Sativa vs. Indica: The Truth

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What strain do you prefer to smoke?

  1. Indica strains

  2. Sativa strains

  3. I don't know

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  4. What difference does it make, bud is BUD!

  1. AnonymousHerbMan

    AnonymousHerbMan New Member

    So there's a lot of conflicting information when it comes to this topic so I would like to clear it out as much as I can. There's a lot of differences between Sativa and Indica plants, and hopefully I can project the correct info.


    So first off, Sativa cannabis is found at the equator region around the world. Sativa plants are generally taller than Indica's (ranging from 4-12 feet outside) and have bigger yields compared to Indica plants (3.5+ oz per plant outside). Although the plant will produce more bud, the bud is generally not as high quality compared to Indica plants. Sativa cannabis will form a head high, for more social events (common among celebrities, especially musicians).

    Common strains:
    -Black Pearl
    -Super Bud
    -Purple Cindy
    -Purple Diesel
    -White Russian
    -Hawaiian Kona Gold
    -Super Haze
    -Electric Haze
    -Poison Afghan
    -Malawi Gold
    -Mulanje Gold
    -Mozambique Poison
    -Black Afghan
    -Purple Nepalese
    -Zambian Gold
    -Jack the Ripper
    -Time Wreck


    Indica plants are pretty much the opposite of what was stated about Sativa plants. They are generally more stout (2-4 feet tall) with a lower yield (1.5-2.5 oz). But unlike their cousin Sativa, Indica plants will produce much higher quality bud (18+ % THC content compared to their cousins who generally stay around 12-16%). Indica plants will also give you a couch-lock [body] high, where it is not best to be smoked before social events. A lot of popular flavored bud is Indica. Great for pain and nausea.

    Common Strains:
    -Cluster Bomb
    -Northern Lights #5
    -Big Blue
    -Hindu Kush
    -Blue Widow
    -Electric Fruit Punch
    -Black Queen
    -Black Ice
    -Blue Rhino
    -Plush Berry
    -Space Dawg
    -Deep Purple
    -Purple Urkle
    -Super Snowdawg

    So what's best?

    Well, you can't really answer this question because there is no right answer. It all depends on personal opinion. Personally, I would prefer a Sativa strain crossed with a flavored Indica, that way you get the best of both worlds. Please leave a reply sharing which you like the most and why. Also, which do you prefer, the High or the flavor? Leave a reply below!
  2. Ajel_04

    Ajel_04 New Member

    doesnt really matter to me. i smoke all types of good weed, and what theyre called, or what strain doesnt really phase me. at this point in my life, i smoke anywhere from 2-5 times a day, for 3 years now. i get baked regardless, sometimes if its REALLY good weed ill just get right fucked. but for the most part, using pretty much only my double perc bong and a few joints here and there, it all does the same to me, smoke weed everyday :)
  3. AnonymousHerbMan

    AnonymousHerbMan New Member

    Maybe you should try switching it up between sativia and indica specific strains and seeing what you like more?
  4. Grimm

    Grimm New Member

    I prefer the indica over the other kind.I use it mainly for pain control in combination with prescribed opiates for those days when the pain is just too much to bear.
  5. Zoup

    Zoup New Member

    I enjoy sativa because it doesn't give me a hangover high. Instead of being tiered like Indica makes you. Sativa is good when you don't plan to be lazy.
  6. lonelyjimmyg

    lonelyjimmyg New Member

    Most times I prefer a nice 'n tasty indica:fart:('scuz me):banana:........ Then there are certain times when ya wanna share :cheers: and ya don't want everyone zonkin' out on ya.....those are the times when I want a sativa:fencers::bong2:
  7. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Sativa all the way, but obviously sometimes you can't help which you get so it doesn't bother me enough to put me off having a good time. I've just induced quite a hefty amount of blue cheese so I'm indica'd the fuck up right now
  8. AnotherHighGuy

    AnotherHighGuy New Member

    I've only used indica, it was kush. The effect - I'm not quitting anytime soon. :)
  9. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    I dont believe I've smoked enough, had high enough quality bud, or had a pure strain of either to be able to distinguish it the two types.

    Im a very chill person though, and id have to say id probably prefer indicas, even though a sativa never killed anyone every now and then. ;)
  10. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Administrator Staff Member

    I absolutely agree with you… Hybrids, for me, are the way to go.

    As a general rule of thumb, cultivators tend to gravitate towards Seeds / plants with the most desirable traits – or phenotypes. Whether they are searching for elevated THC levels, or heightened CBD cannabinoid percentages that have been crossbred into a specific strain. Combining both flavor, high, and medicinal value - all in one strain.

    Gotta love the Hybrids strains.
  11. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    I suspect our own genetics have a lot to do with the preference.
    I have been on opiates for eight years and use it in conjunction with Sativa. I use a 60% THC extract and vaporize about 65 mg of oil with every 7 mg of morphine. Without the oil it takes 10 mg of morphine for the same pain control.
    I also blame the oil for my tolerance to opiates, the dosage has gone up 3 mg in eight years and that was due to increased pain as I age. Others in the pain clinic that do not supplement with THC have to double the opiates yearly to maintain comfort.
  12. Kidete

    Kidete Member

    Since Kenya lies on the equator, Sativas are dominant but anyone who has smoked some Shashamane from Ethiopia always has a trippy story to tell. Tanzania also has great weed that makes one feel quite heady and the high lasts for hours.

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