scientific discoveries found when high

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by alexgoalex, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. alexgoalex

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    wow i'm really fucked up right now, but anywho,

    last night, while in my cartoon-life state of mind, i came upon the discovery that:

    a heavy burp is a barf.

    yes. i also solved the mystery of the matching marijuana dealer bag of mystery pot. that shit wasn't even in a bag :umm:

    then, we went in the house, and it was crazy. my companion left me in the house all alone because he forgot the mucnhies and i had to go get them. so i got down the stairs, and uh, the dog almost saw me, and it hates me, so i had to hide in a corner for it not to see me - little did i know that my friends brother was standing right there playing Guiratr Hero. so he was like,

    "what the fuck are you doing?"
    so i told him i was hiding from the monster.

    holy shit that probably didn't make much sense?
  2. TMG

    TMG Subscriber

    "Wow you must be really stoned because that made no sense lol"

    There, is that the response you were looking for? :rolleyes: ;)
  3. timiscute

    timiscute Funky Monk

    i understood the post except for that part...i have no idea what this means

  4. alexgoalex

    alexgoalex New Member

    alright, so;

    Joy came home from work while me and joy's brother, Adam, were high. Joy sometimes sells to his friends, and Adam had gone and gotten a dime bag earlier that day from Susya. So when Joy came home and found out that Adam had gotten a dime bag, he said, "that was probably my weed to begin with". i solved the mystery, because the ziplock that the dime was in earlier that day was in my pocket. so, if the ziplock bag was the same one as the weed that Joy had sold, then it would be the same weed.

    did that make sense? cause i tried kind of hard.

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