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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by IceCold, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. IceCold

    IceCold New Member

    whenever I attempt to make a homade bong it always ends up having some drag. I try to seal specil areas (ex: downstem) as much as I can using hot glue, but how ever hard I try, or how many layers of hot glue I use, air just keeps slipping through. Can anyone offer some advice ohow to deal with this?
    In addition I was wondering if anyone had found a good way/technique to make your homade bong clear better? Mine always seems to clear rea ly slowley and I dont want to add a carb.
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  2. anonymoosey

    anonymoosey New Member

    Im not sure, but I feel like candle wax would seal her up pretty good. just melt some off a candle and pour it around your stem and smear it around. it shouldn't be too hot to touch, and if it is, im sure you have experienced more painful sensations. im not sure what to say about clearing it out faster, I feel like adding a carb is your best option, but if you dont want to, then i guess you could expand the hole that your stem is in..? sorry i cant be more helpful.



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  3. HeavyMetal84

    HeavyMetal84 New Member

    Find yourself a socket that is slightly smaller than the stem you're putting in. Heat the socket up over a stove fire and burn the hole into the bong. Let the plastic cool then force the stem in. The plastic should slightly expand but shouldn't crack because burning the hole makes the plastic around it really strong. The hole will be a perfect circle so you won't need to worry about trying to mess around with it to make it round and smooth. I've made dozens of bongs and they're always 100% air tight when using this method.
  4. TheDailyTorch

    TheDailyTorch New Member

    The above method works well but if you manage to mess it up, place a couple strips of electrical tape over the hole and another piece of duct tape over that. Make a small hole and twist the downstem into place stretching the tape so it forms a tight seal.

    Candle wax also seems like a good sealant but is it safe?
  5. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Bubble gum works if your in a pinch..
  6. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    i use super glue or epoxy as a sealant, tape is hard to use. the ideal socket size is 3/16 imho. if you need it to clear faster, then make the hole in the bowl and stem bigger. i hate plastic, i make by bongs out of glass and metal. plastic is cheap looking, and i only use that in desperation situations.

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