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    ""EARTH: Highlights 2011 - Jobs, jobs everywhere, but not enough people to fill them Not enough scientists to replace the older generation when they retire.""

    I have never heard of the pay scale for a scientist but the way NIDA buys them they must be a dime a dozen.
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    American Friends of Tel Aviv University: The Disappearance of the Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man Another study from Israel claiming that Israel or the Middle East is the real birthplace of modern man.

    Novel device removes heavy metals from water | Brown University News and Events Nice work on cleaning water after it is contaminated.

    "Green Routing" Can Cut Car Emissions Without Significantly Slowing Travel Time, Buffalo Study Finds - UB NewsCenter Interesting work on moving traffic patterns to cut pollution. Not sure if it is feasible, it might call for people to drive a different route to work every day depending on who else was driving. Might be fun for people as it introduces some variety, and an excuse for being late to the boss. Who knows. Still, an interesting piece of work. Using computers to predict variation in wind power to handle its addition to the grid more effectively. An ongoing effort getting more accurate as time and experience make more data available.

    Bacterial protein 'mops up' viruses found in contaminated water supplies Nice new tool for detecting viral contamination in water.

    Free-to-pay? No way! U of A professor explores negative billing Another way they rip off online shoppers. You should probably only buy from people you know and trust. Avoid anything that looks to good to be true.

    Notre Dame researchers demonstrate new DNA detection technique Promising new method for detecting DNA.

    Physics strikes the right note with classical musicians Musical physics, making music based on discoveries in physics.

    Discovery of a 'dark state' could mean a brighter future for solar energy More new developments in solar technology science.

    GDP up, happiness down Happiness is on a downward trend in recent years.
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    Yellowstone transformed 15 years after the return of wolves | News & Research Communications | Oregon State University The return of wolves to Yellowstone is producing more songbirds and small animals.

    'Head-first' diversity shown to drive vertebrate evolution Evolution proceeded head first in two periods of major diversification.

    To turn up the heat in chilies, just add water Pepper are hot to fight off fusarium infection. Trichoderma is a useful fungus which helps fight fusarium Exploiting Trichoderma: From food security to biotechnology 66% of drains contaminated with fusarium. Hmm. It appears to accidentally be fusarium week in science.

    Skeletons point to Columbus voyage for syphilis origins Syphilis came from the New World, but did not exist there before Columbus. Apparently, a disease from the New World reached Europe, mutated or traded genes with another disease and became modern syphilis. Interesting.

    Researchers discover a way to significantly reduce the production costs of fuel cells More efficient catalyst deposition in fuel cells lowers costs.

    CAD for RNA RNA CAD. Possibly the most significant thing I have seen this week.

    Notre Dame researchers develop paint-on solar cells A start towards making paint which acts as solar cells.
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    Another Week More Science

    Sea snails help scientists explore a possible way to enhance memory Amazing study on memory and learning in sea snails. It may change all kinds of training programs in the future.

    I know something you don't know -- and I will tell you! Chimpanzees decide whether another Chimp already knows something before telling them about it. They are more likely to mention it, if they think the other Chimp doesn't know about it. Hmm, are chimps smarter than people, or just more polite?

    Great apes make sophisticated decisions Gorillas not as likely to make risky choices as Chimpanzees. Hmm.

    UC3M collaborates in the largest experiment in real time on cooperation in society A study on cooperation. 5% of people cooperated all the time, 35% never cooperated. This study should be duplicated in different nations to control for culture. Also in religious schools as opposed to public schools to check for effects of indoctrination.

    Key to school improvement: reading, writing, arithmetic Teaching children character, i.e. good behavior improves school performance. In fact the study on cooperation should be done on groups receiving character training and on those not receiving it.

    Children Don't Give Words Special Power To Categorize Their World Children don't label things and aren't as influenced by labels as adults. Children are not as easily fooled by labels as adults. I guess you learn to be stupid to please others as you grow up.

    School absenteeism, mental health problems linked Children who miss school more likely to have mental health problems. Studies like this always bother me. It reminds me of the Soviet Union where anyone who didn't cooperate with the system was diagnosed as mentally ill. There is an old joke among psychologists, sanity is the amount of difference from me that I am willing to tolerate. As mental health measurement becomes more objective based on physical elements of the brain, and less subjective based on whether or not the person does what the evaluator wants or likes, this kind of thing might become less dangerous. There is a danger though that students who are depressed because of a hostile school environment will simply be labeled as mentally ill.​
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    Bodyguard for the Brain: Researchers Identify Mechanism That Seems to Protect Brain f

    Bodyguard for the Brain: Researchers Identify Mechanism That Seems to Protect Brain from Aging
    ScienceDaily / 07,12,2011

    ScienceDaily (July 12, 2011) — Researchers from the Universities of Bonn and Mainz have discovered a mechanism that seems to protect the brain from aging. In experiments with mice, they switched off the cannabinoid-1 receptor. As a consequence, the animals showed signs of degeneration -- as seen in people with dementia -- much faster.

    The research results are presented in a current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

    Humans are getting older and older, and the number of people with dementia is increasing. The factors controlling degeneration of the brain are still mostly unknown. However, researchers assume that factors such as stress, accumulation of toxic waste products as well as inflammation accelerate aging. But, vice versa, there are also mechanisms that can -- like a bodyguard -- protect the brain from degenerating, or repair defective structures.

    Researchers from the Universities of Bonn and Mainz have now discovered a hitherto unknown function of the cannabinoid-1 receptor (CB1). A receptor is a protein that can bind to other substances, triggering a chain of signals. Cannabinoids such as THC -- the active agent in cannabis sativa -- and endocannabinoids formed by the body bind to the CB1 receptors. The existence of this receptor is also the reason for the intoxicating effect of hashish and marijuana.

    Not only does the CB1 receptor have an addictive potential, but it also plays a role in the degeneration of the brain. "If we switch off the receptor using gene technology, mouse brains age much faster," said Önder Albayram, principal author of the publication and a doctoral student on the team of Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmer from the Institut für Molekulare Psychiatrie at the University of Bonn. "This means that the CB1 signal system has a protective effect for nerve cells."

    Mice prove their brain power in a pool
    The researchers studied mice in different age categories -- young six week old animals, middle-aged ones at five months, and those of an advanced age at 12 months. The animals had to master various tasks -- first, they had to find a submerged platform in the pool. Once the mice knew its location, the platform was moved, and the animals had to find it again. This was how the researchers tested how well the rodents learned and remembered.

    The animals in which the CB1 receptor had been switched off (the knock-out mice) clearly differed from their kind. "The knock-out mice showed clearly diminished learning and memory capacity," said Privatdozent Dr. Andras Bilkei-Gorzo from Professor Zimmer's team, who led the study. So, animals that did not have the receptor were less successful in their search for the platform. "In addition, they showed a clear loss of nerve cells in the hippocampus," he explained further. This part of the brain is the central area for forming and storing information. In addition, the researchers found inflammation processes in the brain. As the mice advanced in age, the degenerative processes became increasingly noticeable.

    Amazing parallels with the human brain
    The animals with the intact CB1 receptor, to the contrary, did clearly better with regard to their learning and memory capabilities, as well as the health of their nerve cells. "The root cause of aging is one of the secrets of life," commented Albayram. This study has begun to open the door to solving this enigma. The processes in the mouse brains have a surprising number of parallels with age-related changes in human brains. So, the endocannabinoid system may also present a protective mechanism in the aging of the human brain.

    The principal author cautioned, "This will require additional research." The scientists would like to better understand the mechanism by which CB1 receptors protect the brain from inflammation processes. And based on these signal chains, it might then be possible to develop substances for new therapies.
    ""Hmmm,,perhaps we could use marijuana to stimulate the CB1 receptors for the next decade,,while you try to figure it out!"

    Whats that,you say we can't because it is illegal?

    Fuck you.

    Dedr put this up in headline news in Sept but it is so good,I think I will leave it here too.
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    Very Interesting! My brain is expanding just reading all this tonight,, Thanks again Clay. Gotta do something while we wait for 2012,, I hope I make,, I sooo tired tonight. :cheers: Too much of that going on to go out anywhere. ( By others not me )
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    NHM entomologist co-authors new research on parasitic phorid fly, a new threat to honey bees Flies make bees into zombies to reproduce themselves. Fungus make ants into zombies to reproduce themselves. I think there are a couple of horror movie ideas there. Though I think the pupae emerging from the dead bodies makes a better horror scene than the fungus bursting out to spread from the dead bodies. Not sure though.

    Implanted biofuel cell converts bug's chemistry into electricity People make bugs into cyborg zombies to use as spies. Is there no end to the bug zombie menace. AIIIEEEEI!!!! Lol. I never felt sorry for a cockroach before.

    Scientists characterize protein essential to survival of malaria parasite | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis Progress towards fighting malaria. The article demonstrates how difficult and time consuming scientific research can be.

    VIDEO: In Ancient Pompeii, Trash and Tombs Went Hand in Hand Rome was a 'trashy' place, as demonstrated by garbage 'disposal' in Pompei.

    Tiny worm points to big promise Promising research on how to fight Alzheimer's and related diseases.

    Hybrid silkworms spin stronger spider silk Silkworms produce spider silk. You can't farm spiders for silk because they eat each other. So they put spider genes in silkworms and successfully got them to make spider silk, which is stronger than silkworm silk. People have been working on this problem for years. So this may be a major step for a new textile industry.

    UGA scientists 'hijack' bacterial immune system CRISPR-Cas system, a name to remember in the future. Major technology for biology.

    Light makes write for DNA information-storage device DNA-WORM memory device. Where worm has nothing to do with worms, (they used salmon DNA), but means write-once-read-many. As science cross-fertilizes, acronyms can become confusing.

    SGM : News : Media Releases Moderate exercise better for preventing colds than intense exercise.

    Purdue Newsroom - Down to the wire for silicon: Researchers create a wire 4 atoms wide, 1 atom tall Building wires atom by atom.

    A 3-Dimensional View of 1-Dimensional Nanostructures | McCormick School of Engineering | Northwestern University Piezoelectrical nano-technology may have potential for greater efficiency.​
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    Hey great job Arrogathor and Clay! Great thread, I'm a Bio grad so I love me some science news! Thanks for making it easily accessible for my lazy stoner self!
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    My computer died, so I have been gone for awhile, got new computer set up, so I am back.

    Purdue Newsroom - Study shines light on ways to cut costs for greenhouse growers A simple experiment any greenhouse owner could have done. It took scientists to ask the questions and do the tests.

    UT researchers' innovation addresses major challenge of drug delivery Interesting development in drug delivery, nano sized concentrated protein clusters.

    NASA - Space Weather Center to Add World's First 'Ensemble Forecasting' Capability NASA upgrades it solar weather forecasting with techniques used for weather prediction here on earth.

    Eureka! Kitchen Gadget Inspires Scientist to Make More Effective Plastic Electronics You have to use different fabrication techniques for organic transistors as opposed to silicon transistors. Wow, sometimes the obvious takes awhile to percolate through.

    Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed Can grape seed extract kill cancer? It seems too good to be true, but who knows? maybe.

    Supermaterial goes superpermeable Finally a real use for graphene, distilling alcohol. It turns out that a graphene sheet will allow water to evaporate out, but not any other liquid or gas to leave. Amazing.

    Catalyzing new uses for diesel by-products Interesting method for using waste byproducts from the production of sulphur-free diesel.

    Study suggests junk food in schools doesn't cause weight gain among children Scientists shocked, junk food in schools does not correlate with the obesity of children!!!!

    Welcome to Sage People who believe in conspiracy theories believe that Osama bin Ladin is dead and alive, and that Princess Diana is dead and alive. I believe in human stupidity, it is the best explanation. Never underestimate how stupid people, in the government, and outside it, can be.

    Monogamy reduces major social problems of polygamist cultures Monogamy superior to polygamy as a standard model for society.

    '+windowtitle+' Activity in the amygdala does not just mean fear. It can also signal pleasure, or concern and empathy for others. An example of how a little knowledge can potentially be a dangerous thing.

    Planets around stars are the rule rather than the exception Billions of planets with masses similar to the Earth in the Galaxy.
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    Another Week, More Science

    Scientists coax shy microorganisms to stand out in a crowd Amazing that they could do it, not entirely clear how they could do it. I hope it works as well as it seems to. An improved method of analyzing microbes.

    A Zap of Cold Plasma Reduces Harmful Bacteria on Raw Chicken in Drexel Study | Now | Drexel University Applying Star Trek medical techniques to produce safer foods. Very nice.

    UT biosolar breakthrough promises cheap, easy green electricity An interesting, different, approach to solar energy. Using photosynthetic elements on zinc nanotubes to directly create electricity. Not efficient yet, but interesting.

    Potatoes lower blood pressure in people with obesity and hypertension without increasing weight Potatoes might be good for you. Purple ones anyway.

    First plants caused ice ages Plants are evil, they caused a global extermination event. When plants adapted to land, they created a huge increase in biomass, sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and freezing the planet.

    Warning of unrest, new study shows millions risk losing lands in Africa Politicians are selling land to corporations, ignoring the people who live there and have lived there for centuries in Africa.

    Wireless power could revolutionize highway transportation, Stanford researchers say Tesla's Ghost!!!! Scientists are working on using wireless transmission of power to constantly recharge electric cars as they move. - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Castaway Lizards Offer New Look at Evolutionary Processes - US National Science Foundation (NSF) Biologists release lizards on islands and create new varieties. Should each new variety be considered a sacred endangered species?

    NYU Courant researchers weigh methods to more accurately measure genome sequencing Genetic mapping not really reliable enough to be useful for many medical purposes yet. Techniques still need work.

    New procedure repairs severed nerves in minutes, restoring limb use in days or weeks We did it!!! But we ain't agonna tells you how. A new procedure for repairing nerve damage based on studies of invertebrates, successful on rats, but no information on what was actually done.

    Nano-oils keep their cool The right nanoparticles can cool your oil. Nanostuff is going to change our world.

    Graphene electronics moves into a third dimension Who knows, the key to using graphene for supercomputers may have been discovered.
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    Another week, more Science Attacking the problem of recycling waste with German thoroughness.

    Champagne gases different out of a flute versus coupe The shape of a champagne glass will effect the formation of gas from bubbles, thus changing the flavor. French science marching forward.

    Rice University | News & Media Brilliant work on extending our ability to create mutations to order.

    Baby knows best! Study shows baby-led weaning promotes healthy food preferences - The University of Nottingham Pureed baby foods encourage bad eating habits and make fat children.

    Deadly bird parasite evolves at exceptionally fast rate For some reason this entire series of events scares me.

    High school students test best with 7 hours' rest Sleep requirements for teenagers revisited.
    •The optimal for 10-year-olds is 9 – 9.5 hours
    •The optimal for 12-year-olds is 8 – 8.5 hours
    •The optimal for 16-year-olds is 7 hours

    UMass Amherst Office of News & Information : News Releases : Anyone Can Learn to Be More Inventive, Says UMass Amherst Psychology Researcher Who Studies Problem Solving I think this software will be very important in various versions in the future.

    "Flipped classroom" teaching model gains an online community This is really smart.

    Drug quickly reverses Alzheimer's symptoms in mice Nice work towards a treatment for Alzheimer's.

    '+windowtitle+' Numerate people, people who understand basic numbers, make better decisions.
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    Another Week, more Science

    Reducing salt in crisps without affecting the taste - The University of Nottingham Making potatoe chips taste salty with less salt.

    Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth A fascinating new tool to measure ages past.

    New autism research reveals brain differences at 6 months in infants who develop autism Physical signs of autism at six months of age, in the development of the brain.

    Military service changes personality, makes vets less agreeable | Newsroom | Washington University in St. Louis The military changes people a little bit. I just wonder of the results of studies in Germany transfer accurately to other countries. - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Puzzle Play Improves Math Skills - US National Science Foundation (NSF) Playing with puzzles at an early age can help kids learn math later on.

    Harvard's Wyss Institute develops DNA nanorobot to trigger targeted therapeutic responses This is an important development in medicine in general and the war on cancer in particular. Very well done. Promising work on battery technology.

    Successful human tests for first wirelessly controlled drug-delivery chip Get a few months worth of shots in a simple procedure and forget about it. Nice development in medicine.

    QUT - News I am struck by the fact that this could be an important backup for GPS for troops in the field.

    College students, fish show surprising similarities in numerical approximation College students estimate numerical differences as accurately as guppies.

    ‘Invisibility’ cloak could protect buildings from earthquakes (The University of Manchester) Creating an invisibility cloak to protect buildings from earthquakes. Ah, invisibility, how wondrous a thing you may some day be.

    Computer programs that think like humans Computer scores higher on math IQ tests because it imitates human thinking. IMO this raises questions. Obviously, such IQ tests could not measure Alien IQs accurately, so are they really measuring intelligence at all?

    Countdown to the introduction of a norovirus vaccine A possible vaccine against common food poisoning.

    University of Minnesota researchers discover that cell phone hackers can track your physical location without your knowledge : UMNews : University of Minnesota It is easy for hackers to hack your cell phone to know where you are or if you are at home or not.
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    Arrogathor New Member Lack of oxygen causes bugs in stored grain to die of thirst. Very interesting. Nice to know. Superbugs from space generate electricity. Actually the bacteria are from the stratosphere, next to space. Interesting. You can't count without words for numbers. Words are necessary for thought. The better the definitions of the words, the more accurate the possible thoughts. Light emitting nano-crystal diodes. First I knew they had nano-crystal LEDs. Nice. If you know what is being talked about you can trust your feelings. GPS jamming a major tool for future criminal activities and problem for public safety. Ahhhhh! Sigh. Nice work in 'meta-tronics' those nano-optical things being applied. Very nice science taking a new look at drops of liquid. Ada Poon discovers how to power robots through your bloodstream. Previous scientists assumed things about human tissue which were false, and thus could not do it. Ms. Poon did not make the ass-u-me mistake, and discovered how to do it. Nice work. Important work in treating wounds.
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    Arrogathor New Member Is it parasitism or symbiosm? The parasite keeps the spider from maturing into an adult, so that it lives years longer than it would naturally. On the other hand, it eventually devours the host from the inside? The victim lives years longer than it would without the parasite.​ Robot fish leads other fish. Interesting tack for technology.​ Earthworms are an invasive species, destroying the natural leaf litter of our national forest floors. This will change the nature of plants growing in the forests, and animals living there. ​ Pollutants produce epigenetic changes that last up to three generations, possibly longer.​ Greater efficiency in harvesting piezoelectric energy.​ Expanding bandwidth by twisting the broadcast. Nice development.​ Epigenetic factors play important role in domestic variations in chickens.​ New drugs are not always better than old drugs.​ Rich people lie, cheat, and steal more than poor and middle-class people. They are also meaner and more inconsiderate. Probably a side-effect of the greed-is-good 80s decade.​ Possibly the real solution to getting good teachers for our children.​
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    Another week, more science. Attempting to bring science and policy-making closer together. Oddly, I have reservations about this. I can remember when eugenics and race science were supported by the 'consensus of scientific authorities'. The war on drugs was, and is, based on bad science. Climate change is not yet clearly understood science. Science has been used as an excuse for bad policy since a few decades after science was invented. A consensus of current scientific opinion is not a guarantee of valid basis for decisions. Majority scientific opinion is fueled by grant money so it tends to say what the politicians who give grants want to hear. Once a 'scientifically based' policy is implemented and becomes popular superstition, i.e. outlawing marijuana, it is very difficult to change. About 15% of the human genome is closer to the gorilla than the chimpanzee, and about 15% of the chimpanzee genome is closer to the gorilla than to the human. Interesting. Graffiti from ancient Jerusalem decoded and published. This series of books will probably be an essential resource for scholars for centuries. Seismographs record pressure wave before tornadoes strike. Interesting new discovery. It shows how scientists looking for one thing frequently discover something else. Painting roofs white works. Really neat method of preprinting a pattern on a polymer so it will fold the way designers want it to. I can think of a lot of uses. Origami helps create cheap medical tests. Amazing how one skill set can complement another. Honey Bees have distinct personalities, some are risk takers. Change your personality and you will feel better about your life. New form of aspirin can help treat cancer. The old form does to, but not as well. Using single atoms of rare metals as catalysts to cut costs. Amazing stuff. Amazing work on controlling fleets of robots underwater. Another magical algorithm. This one in studying and describing biological networks. Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' our 'Greatest Public Intellecutal'. You know Colbert is having a fit. Using LSD to treat alcoholism. A flashback to the '60s, but probably not a bad idea.
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    Arrogathor New Member Biochar was used in South America by ancient civilizations to improve the soil. This is a study on how to make the best biochar. Biochar promises to be very useful in the future for kitchen gardens, square foot gardening, potagerie, etc. as a soil additive. Pigs less sensitive to high sulfur in food than cattle. Interesting. People born without a sense of smell experience higher social insecurity and increased risk for depression. Not surprising, smell/taste is wired directly into the primitive brain. Climate has been changing in India for the last 10,000 years becoming drier and more arid. Global warming may have stabilized the monsoon cycle helping India a bit. Another human cousin from the fossil record. Embryonic stem cells undergo a cancer-like shift in metabolism prior to beginning the major growth of the new individual. Is cancer this kind of shift triggered by accident, improperly? Breast implants which fight breast cancer. Who says men playing with boobs is always bad, lol. I suspect this is a very important advance in preventing diabetes. Write your Congressman, or email him at least to support this petition to support scientific research. Bankruptcy increases with tax returns, because you have to have money to file for bankruptcy. Some history here. Legalizing bankruptcy is one of the marks of a sophisticated civilization. Primitive early civilizaitons have no bankruptcy laws, and sell bankrupt citizens into slavery to satisfy their creditors. During economic downturns this results in social anarchy, revolution, and the rise of socialist democratic dictatorships, as the bankrupt citizens, together with friends and relatives, become numerous enough to overthrow the state. See the 'Age of Tyrants' in Greece. So societies evolve bankruptcy laws to prevent revolution and the overthrow of the state. Bankruptcy 'reform' represents the perennial rebirth of stupidity fueled by passion, in this case greed, among humans. They are hypocritical as they are enforced on the poor, reducing them to various forms of indentured servitude, while the wealthy are exempt, as being 'too rich to fail'. This kind of stupidity, when it endures, always destroys republics, causes the rise of socialist dictators, and the reducion of the wealthy to subservience to the dictator. So, through bankruptcy 'reform' as in many other ways, the wealthy in the world today are doing everything they can to destroy the Republic and bring about a dictatorship as rapidly as possible. They are just too ignorant and stupid to realize it. Music helps students learn fractions. Historically, music and math go together, in the Middle Ages they were taught together as part of the 'science' curriculum. Every week some new strange thing from the quest for invisibility.
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    Arrogathor New Member Crabs and shrimp band together to save their coral homes from attacking starfish. It would make a great comic book. Nice development in materials science which could help refineries use less energy in refining petroleum into different products. "Relying on data from the 1974-2010 waves of the nationally representative General Social Survey, the study found that people who self-identified as conservatives began the period with the highest trust in science, relative to self-identified moderates and liberals, and ended the period with the lowest. The study also found that the declining trust in science among conservatives was not attributable to changes among less educated conservatives, but rather to rising distrust among better educated conservatives. "It is a significant finding and the opposite of what many might expect," Gauchat said." My opinion. The problem is that I know 'scientists' are lying to me and twisting their data to get the results which support their agenda. To a large degree in this period science stopped being science and became a sort of secular theology where you argued from the conclusion you wanted to how you interpret the facts to support that conclusion. The sad fact is that when you lie about other elements of science to advance a political agenda, it makes it easier for crazy people to make a case that evolution is just another lie as well. The damage that PC science has done to the reputation of science over the last few decades is horrible. "In the past decade the number of retraction notices for scientific journals has increased more than 10-fold while the number of journals articles published has only increased by 44%. While retractions still represent a very small percentage of the total, the increase is still disturbing because it undermines society's confidence in scientific results and on public policy decisions that are based on those results, says Casadevall." See, corruption has grown in the Scientific community, and if you have a brain, you know they are sometimes lying to you. Not surprising that intelligent conservatives picked up on it faster than Liberals. Eating donuts causes depression. Worth mentioning because O'Reilly recently cited studies showing that marijuana was lnked to depression. Possibly donuts, soda, MacDonalds, and all other fast foods should be treated like level 1 narcotics? J/K. More likely if marijuana is about as harmful as donuts and soda pop it should not be illegal at all. This is the kind of mess that 'the good guys' create when they try to force their moral standards on other people 'for their own good'. If God exists, God gave man free will, who are you guys to claim you are wiser than God and try to take that gift away? A pill which makes your body burn energy much more rapidly with less physical activity. It effects the circadian rhythms. I find this frightening and promising. Bi-lingual brains stronger, more resilient, resist dementia better. A new image of how the brain is wired. Promising. Using electricity to suck CO2 out of the air and create alcohols for fuel. A year or so back a similar article on making methane directly with electricity and bacteria. Alcohols being liquid are more concentrated and compatible with our fuel infrastructure. Interesting work. Promising development in space propulsion. Very important development in understanding heredity. A really practical development in robotics.
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    Arrogathor New Member Cyanide free sorghum. During drought sorghum produces cyanide making it unsafe. A new variety of sorghum which is drought resistant without producing cyanide. Nice work. A study on how to use existing laws to make doing things healthier mandatory on anyone trying to do anything. I like the idea of healthier, but fear that in practice it would just act as a barrier to anyone doing anything, unless they were powerful enough to bend the legal system to their will and ignore the requirements that way. Evidence that humans or their ancestors were using fire 1 million years ago. "Most scientists now believe, Shakun said, that the first domino wasn't an increase in greenhouse gases, but a gradual change in Earth's orbit. That orbital change resulted in more sunlight hitting the northern hemisphere. As the ice sheets over North America and Europe melted, millions of gallons of fresh water flooded into the North Atlantic and disruped the cyclical flow of ocean currents." Then CO2 increased and amplified the effect. It's complicated. "To build the new model, DeConto's team used a new, high-precision geologic record from rocks in central Italy to show that the PETM and other hyperthermals occurred during periods when Earth's orbit around the sun was both highly eccentric (non-circular) and oblique (tilted). Orbit affects the amount, location and seasonality of solar radiation received on Earth, which in turn affects the seasons, particularly in polar latitudes, where permafrost and stored carbon can accumulate." 50 Million years earlier, orbital changes melted permafrost, releasing CO2, fueling global warming. It's complicated. Serious work towards detecting breast cancer with a blood test instead of mammograms and other cumbersome and sometimes errorprone methods. Learning how to grow lung and thyroid tissue through embryonic stem cell research. Accidental discovery of a new way of predicting copper deposits. Scientists frequently find unexpected things when looking at other things. Promising a strange set of materials for the future. "Our analysis however, provides further evidence to support the growing body of research that suggests that the 'barriers' preventing educational participation are 'dispositional' and attitudinal rather than only practical, logistical or financial.
    "Learning in later life appears to be primarily linked to positive attitudes to education that are usually formed during compulsory schooling. This means that young people who experienced early educational failure or felt alienated by the school system are very unlikely to participate in education as adults regardless of the opportunities available or potential benefits." Opinion. Everything you need to educate yourself like Lincoln, or any other self-taught man from the past is available free on the web. Yet, people want money for education. Educators want only formal education to be recognized so they can get paid. Lincoln would find it hard to get a job today. Businesses want their share in money for selling materials for education. No one wants an inexpensive education. People don't want an education, they want a handout, and a better job. If they wanted an education, it is now effectively free to anyone with internet access. We need a way of testing knowledge and assigning equivalency degrees for ambitious self-taught people, to reward people willing to do it themselves. To a large degree keystone species are from the same taxonomic groups around the world. This says something important, not entirely clear on what, but I can feel it is important. Homophobic people have repressed same-sex attraction. Hmm, I suppose that this means that feminists are all repressed masochists. Just to be completely politically incorrect, women cannot reverse the biological clock, even with modern science. Progress in mass-producing stem cells. Progress in artificial intelligence, only question; can it be fooled by a stage magician? More science saying to treat food like drugs and regulate it like marijuana and alcohol. Instead lets just educate people, and get rid of the war on drugs.
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    ""Homophobic people have repressed same-sex attraction. Hmm, I suppose that this means that feminists are all repressed masochists.""

    I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body if that helps anyones research.
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    Arrogathor New Member Scientists count penguins from space. Just the title deserves note, it is just kewl that this happened. A major advance towards new methods of nematode control. Fungus Amungus. Fungal diseases are rising and threatening everything that grows, hops, or flys. Making white or tan roofs and roads could compensate for every car burning fossil fuels for fifty years. Pretty impressive. Why the Aliens want OUR GOLD!!!! Actually a nice means of using copper with a little gold to convert carbon dioxide into methane or methanol, fuel. Are Orangutans smarter than people and chimpanzees? Instead of just imitating an action, they observed the action and then invented their own version of it. You have to hate yourself to hate others, more or less. Wal-Mart and other Big Box Stores do not cause racism, it just destroys social bonds, severs connections between small local groups, allowing racism to fester and grow in socially isolated groups. Sadly, I believe this study is correct. The Internet probably has a similar effect in many ways. Athletic frogs have faster changing genomes. The scientist suggests this is caused by more mutations due to physical activity. I would suspect it is because athletic frogs come from more variable environments requiring more rapid adaptation, while sluggish frogs come from more stable ecological niches requiring less adaptation. Worry may have evolved along with IQ. Hmmm, the study is indeterminate, Odin, however, used to envy Thor, saying that too much thought produced unhappiness. Promising work on ramping up the immune system. Using stem cells to mass produce T cells to fight HIV. Amazing stuff. Robotic Cats, actually a disease effecting cats probably from eating small animals in Scotland. Slow onset, slow progression. I really hope it cannot be passed to humans.
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