Second hand smoke and hair tests!!!

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by hate tests, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. hate tests

    hate tests New Member

    I have a drug test coming up in the next two weeks. I am not sure what type it is but I am preparing for the worst (hair test). I have a couple of questions.

    1. Can second hand smoke cause a hair test to come up positive?

    2. Anybody have any experience with a company called Verifications Inc. That is the place that the company I am applying for uses. What type of tests do they use?

    Thanks for any input. By the way I havent smoked for a little over a year so my only concern is sekond hand smoke.
  2. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    How much exposure to second hand smoke do you have?
  3. hate tests

    hate tests New Member

    not a whole lot of exposure. I might be in the same room as someone who is smoking once a week. A lot of my friends get high and my roomate used to do it too. Kinda hard not to be exposed to it. Its not like im sitting in the car when they hotbox every night.
  4. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    It is iffy, could go both wats, but I would bet that you will pass. I would also suggest you go and get a home test kit and take that for sanity's sake.
  5. hate tests

    hate tests New Member

    Have you ever known anyone to fail a test based solely on being exposed to second hand smoke? I have been doing some additional reading and I came across I site that said that labs will clean the hair first to get rid of all external contamination. Also, they dont directly test for THC, they test for the THC metabolite. Do you think that washing hair with regular shampoo will take away all the external contamintaion or do you think that it leaches into the hair? thanks
  6. hate tests

    hate tests New Member

    Took PHSYCO-medics test today.

    hair was 1 3/4 inches long max. Dark colored mediumly coarse hair. I am 6'2" and 170 pounds, decent metabolism. I last smoked pot about 400 days ago but I am around people who smoke occasionally. I used nexxus aloe rid shampoo about 7 times prior to test and did Maccujo method twice just to be sure.

    Do you think my chances of passing are good? Basically I just need some reasurrance. Is it true that second hand smoke doesnt contain THC, or at least has less in it?

  7. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    The problem wouldn't be that is leaches into the hair from the air around you. The problem would be that you inhale some of the smoke second-hand, so you have some THC in your body.

    I've never heard of anyone failing a drug test from second hand marijuana smoke. Chances are if you don't feel high, you don't have enough to fail the test. Even people who are clean, then get high a few days before a drug test can pass.
  8. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    According to this site...

    A person's drug usage history can be obtained from the hair of any individual. Drug use can be detected from months, even years past, depending on the length of the sample.

    Standard tests currently provide a 90 day history of drug use.

    So 3 months clean for a standard hair test should be fine..

    As for the 2nd hand.. I don't think there would be enough THC in your body to be detected.
  9. lilgurl198025

    lilgurl198025 New Member

    Second-hand smoke will not show up. I lived with my boyfriend and his friend and sat in the same room as them every night when they smoked (I only participated once or twice in three months) -- I passed the hair test -- Psychemedics.

    Good luck
  10. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    Herre is a link to several test done on passive smoke. While the test results levels are from urine test, I feel this is now also relivant to hair testing due to the fact that some hair test labs now offer a 1ng/mL of hair cutoff level test. Thats a 'zero tolerance' and IMHO, one could fail a 1ng/ml hair test from exposier to second hand smoke. Here is tthat link.
  11. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Thanks for the link!!!!

    So apparently it depends mainly on the cutoff level of your test. If the cutoff is greater than 30 ng/mL or so, you'll be fine. If it's below that, there is a chance you could fail -- and the lower the cutoff level, the greater your chances of failing!!!!
  12. hate tests

    hate tests New Member

    Well I guess I passed my test since it has been over 2 weeks and the employer hasnt said I have failed. Im pretty sure I would have passed anyway but i did aloe rid and macujo anyway just in case.

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