SAP 9-50/300 + MDMA/N test on Friday, please help

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by codehero, Feb 5, 2008.

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    So i have just recently discovered this great site and i could really use some help from all of you fine people.

    I have to take a test on Friday and I just received the info in the mail. I'll be taking it at a Quest and it is called the SAP 9-50/300 + MDMA/N . After reading on what has been previously written I believe it is a 9 panel, meaning they test for 9 drugs plus the mdma. Im assuming the 50 refers to the ng/ml. Does this mean if i passed the "At Home Drug Test" brand from Rite Aid which tests for 50ng/ml then I should be good. Does anyone know if quest does the 15 ng/ml which is GC/MS, if so I may be screwed. Also, is there a chance this could be a hair test?

    The line on the at home urine test was faint but definitely there. Also does anyone know what the 300 and the N after MDMA means? I've be stressin this all day so any words of wisdom/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if my post is redundant, I spent a lot of time searching and haven't seen anyone with a test with these exact letter/numbers. Thanks!
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    additional info

    Also, i have not smoked for 2 weeks with the exception of last sunday (9 days ago) when i took one hit of some really crappy bud that did nothing for me. I am 6 foot 3 and weight 175 with a quick metabolism
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    Go get home drug can try to dilute but you haven't been taking creatine. Good luck man. I'm small 5'8'' 120 lbs male, so I can pass in a week or so with a simple dilute. I wish the same to you.
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    I would say no this isn't a hair test because the cutoff for THC in hair is not 50 ng/ml but 1 and .1 pg/ml. The N might stand for nitrates (or nitrites I alsways forget which one but either way it's an adulterant) and the 300 is probably referring to the cutoff used on another drug.

    I'm sure Quest offers GC/MS confirmation but it only goes to GC/MS for confirmation of non negative immunoassay tests and it looks like you are going to get the 50 ng/ml immunoassay cutoff which is usually paired with the 15 ng/ml GC/MS confirmation. If you are passing home tests with the first void of the day you should pass the lab test.

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