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  1. I'm a male

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  3. I'm between the age of 18-30

  4. I'm between the age of 31-50

  5. I'm 50-years-old and up

  6. I followed GrillMeat's suggestions

  7. I last smoked between 1-14 hours

  8. I last smoked between 15-40 hours

  9. I last smoked between 42-72 hours

  10. I used Altoid mints

  11. I used no mints

  12. My test was sent to Quest Diagnostics

  13. My test was sent to Lab One

  14. I brushed and gargled the day of the test

  15. I passed my saliva test

  16. I failed my saliva test

  17. I Did Not Take My Test Yet: Added /11/10/06

  18. I Have Been Tested, and Have Received Results: Added /11/10/06

  19. I Used Spit & Kleen: Added 11/25/06

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  1. maddog1234

    maddog1234 New Member

    passed my saliva test

    I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this Website. The information listed here, undoubtedly, is completely responsible for my passing my saliva test.

    I smoked a bowl of good s*** on Sunday night at 9pm. I typically take 2 to 5 tokes every other day. The very next Morning, I got the call offerring me employment at a great job contingent upon me passing a saliva test, and the test was scheduled for that Wednesday at 9am. I've never taken a drug test, since I've worked for the same company for 12 years, so I was freaking hard and began reading everything I possibly could to find out more about the test, how to pass it, and what my chances might be. 10 days passed, with no word on my results. So I called my soon-to-be-employer, just to "check-in", since I was do to start my first day VERY soon. No mention was made at all about the test (or the results) and all seemed on the right track. Two days later, I received a letter from my new employer formally welcoming onboard with the company!

    Here's exactly what I did:
    1. I did not smoke at all (until after the test)
    2. I brushed me teeth and flossed regularly (I didn't want to over-do-it and cause any gum-bleeding that could possibly mess up my results)
    3. The only thing I added was to do the Listerine Pre-brush Whitening Mouth Wash the 3 days prior to taking the test
    4. The morning of the test, I began sucking on Altoids continuously about 1 1/2 hours before the test, and continued doing so up until just before enterring the testing facility
    5. Whether or not this helped out at all is anyone's guess, but I also bought Spit N Kleen mouthwash online and paid an extra $30 to have it shipped overnight delivery. I pounded the bottle in one swig, and swished it around in my mouth for about 10 minutes, then I spit it out in the parking lot of the test facility.

    Good luck to all of you!
  2. missmegz

    missmegz New Member

    I passed!! I started the job this past Wednesday. Thanks GrillMeats
  3. Ela

    Ela New Member

    Passed a Saliva test

    Hey All -

    Got notified of a saliva test for a job offer on Monday and was told to come in for the test today (Wednesday). I last smoked last night about 8:30pm, my test was at 9am today. I ordered the Spit N Kleen product and had it sent overnight. I brushed and gargled this morning twice, used the Spit N Kleen as directed and ate 5 Altoids before entering the facility. I passed the saliva test with no problems. I also wanted to let everyone know that I read that THC is only detectable in oral fluids for up to 14 hours after use...I copied and pasted the paragraph below. I also pasted a paragraph that I found on the website in regards to THC and saliva tests. Good news for us!!

    **Marijuana (THC)

    Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in the marijuana plant (cannabis sativa), is detectable in saliva shortly after use. The detection of the drug is thought to be primarily due to the direct exposure of the drug to the mouth (oral and smoking administrations) and the subsequent sequestering of the drug in the buccal cavity3. Historical studies have shown a window of detection for THC in saliva of up to 14 hours after drug use3. The THC assay contained within the Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device yields a positive result when the THCCOOH concentration exceeds 12 ng/mL**

    Below is what I found on

    **Saliva testing, like blood testing, detects the presence of parent drugs – not their inactive metabolites. Consumers take heart: THC is highly difficult to identify in oral fluids, as only a minute amount of the drug is excreted into the saliva. As a result, most current saliva testing technology typically only detects the presence of cannabis for a period of approximately one to two hours following drug ingestion, and sometimes not at all.**

    Hope this helps someone! Peace!
  4. sensi313

    sensi313 New Member


    Back for an computer crashed the day of my test and I just now got it up and running.....I passed my test with flying colors and got the job!! Thank you so much GM and everyone else who provided helpful information.

    96 Hours
    Brushed, flossed, and mouthwashed everyday
    altoids up until test time...couple of sour patch kids right before the test to get rid of the strong mint smell...
    140 Lbs.
    filling out the survey now..

    Thanks Again Everyone!!

    IIMOR74LII New Member

    Passing is easy!

    Alright, I sorta used the method on here but I used Peroxide too! Heres what I did, after smoking that night!! Passed 2 drugs test doing this and so did my Girl so I believe it works 100%.

    The night before do the following...

    Brush you teeth, gums, tongue, and anything else in there!
    Floss and make sure you get in between every tooth!
    Use some kind of Mouth Wash...Harsher the better!
    Take half a mouth full of peroxide and swish around for a few mins.
    Spit out peroxide but do not swallow or rinse out, let it sit and do its magic.
    Rinse and sleep happy your gonna pass tomar!
    Before you leave for the swab repeat, and take peroxide with you as well as a cup with some clean water and an empty one.
    Now right before pulling in swish some peroxide around in your mouth and spit into empty cup. Let it work its magic again then rinse with water and go take you test with confidence!
  6. lxix

    lxix New Member


    Thanks Grillmeats
    I filled out the survey
    I passed afetr following your instructions

    LXIX:wave: :wave: :wave:
  7. Budtender

    Budtender New Member

    I took 5 days off from smoking. Did all the mint/mouthwash stuff. After holding the test in my teeth (the lady let me do it and didn't pay much attention to what i was doing) it was so dry i had to force it into the tube. My friend who got me the job said sometimes the test comes back inconclusive if it's dry so i was worried but after a week he called to say i passed. Now i have to tell him i don't want the job (was kinda hoping i would fail so i wouldn't have to). everyone there looked so blah (it was a new car dealership) probably cause they can't smoke:cool: i think i'm gonna keep my bartending job. Can you blame me?
  8. talbo

    talbo New Member

    TEST #1
    When I was 18 I was on probation for petty marijuana possesion. So once a month i had to go to the probation office. Generally I took a bottle of detox with me to school and drank it at lunch to pass a drug case in case they gave me one when i went after school.

    I went it was about 330 pm and they were saliva testing me and I hadnt taken any of that detox. Also i had smoked at 11pm the previous night. I had not brushed my tooth or gargled since i was at school all day and no mints either. I told my parents I was going to fail I told my girlfriend I was going away for a long time and got myself into a shitload of trouble.

    I passed. 16 hrs of clean time and no mints or other preparation.

    TEST #2
    When I was 20 I had a job interview at Kroger's. I was told before hand by someone who had worked their before that they gave mouth swab drug tests the day of the interview. I took a bottle of detox on my way to the test and swished it around in my mouth after rinsing 3 times. The swab was red when I took it out (from the detox) played it off as fruit punch and passed with about 32 hours of clean time.

    TEST #3
    Presently I have a potential job at lowes. I gave myself 24 hours of clean time and swished the detox around in my mouth before I went in, took the swab and it came out red (just as it did at kroger's) sent it off and waited.

    I just got a call about 30 mins ago from Lowes, The Lab rejected my specimen :mad: and I they want me to come back in monday morning and take another swab.

    So its 230 pm Saturday, I have to go in before Noon on Monday. So that will give me 44ish hours of clean time and I will be sure to rinse and brush before I go in. I will repost, but I feel fairly confident, given the conditions in which I passed before ((knock on wood))

    According to Wikipedia - Saliva Drug testing Cannabis is detectable for One hour after ingestion for up to 14 hrs....

    According to NORML - Saliva Drug Testing can detect Cannabis for after one hr of ingestion for up to 4 hours.

    Other sources (erowind etc) - Saliva Drug Testing can detect Cannabis for one hour after ingestion for up to 12-24 hours....

    Other sources clearly stress the matter that Saliva Drug testing is the least sensative to Marijuana and it primarily used to detect harder drugs such as amphetamine, opiates, barbituates, and others.

    It seems to me that you have to pretty much BE HIGH on marijuana to fail a saliva test for marijuana ((knock on wood))

    Im going to buy a couple 6 packs of heineken *since tommorows sunday* to pass the time a bit quicker .... I hope alcohol doesnt slow down cleaning time in saliva like urine

    The more I think about it, the more paranoid im getting. Im gettin peroxide too.
  9. quite so

    quite so New Member

    Well took the test on friday.Was told it would be back sunday,she would have the results on her desk monday morning.It's bout 11 o'clock monday so im guessing everything is cool i start at 4 o'clock today.Followed grillmeats guidelines without smoking for about 84 hours.Thanks guys could'nt have done it without you!
  10. talbo

    talbo New Member

    Irronically enough I failed.... 44hrs clean .... prolly in everyones best interest to give themselves that third day .... aw well back to the drawing board.
  11. talbo

    talbo New Member

    forgot to mention that the other saliva tests i passed were conducted through lab 1 , and the one i just failed was done at Quest Diagnostics ... not sure if their testing is more in depth or what, or if i was just unlucky but I thought I would toss that in their.
  12. talbo

    talbo New Member

    I did not use breath mints.... that coulda done it too.
  13. talbo

    talbo New Member

    Something just didnt seem right to me, as I mentioned earlier in a different post I had passed 2 other saliva tests (one for court!) in less than 24 hours clean time, so I called Lowes back up and asked them to send me a copy of the drug test, they said they didnt have a copy they were just told I failed and put the request into Quest Diagnostics. The manager then went on to tell me that he's very sorry and that he doesnt care what I do in my free time and if it were up to him he would go ahead and hire me but state and federal law etc etc, I still stood strong on the fact that I shouldn't have failed .... haha ya right.

    I got the results in the mail today and I DIDNT FAIL .... well I did, but I didnt show up positive for anything, other than "Unknown" basically my sample got rejected again and 2 rejects = 1 fail. (the peroxide?)

    Anyhow its not the end of the world, I allready have a job was just looking for a better paying one or at lest one with more hours to offer, Aw well The Dollar Tree it is for a couple more months ...... Im just gonna quit smoking until i get another job ...... I feel like a criminal doing all this dodging.

    Use the breath mints and give yourself 3 days everyone .... and wash your mouth out well if you use peroxide.
  14. talbo

    talbo New Member

    Victory Is Mine!!!!!!!

    I tried out your advice, I took my copy of the drug test over to Lowes today and asked to speak to the manager that interviewed me. I waited out in the lobby and he came out and I went into his office and I said

    "Quest Diagnostics didn't tell you the total truth"

    "How so?" he replied

    I handed him over the copy of the test and I said

    "I didnt come up positive for anything, I just got rejected again because of an unknown substance"

    he laughed and said "You must have nuclear spit, son" he then asked me if i had any idea what may be causing these malfunctions

    I told him that my dentist ordered me to rinse my mouth out with peroxide and that was all I could think of ... he batted my test paper with a pen a few times while biting his bottom lip for a while and said hold on i will brb....

    I sat their for about 20 mins and he came back in and said

    "Okay, heres what we decided to do for you, we are going to go ahead and hire you on a probationary term, but for the first 3 months you have to go out on your own to any medical clinic around here and have a drug screen done at your own expense, it doesnt matter if its urine, hair, saliva, or whatever, just as long as you have a negative drug test on my desk by the 25th of each month, hows that sound to you?"

    Great!!!!!! :)

    I shook his hand and got out of their and I have orientation on saturday :)
  15. Unforgiven1977

    Unforgiven1977 New Member


    I just passed my swab test.
    33 hours clean, did everything meat suggested, worked like a charm.
    I had so many altoids stuffed in my mouth on the way there it looked like a had a fat chaw in. I bet a ate about 50 of those damn things.
    I was given the thing and left alone in the room to do the test myself. I tried the whole not-getting-saliva-on-the-tester thingy but that made for a dry test and it didn't work.
    She told me to try again so I rubbed it around a bit but it still didn't work. So I asked her for a drink of water because my mouth was so dry. She was happy to produce me some cold h2o. So I took a sip, kept a little in the bottom of my mouth and once she was gone I pushed the water up with my tongue and saturated that damn test swab. I stuck it in the tester and...what do ya know. I'm clean.
    So I came home and toked up. Now I gotta get ready to start my new job in about an hour.
    Thanks meats!!!!
  16. bugmenot2

    bugmenot2 Banned

    I PASSED!!!

    This is what I would do if I had to take a Saliva test.

    1) Stayed away from MJ for 52 hours before the test.
    2) Brushed, gargled with peroxide based mouthwash, flossed.
    3) You should take Altoid Mints up to test time. Wasn't asked about mint use.

    I also gargled some mouthwash before going in for the test.



    Now where's my chicken dinner? ;)
  17. steveandadrian

    steveandadrian New Member

    I passed......I didnt get the job but thats a whole other story, yay.
  18. steveandadrian

    steveandadrian New Member

    Awwww.....this is going to follow me, isn't it. lol. That's Awesome.......

    Thanks for all your help Grillmeats, I couldn't of passed without you.
  19. MayorMojo

    MayorMojo New Member

    I love meat! Especially grilled.

    On Friday when the interviewer mentioned saliva test i about shit myself. :eek: I had just smoked that morning, wtf was i gonna do! Didn't have to take it till Monday but i figured i was hosed. Then a light shone down from Grillmeat's post and I was saved! Amen! I brushed like hell and used listerine twice a day over the weekend. Did it again the morning of and ate Altoids like tic-tacs all morning while filling out paperwork right up till the minute of the test.

    It was made by a company called Iscreen. He made me hold it under my tongue until it was all squishy. He popped the Q-tip like spongy into a recepticle and the saliva was pushed onto a test strip.

    (I was playing with it, oooo, ahhhh, he's like "No, it's gotta stay flat." So the spit could travel along the testing strip. He said it would take 10 minutes, maybe took 8. All 3 little red stripes showed up so I passed! Woot! I'm now a security guard at the newest and largest planned community in Vegas. Still under construction but it will have 7,100 homes, 4 schools, 3 parks, etc.


    *edit- Fogot to mention, i'm a CHRONIC user. I mean, everyday, all day.
  20. Kitiana01

    Kitiana01 New Member

    I called today & I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! WOO HOO! Been walking on air all day!

    Thanks Alot for all the support <HUGS> to you guys!

    I start Monday at 8:00

    Taking Poll now º¿º

    Oh - THANKS AGAIN :)

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