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  1. I'm a male

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  3. I'm between the age of 18-30

  4. I'm between the age of 31-50

  5. I'm 50-years-old and up

  6. I followed GrillMeat's suggestions

  7. I last smoked between 1-14 hours

  8. I last smoked between 15-40 hours

  9. I last smoked between 42-72 hours

  10. I used Altoid mints

  11. I used no mints

  12. My test was sent to Quest Diagnostics

  13. My test was sent to Lab One

  14. I brushed and gargled the day of the test

  15. I passed my saliva test

  16. I failed my saliva test

  17. I Did Not Take My Test Yet: Added /11/10/06

  18. I Have Been Tested, and Have Received Results: Added /11/10/06

  19. I Used Spit & Kleen: Added 11/25/06

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  1. tally420

    tally420 New Member

    Workplace: Publix
    Usage: extreme (~2-3g a day)
    Time I quit: 13 hours
    Test: saliva
    Details: Smoked a lot between 10:00pm and 3:00am saturday night. Saliva test was taken at 4:50pm Sunday. I used listerine antiseptic mouthwash multiple times the day of the test, as well as brushing a flossing. Took a bunch of creatine the day of the test. Popped altoid peppermints non stop till the test,including during the interview. Also rinsed with Ultra Klean right before the interview.
    Did I pass: Like a boss.

    P.S. Try to chew up the last altoid before the test and keep some of the minty mixture wedged between your teeth and cheek. Get as much of it on the test swab as possible.
  2. SavageHash

    SavageHash New Member

  3. alefinwade

    alefinwade New Member

    i think the above poster is right it should give a false do these tests work?does it test if you have used recently?or does it test back a few weeks?so what im asking is can this trest see if you smoked pot a week ago?or is it just a test for weather or not you used on a certain day?
  4. bk373904

    bk373904 New Member

    First, let it be known that I registered on this website to inform the public of my first ever encounter with a saliva based drug screening. :rastabong

    Thanks Grillmeat your advice was solid and true during a time of need. Indeed I passed! Excited of how? :confused:

    Didn't get fucking moked for about 23 hours (pretty short period was worried). This due to the fact that I was made aware of the drug test on the spot and kinda 'fudged' the test by not salivating enough I guess (dude was talking about that on the thread earlier). It came back dudestoremanager called me back and was like come on back now. So, bummer on me, I moked right after the first test so I managed to make 5 pm the next day and try to get 24 hrs.

    Got up brushed teeth rigorously, flossed, listerined. Got to Pet Supplies Plus and gargled with Hydro Peroxide (shit is fucking nasty, fucked with my cavities when not diluted...) and chomped about 6 or 7 altoids whilst walking into the store. Dudemanager was like here ya go, eat the sponge here (goofy dude, good thing chompin those mints) and did that shit. Was so worried but it came back "all perfect" in his words. Hello Asst. Manager at Pet Supplies Plus baby! Fuck that unconstitutional bullshit. I dont care if its a corporation or a person, they cant scrutinize someone over their private lives. Adios amigos.:fart:

    WTF where's my post?
  5. gratefulant

    gratefulant New Member

    I passed!I stopped smoking about 8 days prior to swab test.I am 5'6" and 160lbs.I brushed my teeth regularly twice a day.I brushed my entire mouth.On the day of test i rinsed with peroxide before i brushed and took a container with a mouth full in it.When I got there I rinsed my mouth again with peroxide.Then took test.Rubbed each cheek as asked.Then held swab between teeth.Trying not to leave teeth prints in swab.
  6. kelvera117

    kelvera117 New Member

    What do u guys think? Im 5ft 10in 190lbs i smoked everyday for like 8weeks i was clean for like 60hrs i brushed and rinsed with listerine and peroxide the night befor the test what are my chances? My test was sent to quest labs pls reply
  7. Barnabus

    Barnabus New Member

    Thought I would post my results here. I am a 6'2" 32 year old male who weighs in at around 300 lbs. I am a heavy smoker who smokes about 3 bowls a day. I was clean for roughly 30 hours before taking my test. I did a vigorous brushing of my teeth the night before and right before going to the interview. No gargling, no flossing. I ate roughly 15 altoids leading up to the interview. I'm unsure of which test kit they used but it had 2 vertical lines running up the tester. Passed with flying colors.
  8. Savagev7

    Savagev7 New Member

    Input please!!!!!

    6'1 205lb 22 Id say I have fast metabolism
    Just took a swab test for job have smoked since sunday night Sunday 5th today is the 13th so about a week. I smoked alot on the 3rd 4th and 5th but prior to that I didt smoke for about 2 weeks. I did everything grillmeats said to do not really the altoid thing but I brush like 5 times mouthwashed with peroxid and listerine like 7 times twice before going in....Any reassurance would help.

    Do you guys think I passed?
  9. smokedout12

    smokedout12 New Member

    So, I had to take a swab test for a job on Friday morning. I found out about this test Thursday morning. I stopped for exactly 24 and a half hours. I mouth washed upwards of 10 times, and peroxided as well upwards of 5 times and in the parking lot of where I took the test. I chewed gum all the way up until 10 minutes until the test. They said they'd call me if I failed and if they didn't I was all good to go to orientation. My question:

    When do you think they'd call to inform me I failed the test? I'd think they'd call immediately but I have no clue. And, how long should I go without receiving a call before I just assume I'm all good?
  10. smokedout12

    smokedout12 New Member

    Daily smoker, probably about 3-4 fat bowls a day of headies. Quit for a full 24 hours, mouth washed like crazy, peroxided, chewed gum up until the test and passed.
  11. cnt2g

    cnt2g New Member

    well i don't know if I passed my test or not but I'll tell my story so far.... I'm 24, female, live in Tennessee. I was a heavy smoker (2-4 blunts/day) for about 5 years. I stopped in August 2011 and started smoking "spice" or whatever that legal crap is. Well, I started smoking weed again in September, rarely though. I broke up with my ex who was my supplier of weed and since around the end of September, I have hardly smoked like I use to. It went from everyday to once a week to every few weeks to hardly at all. I was even clean from December 2011 - January 2012. Since January, I have smoked maybe three or four times. My last time was February 24, 2012 and it was one bowl of some reg. Well, I have been on probation since November 2011 and supposed to be tested randomly. I knew this and worked on passing a piss test, drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, taking vitamins, etc. I knew it was coming. Well, Tuesday the 13th of March, my p.o. tells me "Okay you're up for a drug screen today." Well, it was supposed to be a piss test. I had only been clean for 18 days. My p.o. watches us pee, so I went in the bathroom, and I had to go, but I couldn't. It was her lunch time. We tried 2 times to do it, I even drank water, but I couldn't. So she said, "we'll just do a mouth swab." And instantly, I don't know what to think. I hadn't prepared. I found grillmeats suggestions after the test because I came home freaking out. The only thing I did that grillmeats suggested that I had no idea to even do was eat a meal high in fat before I went, about an hour before actually. Lol... I actually think I got lucky as swabs only go back a few days. It said in heavy smokers maybe 10 days on other sites I've researched but I am no longer a heavy smoker. I felt relieved seeing heavy smokers stopped for a few days and mine is a few weeks and they still passed. I hope to come back and share my results. My test got sent to a lab and she said they'd come back within a week. I visit her every 2 weeks, so I'm sure if something goes wrong, I'll be notified... so I'll take no news as good news. I am almost done with probation so I was biting my nails and thinking, "If i violate I am truly screwed." But after coming here I feel a lot better about it.
  12. Escobar305

    Escobar305 New Member

    Ok so i applied to Lowe's and went in yesterday which was Monday to take a swab test at around 10am.......i last smoked Sunday (the day before) at about 7:30pm I smoked my last blunt before the test while watching the Miami Heat game. so i took the test 14 hours later. After i smoked I took the Listerine that was the total care one that says do not eat or drink anything for 30 min after you gargle, i finished the whole bottle within 12 hours. I even gargled twice before leaving my house Monday and when i got to the parking lot of Lowe's to go in for the test i gargled again in the parking lot. i went inside and took the test. she said orientation was either the same week Friday or next week Monday.I brushed my teeth like a mad man. I'm pretty confident i passed but I'm not sure yet, the results went to quest diagnostics. i have a fast metabolism. Anybody? cuz i need this job, i thought i was urine and i have Dr green for those times, (by the way i got a free bottle from them for being a loyal customer....thanks doc!!!) any ideas?
  13. cnt2g

    cnt2g New Member

    well it has officially been one week since my test from my p.o. and I have yet to hear anything... keep hoping and praying that I don't for the rest of the week either.
  14. Scutts

    Scutts New Member

    Hey guys I need some reassurance! PLEASE i'm freaking out!

    Female 5'4 about 130 lbs smoked daily for years (a bowl or two usually before bed sometimes more)

    Just found out i'm getting a mouth swab for my job on Friday! I will be about 80 - 90 hours clean do you think I need to use peroxide or Altoids? I read that can give "inconclusive results" ...Also do they read the results right in front of you? IM BUGGING. Any reply would be nice.
  15. Scutts

    Scutts New Member

    So here are my results: Passed (but please read on)

    I did not smoke for 4 days, brushed my teeth and gums like crazy, rinsed with hyro peroxide days before and morning of, drank a lot of water the morning of swished it around my mouth, had a few Altoids on the way there...

    Went into job training knowing i was getting saliva tested some point that day. It happened around 12... I was the first person this lady had ever tested (they used to send candidates to a lab for urine) so she really had no idea how to read the results. I was told to put the cotton swab in my cheek for 3 mins until the strip turned pink. I put it under my tongue for the most part.

    Then i got to put it in a cup and watch the results like a pregnancy test it was so scary sitting there waiting and watching with two other employees looking at it as well! They tested for PCP, METH, AMP, COCAINE, OPIATES and THC. Two lines meant negative one line meant positive... however it said on the instructions if the lines were not dark red then the test was invalid and should be sent for further testing ugh...

    Sooo my luck the THC and METH (WTF I ONLY SMOKE WEED?!) lines were both there but VERY VERY LIGHT PINK... long story short the lady says "whatever i have no idea how to read these things im just gonna write you were negative and be done with it" which she did!! but still in my opinion give yourself AT LEAST a week if you can to stop smoking because i think these tests are getting more and more advanced, as i know they are getting more common in the workplace. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
  16. tokey420

    tokey420 New Member

    I smoked 8 days before my first swab test for pre employment purposes.. I weigh 160, and work out daily. It was like two hits of resin, and in that 8 day window I brushed my teeth in the morning and at night before I went to bed, and about an hour before the interview I brushed my teeth again. Didn't use mouthwash/mints as I wasn't expecting an interview in the first place.. Do you guys think I'm in the clear?
  17. Thelongbong

    Thelongbong New Member

    Thought I would put in my experience to add to the numbers :) Oh and thanks OP!

    Ok so I was given plenty of warning for my drug test but, well, I waited to the last minute based on a mixture of hopefullness (the only thing in me is/was weed and I was very regularly reading anywhere from 4-24 hours detection time for a swab), and because I stupidly procrastinate as I smoke purely for medicinal reasons it is very very hard on me to be off it. anyways, so my last smoke was about 12-14 hours from test so Im definatly putting this to the test haha, and I do consume quite a decent amount (2-4g/day) so that could be a problem with passing. I woke up the morning of the test and brushed, rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol mix (omg make sure you water this down to 50/50 or so, I didnt know this before the first gargle haha), flossed, rinsed, brushed, flossed, rinsed. I smoked a cig before leaving and then right before going in as I hear that can help, and also chewed gun for almost an hour I would say while I was driving to the job. Right before going in i swished my mouth again. The test was going to the Quest Diagnostics lab I read as I was sitting there, and the specimin was being fed-ex'd (just says fed-ex not the priority of it, but I would assume over night). I was given the test and I put it in my mouth, nothing special like biting on it or hiding it in a pocket in my mouth like some have mentioned. On the test there was a place for a blue dot, showing that the swab was moist, but when I took mine from my mouth the blue had not made it to the dot so I was told to do it again. I did it again the same, just between my teeth and gums. Ill come back and put in my results when I hear back, here's hoping!!
  18. daydreamer21

    daydreamer21 New Member

    so i passed my saliva test.

    it was an oral intercept version sent to labone. i abstained from smoking for 14 days. i brushed and gargled a lot a few days prior to test and then chewed gum up until the test time.

    Was told if i failed i would be contacted within 2 business days. it's been a week and i haven't heard anything so i am in the clear
  19. CalifreshinNY

    CalifreshinNY New Member

    Just wanted to thank grillmeats and the other contributers to this poll, I followed the directions for the most part went 40 hours clean(broke down and took a bong rip shortly before bed sunday night, then monday was smoke free and tested tuesday at noon. Brushed like a son of a bitch, ate a bout 15 altoids and gargled with peroxide a few times throughout the day. Needless to say i Passed. Thanks GUYS!
  20. Matt Wells

    Matt Wells New Member

    thanks grill

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