purcha[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sed Magnum Detox Mouthwa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sh (about 2 oz of blue liquid). I [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]smoked Friday, [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Saturday, and [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Sunday.

    Monday woke up too late to make it to the te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st AND my current job [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]so called the potential employer where the te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st wa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s being admini[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]stered to find out if I could re[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]schedule for Tue[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s morning. They allowed me to do [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]so.

    Monday night, [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]smoked a blunt.

    Woke up Tue[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sday morning [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]super early. I flo[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sed, bru[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]shed my teeth, gargled with peroxide for four minute[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s while I [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]showered, rin[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sed and gargled with water, bru[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]shed again and one more round of hydrogen peroxide.

    In the car, had a [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]spit jar with me. Opened up the bottle of Magnum Detox Mouthwa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sh and gargled with 3/4 of it a[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s I drove into the parking lot of the employer. Gargled for 3 minute[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s a[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s in[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]structed. Took the la[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st bit and gargled/[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]swi[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]shed another minute or [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]so. I [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]spit it out. gathered my pur[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]se and went into building.

    About 10 minute[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s after arriving and completing paperwork, wa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s taken into a private room. The woman gave me the [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]spongey looking thing to put in my mouth, in[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]structed me to not put it on the [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]side of my cheek or it would [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]stick to it (???) but to make [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sure the [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sponge get[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sopping wet. Then [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]she left me in the room.

    I in[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]serted it into my mouth, quietly freaking out the whole time, and my mouth had a LOT of [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]spit in it, maybe b/c of the mouthwa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sh???

    Well, 8 minute[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s later [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]she came back in, had me [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]screwed the [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]swab into the te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sting panel and the lady left with the te[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st....[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]so I wait....and wait. How embarra[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sing it would be if I failed.

    About 3 or 4 minute[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s later, the manager came in and [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]said, "Well, everything look[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s great! Are you excited to [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]start on Monday?!" MAJIC to my ear[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s. I pa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sed!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!

    And what did I do to celebrate? Got blazed!! Hey, for me, a daily [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]smoker for YEAR[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s (10+), the Magnum Detox Mouthwa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sh worked for me totally. I ju[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st added the peroxide gargle and extra bru[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]shing/flo[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sing from Grillmeat'[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sugge[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]stion[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s.

    The be[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st of fortune to all my toker[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s and [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]smoker[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s out there. If you need the a[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]surance of pa[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sing an oral [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]swab, try the Magnum brand!

    "It i[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]s ea[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sy being green...ju[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]st a[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]sk my bong!"
  12. jip28

    jip28 New Member

    Ive taken saliva put a dip of copenhagen or any snuff really not a small pinch but a fatty keep it in for a few min then spit it out and you'll fuck a swab test up it will read positive for everything on it you'll go thru 3 or 4 tests and the'll get tired of giving them to you. That my experience with them testing at power plant and pipeline jobs.
  13. Roxiedust9

    Roxiedust9 New Member


    Took a bong hit before the interview
    I had my first interview Thursday, got the call that my resume was the strongest they had and was asked to come back Saturday morning at 9 am for a drug test. I smoked until about 10 pm on Thursday. Refrained from smoking all day Friday. I forgot to eat red meat the night before, ate a light meal and no food the day of...Brushed in the morning and mouthwashed with both listerene and peroxide.Mouthwashed again on the way there... Stuffed a TON of altoid mints in my mouth during the drive too. I popped a few more mints in my mouth while walking inside. When asked if I had eaten any mints or chewed gum within the last 10 minutes I said "no" and I got the call today that I passed and I start tomorrow morning!
    Thank you Grillmeats!
  14. QC_Chief

    QC_Chief New Member

    Hey all, noob here.

    Just took a swab test this morning. My situation is different from a lot of other folks from what I've read browsing this thread. Most people it seems abstained for a couple of days before the swab test. I haven't had a single puff in 40 days and was wondering what my chances are of passing. I'm 6'2'', 230, 32 year old male. I didn't really change my routine as far as brushing or anything, I just stopped smoking. I didn't do anything to prepare for the test and like I said it has been 40 days today. So what do you think? Am I golden? I got the flat broke disease and need this job in a bad way. Thanks, I'll post the results when I get em.
  15. poobutt1

    poobutt1 New Member

    saliva Test

    I'm sure nothing was wrong with the test. The saliva can show THC (9-carboxy) up to a month. Especially if you are a daily smoker. The metabolite 9-carboxy is the toxin your body exspells. As long as it is in you blood stream it is in your saliva, tears, fingernails, urine, poop, skin ect. So, they can get THC not only from your saliva but, also the inside of your mouth (inside of your cheek). Your are continuously sluffing dead cells that could possibly contain thc. I have been trying to research this and found a Government study. There are certain things that will create a neg that is Altiods, mint tea, listerine and I forgot the rest. I'm also confused. Can't afford to fail. Also, remember what worked last year might not this. The labs are coming up with new techniques everyday. In 2005 they (government) bought every product for detoxing and tested them so they can test us for tampering.
  16. Hellraz0r

    Hellraz0r Sr. Member

    I had a morning sesh before work one morning... about 2 hours in our boss comes down and says "you've all been selected for a random drug test". Needless to say I was thinking "FUCK." It was only a saliva test but even though I had the wake n bake I guess I passed because after that I never heard anything from them and I still have the job!

    Guess I was lucky there..
  17. poobutt1

    poobutt1 New Member

    Well. Just a note, to give you something to think about. I have been reading posts for 3 weeks now. I have not smoked for 3 weeks. Since than I have been on a strict non-fat, no sugar diet and only drinking water. And tons of it about 2 gallons a day. Only eating fruits, veggys (all organic) and fish cooked on the grill. No seasoning on the foods only lemon or vinegar. 1 week into this I bought a bottle of Bentonite drank it in 3 days. Than 5 days ago bought a bottle of multisystem cleanse 120 pills took them all in 3 days. I've gone as far as to do a high colonic enema, a hour sauna and a coffee enema. Some-days I sit in the bathroom with the steam to sweat until the water gets cold. I Ride my bike everyday 3 to 5 miles in 90 degree weather with 3 layers of clothing. I weigh about 115lb. I've been testing (saliva and urine) myself periodically and still test positive. Oh, I forgot to mention I tried the grillmeats suggestion first. I tested positive that was after a week of being clean. I also forgot to mention I did a week if adding Lecithin to my juice in the morning. I've really done more. I've come to the conclusion that nothing works but time and time I don't have. I can't put my trust in a product that might or might not work. Even with those so call guaranties. If you fail try and get your results from the lab they belong to the employer and you won't get your money back. Just speaking from experience. I will do another sauna tomorrow and test myself once more. I've almost given up. Health food store and head shops just aren't knowledgeable to the saliva test. Remember Grillmeats suggestions were 5 years ago saliva testing method was fairly new. Also, the labs improve there testing technics everyday. Also, not all employers are looking for THC. Just a thought. Good luck everyone

    Another thought At the holistic clinic I went to they recommend I incorporate fat back into my diet. That if you are not eating any fat your body stores what it has and will not expel the thc. They told me to start eating normal again. So once again I feel nothing will work but time and time alone and maybe a big greasy burger. Damn I now weigh 109 lb. And still test dirty after everything I done.
  18. QmanGold

    QmanGold New Member

    Hey guys!
    So here's my story

    I'm a male 22yrs old
    I've been clean from march 24th until about the end of june
    I smoke about half a blunt a day.
    I've been reading threads to prepare for an oral swab test that I had to take for probation
    On a thursday. Last day I smoked I took 2-4 pulls of a blunt at 10pm on a sunday giving me about 90hrs before I see my P.O.
    I also flossed, brushed, and washed my mouth out with diluted rubbing alchohol, hydrogen peroxide, and listering mouth was 3x's a day...
    The day of the test I cleaned my mouth that way again used about 6-9 altoids
    I also smoked ciggarrets and black nd milds as well heavy. Wen the test was administered I bit down on the swab and fried not to let it touch my cheeks or get it to wet... It's been a week now and I havent got a call (I hope me saying that doesnt jynx me) but Hopefully the rest of the week I dont get a call... Do you think I'll pass?? Please respond its driving me nuts

    Thank you guys
  19. finite311

    finite311 New Member

    I promise myself that I would post my result to help ease the minds of those in my shoes.

    About me: Asian.30yr, thick black hair-kinda balding. 160 lb.

    I know that smoking one time will hardly show up on a hair test(read the posts), but i was freaking out for a week. Finally got a job offer after one and a half years of looking. I graduated right on the downturn of the economy.

    The last time I smoked was two weeks before i found out I had to take a Hair test. Did "X" six months before that.

    And I passed.

    I washed my hair 3 times a day with clean and clear, TS.
    My point is don't worry if you smoke once within 3 months.
  20. Four20Man

    Four20Man New Member

    Workplace: Safeway
    Usage: extreme
    Time I quit: 66hrs
    Test: saliva
    Details: used a combo of Altoids (10mins pre test) and Listerine (1 hr before test) and didnt rub the cotton swab along my cheek or gums at all, I just pretended to. I just soaked it up with the saliva under my tongue as it kind of induces saliva production by itself..something on the swab I imagine. I also brushed my teeth 4 times a day and brushed my gums as well 2 1/2 days prior to the test and everyday thereafter.
    Did I pass: yes

    thanks for the tips :D

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