Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by iGuru08, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. iGuru08

    iGuru08 New Member

    Does anyone know if they do drug testing? I have to go there tomorrow. It is only to put in an application. Maybe i can put it off if they do. I think im rambling.
  2. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    I think maybe you are acting prematurely. Or rather you should worry about ANYBODY drug testing and not just Sav-A-Lot, especially since you are just going in to apply. And not even for an interview.
  3. 29yeartoker

    29yeartoker New Member

    If you are seeking employment I suggest you be ready and assume that they all drug test.
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  4. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    What she said.

    Or go for the food industry.
    I have heard from many people, on here and IRL, that many do not drug test.
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