Schwag vs. Nug

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by snivlem16663, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. snivlem16663

    snivlem16663 New Member

    First of all I was wondering what schwag really is.

    I was also wondering which everyone else buys. These days I try to stay away from schwag. I used to smoke it all of the time until my friend introduced me to Nug. It costs more but at least it doesn't taste like **** and reek.
  2. TriggerHappy370

    TriggerHappy370 New Member

    Around here shwag is really bad weed, lots of seeds and stems and not giving you a very good high as some KB would give you. Shwag does not have many hairs on it and i belive its dark green and brown. I like to get KB or some good dro.
  3. snivlem16663

    snivlem16663 New Member

    I don't think schwag is another strain of weed. Isn't it the same as nug except it's mixed with seeds and a lot of leaves and stems?
  4. SkyTripper

    SkyTripper New Member

    Schwag is what is usually most readily available on the commercial black market. Generally, it is seriously compressed, full of seeds and stem, grown in Mexico on a large scale and shipped by any means possible into the US.
    It is crappy weed and usually sells for as little as $40-70 oz. It is NOT a particular strain of pot but it is usually a Mexican variety.
    Nugs or "kind buds" are a wide range of various strains of pot which include many that are indica or sativa dominant strains. Sinsemilla is a Spanish word meaning "no seeds" which is always nice and usually a more potent level of any pot.
    Most indica-dominant strains of pot tend to produce a more physical buzz resulting in "couchlock" and tend to be very good at relieving pain, increasing appetite, and inducing sleep. Sativa-dominant strains tend to take much longer to bud than their indica counterparts, grow much taller and lankier and produce a more cerebral "mental" high. This high usually does not make you feel sleepy but somewhat awake, thought-provoking, inspirational and creative. At the same time you are nicely high, possibly paranoid and feel "trippy" too. Strains with any haze in them can also produce some of these same effects as well.
    These "kind" strains are far more potent and there is a HUGE difference in overall appearance and smell than anything like "schwag" is.
    They also run anywhere from $240 to $450 an ounce (even more with certain strains and availability), in many places across the US. Cheaper in Canada and certain other countries. Literally hundreds of various strains of "kind" buds are out there.....each providing different types of a high, taste and smell (fruity, flowery, hashy, skunky, etc.)....along with a fluffy appearance (from dark green to lime green with various colored "hairs"...purple, orange, red, etc.) possible and often are sticky to the touch with a high THC content.
    Many are covered in a crystal white blanket of "snow" also during flowering. THE bottom-of-the-barrell as far as pot is concerned and best to be avoided, IMO. Mids can be far better and worth it though as they are a decent batch of strains a few notches up from schwag but below "kind" bud level. They usually run between $100-200 oz.and at least smell good (pine or woodsy) and have a nice green appearance with few seeds/stems or if its seeds at all.
    Hope this helps. :wave:
  5. LAsMoker17

    LAsMoker17 New Member

    Schwag= crap

    Dro, KB, bomb assss chronic, they are where its at....

    Kush is the bomb

  6. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Schwag and "cronic" (or kind, KB, hydro, whatever slang term you use for seedless) are not strains, it just refers to how the marijuana was grown, handled, packaged, etc. If it's grown outdoors with minimal care, compressed with a machine, and left out in the sun or in hot areas, it's most likely schwag, which is why it's cheap. It's also going to be full of stems and seeds and probably not smell so great. Chronic, kind, hydro, BC, whatever, is just seedless marijuana grown indoor or outdoor (except for hydro of course, but we're talking slang now) that is generally seedless, not compressed, and has it's full smell, etc. Mid-grades would be between the two, usually it's the same as schwag, just not as compressed and more fresh, or between that it's a little more like seedless with few seeds but still not fully kind bud or pure seedless. And I repeat, it's not a strain.
  7. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    As the above poster pointed out, schwag isn't a strain its just a slang word for all crappy marijuana.

    Where I live, nug doesn't refer to quality. A nug is just a chunk of buds.
  8. SNOOPiiE


    Here we call schwag "mech".. I dont buy chronic all the time due to expensive! I do buy schwag. I dont care.. Gets a high. Might not be best. But oh well.
  9. BlackBird

    BlackBird New Member

    dude sky tripper you trippin dude ... too high, forgot what i was going to say ****! ****! ...... Ohh! I think your talking about uh... cannabis club, cause on the streets its different, usually you don't even no what your getting, people aint no what they are sellin', i ask em' all the time ( atleast where im from.) You just get what you get, which is usually good ****! but schwag is never a problem, it's not readily available, only if you go to the poorer parts of town, and get "mexican brick weed" which is pretty much schwag. Thats what it is here anyway, are where your guys different. thats how the system works where im from, is it diff. where you come from?
  10. SNOOPiiE


    Nope. San Diego mostly you have to have dealer's to get ur schwagg and dank chronic.
  11. SkyTripper

    SkyTripper New Member


    I KNOW...I be TRIPPIN....have been for years but thats besides the point! :D

    You can't tell me that there's not a lot of schwag out there....cause there really is....unfortunately.
    It happens to be all that a lot of potsmokers can afford. In certain parts of the country its harder to come by than other parts....fortunately. Especially the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest in particular. I swear... there EVERYONE who smokes....smokes dankass kind....exclusively. Probably because it has a more profound "history" in this region than other parts of America. LOT more leftover hippies, etc. who have grown weed in this area for many decades.....not to mention the fact that the climate and soil and vast regions of forest have provided more optimum conditions for growing more "primo" buds.....and secrecy as well as more privacy. Humboldt, Medocino, Del Norte, Trinity and Siskiyou counties in California (as well as many others in the foothills of the Sierras) are legendary for outdoor (and indoor) cultivation of some of the BEST bud in America. This is also true up through Oregon and Washington state, as well as many areas in beautiful British Columbia, including Vancouver Island. This entire region of the Pacific Northwest HAS the BEST buds, strains and overall availability to those who desire the "best."
    Hawaii is also legendary for primo bud cultivation and has been for many, many years as well.
    Unfortunately though for many people living in the Midwest US there tends to be far more schwag availability than kind nugs. This has been gradually changing over recent years though with the proliferation of seeds available via the internet and more people willing to take up the WONDERFUL hobby of indoor cultivation (outdoors too) but probably to a lesser degree than indoors due to a real lack of forest or cover from people to grow in secrecy.
    Schwag SUCKS....but IT HAS dominated the overall weed market for a very long time....combined with Mids too. Generally IS Mexican and cultivated and shipped in such a way as to provide quantity and not quality. Mass production through cultivation with the main interest being profit through sheer quantity....NOT quality by any means. True kind buds were once much harder to come by and availability was limited to certain regions of the US for the most part....or markets which the demand was large enough to make long distance smuggling of it....worth it...(namely LARGE metro areas, i.e. New York, Chicago. LA).
    NOW.....Kind buds can pretty much be found ANYWHERE in the long as you are generally..."in the know" and HAVE the cash necessary to afford the outragous prices they fetch.
    BTW....You CAN tell the difference from schwag, mids and the dankass KIND.....usually just by look and smell.....taste as well.....but the STONE.....biggest difference of all! Dankass kind strains pack the PUNCH and often is 2 hit-quitter weed....more if you like really being ripped for hours! can sit back and chain smoke doobies by yourself......may just get high.....OR a headache and a sore throat.
    Yeah bro....I BE TRIPPIN....HIGH ON THE SKY til the day I FLY. :wave:
  12. ZeppelinHero

    ZeppelinHero New Member

    nug is higher quality than shwagg. simply put dont buy shwagg. smoke the dro.
  13. MrIMStoned

    MrIMStoned |BIG BROTHER|

    So if I get this straight Shwag is crap you wouldnt want to buy or smoke unless you had no other option.
    And all those other terms just refer to normal pot.
  14. Arcturus

    Arcturus New Member

    Not quite.

    Schwag - generic term for crappy weed, usually lots of stems/seeds, no strong "weed" smell, no fine red hairs. It barely gets you high.

    Mids - Decent quality weed, may not smell like skunk, probably very green with no red hairs. May be a little stemmy/seedy.

    kb - kind bud. High quality weed, some red hairs, nice fluffy nugs with less stems and very few seeds. This is what most people generally think of when you talk about pot.

    Above kb you get different strains of hydro, purple haze, basically your one-hitter-quitter type stuff. It can be 25-75% more expensive than kind bud.

    There is absolutely a very obvious difference between all 4 "levels." The high, the smell, and the look are all very different.
  15. BC.Buddy

    BC.Buddy Sr. Member

    Good definitions


    Great definitions.

    What is the definition of the above kb stuff though? BC Bud!? :laugh: ;)

    I love good pot. I remember being in high school and getting ****ty deals and just having to cope with it. Weed should knock you on your ass if you want it to, it shouldn't have to be smoked in abundance to get high.

  16. Turdy

    Turdy New Member

    I get confused with hydro on this site cause I live in Wisconsin :)rolleyes:) and here it means weed laced with coke...

    Does it just mean realy good weed in most places?
  17. 60ftbong

    60ftbong //\\//\\arijuan//-\\

    Ya I think it has to do with the way it was grown like hydro(insert fancy word here). But correct me if Im wrong
  18. Yaznaki

    Yaznaki New Member

    hydroponics isn't a fancy word ;)

    hydro generally refers to any beasters/kind/headies that you find on the streets
    May be shortened to "dro" as well if you wanna sound even more ignorant than just saying hydro sounds

    However, not all beasters/kind/headies are grown hydroponically, they may be grown aeroponically, or in soil.
  19. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    I stick with kb all the time unless theres headies around and then i just stick with smoking that. I just like having really good pot to smoke. I'm not a heavy smoker so it will last me awhile, i'm not going out every single week to pay $60 for another 8th. I have friends that will just stick with kind or mids if they don't have a lot of money on them and they just want some pot to smoke. I smoked a joint of a good strain with one of my relatives and just a few hits each we were ripped and we felt high for well over a hour and the both of us didn't even smoke the whole thing.
  20. LorenzoMcT

    LorenzoMcT New Member

    A lot of times when I'm buying dank, my dealer (buddy of mine) will throw in some schwag he's trying to get rid of for real cheap. I'll usually mix the two up in a bowl to stretch out the dank.

    Schwag makes me realllly tired after a while. I find it's more of a body trip than a mind trip too, i.e. I'm more or less lucid.

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