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    Ive heard about people making pipes out of seashell. Can someone tell me more about this? Right now im using my same kazoo pipe with the foil bowl but I got a seashell today and Im working on putting holes in it so it can be my new bowl. Its not gonna be airtight at all :[. Anyway please answer my top question.
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    First of all, the main way to make a hole in a twirling seashell is to grind down the shell at the bottom with a file, another way, if it is not one of those cone shells, is to find one that alredy has a hole in the right place, which is my favorite way. To connect the pipe with the shell (use the shell as a bowl, unless you find a really big shell or want your face burnt.) you must establish wather it would be easier to put the back of the shell into the pipe (for thicker pipes) or to put the pipe into the shell (for thinner ones, and mostly for non-cone shells.). After you chosen which one you want, find a really strong glue, that will not melt and that is non-toxic. Superglue will work since it is actually designed to be put onto human flesh. (Gross but true.) Then glue them together without glueing the hole closed, but making it airtigt around it. If done correctly, a beutifull masterpeace can be created:


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