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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ADR531, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. ADR531

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    i'm going through some hard times in my life, and just broke up with a girlfriend. anyway, i can't stop thinking about her and other problems in my life. if ur depressed and smoke, will it make u worse in the long run? i smoked some good nugs last night and instead of falling asleep i was up all night thinking and thinking and thinking. it's weird though bc i always get tired when i smoke, not this time. so do u guys use weed when life is down to try and solve problems? thanks.:wave:
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  3. schwadood

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    I have found that weed can both be a help and hinderance. Don't let it become a crutch. Remember that this is something you have to work out. Weed might be able to help but it can't do it for you. I know some people that can't smoke when they're down because they start thinking too much about their problems. I say procede but keep these things in mind.
  4. LordIcer

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    If you're feeling down and you will amplify your feelings. Smoking to avoid depression probably isn't the path you want to take because you're amplifying all these negative and troubled feelings in your head. I have heard of incidents where clinically depressed people I know have attempted to injure themselves and those around them with a knife while high...although it may have been more of a cry for help from a very frightened individual.
  5. FootlongFatty

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    ADR, they both got it, it's gonna amplify your depressed feelings, but it also may help you sort things out by giving you different perspectives on the situation. don't rely on marijuana to solve things, instead, you solve things with the help of marijuana.

    Sometimes i've noticed that my general mood can switch around while i'm high . For example, im feeling down, i smoke some weed, it only amplifies my downness, but if i keep thinkin positive, by the end of the high, i'm in the best mood possible, and i know what to do.

    Good luck.:wave:
  6. Super Woman

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    I don't like smoking when I'm depressed becuase it always makes me feel worse. I mean I'll start thinking about suicide, not concidering it, but just thinking about it. Like I'll think about what it would be like for my mom if I did, and I'll walk into my room pertending to be my mom. Wierd sh*t. That happend last weekend. But I talked with my friend and she made me feel better and I really enjoyed the high. I just wouldn't do it again.
  7. AndieBear

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    I suffer from depression, and prefer MJ to any perscription. (I've tried several!) I usually smoke it at night and use it as a reward for reaching a goal of mine. Like if I can just make it through the day, I'll be able to relax later. It usually helps me find the energy to get out of bed and try to have fun. My Dr.'s know that I use it, and other than trying new medications, it really isn't an issue. I'll have to agree that it depends on your mind frame when you smoke as to if it will help or not.

    Having a goal in mind like, after this bowl I'm going to finish something I've been meaning to do, usually helps. I don't expect it to solve my problems, (that's why I'm seeing 2 Dr.'s) but it helps to stop my negative thinking. It also helps me eat. When I'm real depressed, I'll go a few days without eating, unless I have bud!!

    Maybe "having" depression is different from "being" depressed. Ya know. It's something I live with 24/7 and have since I was 11. All I can say is, if you try it a few times and it doesn't work the way you'd like, don't do it. That's the only way I can tell if a 'scrip is working. With everything you put in your body, you have to weigh out the pros and cons.
  8. Asher420

    Asher420 Guest

    I agree with AndieBear...Depression for me is herieditary,its a chemical imbalance.My mother has it,my grandmother has it,it just gets worse each generation... Ive had my cat scanned,ive had the thing where they read your brain waves *EKG or somethin?* all kinds of **** and Ive been prescribed everything from Paxil to Lithium to Welbutrin to Celexa...Its 24/7 an dont go away,but when a friend gets depressed,i kinda chuckle while feeling bad for em cuz i go threw it daily...I cant go an hour without 1 depressing thought,but being stoned takes the thoughts down to a bare minimum,and I enjoy that..I suffer from many "mental" diseases..Extreme anxiety/stress/paranoia....Bad depression,they have a new term called "unipolar",ive recently been diagnosed as that.Its like bipolar,where your ups are real good and your downs are real bad,only unipolar doesnt have the ups,only downs....MJ definatly helps me calm down as I have blind rage/extremely violent temper,im angred easily but the MJ dont help with blind rage,nothing does that ive found yet...In the last week ive had 4 "episodes",all in which i hurt myself to keep from hurting the people near me,usualy my mom and girlfriend.I wont get violent with them,so i do it to myself to get it out cuz i cant calm myself down enough to write *i write and rap,it gets most **** out* or smoke or anything....Last week i bruised my spine,split my forhead open and gave myself a concusion,and thing is im in like a black hole watching it happen when it comes...
  9. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    I can relate

    I'm generaly not a violent person, but lately I've been very angry. It's like PMS but I've been this way since the beginning of the month, so it's not that. I hate being angry all the time, I take it out on everybody near me. The other day, I blew up at my dad and some real harsh things were said. Now, I'm just straight up depressed. I still think the effexor I was taking really f*cked me up. I twitch now when I'm REAL upset and I can feel these vibes radiating from my spine. Like chills or something. I hate it. I've been very tempted to hurt someone or myself, but I fear going to the hospital too much to let it happen. All I can do is warn people when I feel that way, but I still haven't found a release for it. That's probably why it's lingered for 17 days.

    Another thing adding to it is that I've been under a lot of stress lately with my business and my kids and husbands are sick with the flu. My son was in the hospital earlier for dehydration. I've asked my parents to help out with the kids, I don't want to take things out on them, and all they say is; "You've got to take some Xanex!! It must be hard going threw pot withdrawls, to be THAT angry! I think you need some help for your addiction." I have been sober for 3 months. It is not withdrawls. UGH!

    Last night I decided to take matters into my own hands and ignore my parents. I'm going to find a babysitter, and work with my counselor to find ways to get rid of this built up anger.

    I wish you the best Lil Dead. Hang in there!!
  10. Asher420

    Asher420 Guest

    thank you :)

    I agree,its definatly not pot withdrawls...The only people addicted to pot are people with addictive personalities,and thing is...They not addicted to the pot,they addicted to the habbit of smoking it (I am too!But its not a problem,rather a solution for me...but the herb is different for everyone,thas why not everyone should smoke,especilly kids who wanna fit in or be cool or trendy or whatever,I hate that...) The herb itself is not addicting,but the habbit of toking is...So is watching tv,I dont see parents complaining about that,tv takes more brain cells than pot I garuntee that lol....A simulair case is this:

    Pot itself is not .1% dangerous
    When pot is smoked,it becomes dangerous...because of the SMOKE....

    Why DARE defendin idiots who never even look into what they ***** about claim marijuana is dangerous is hypocritical,cuz in rehabs they ENCOURAGE you to smoke cigarettes...Now you tell me which is more dangerous,a bong hit or a cancer stick? (back to the topic)

    This week has been hell for me...Me,my girlfriend,my homeboy,and my bestfriend who is 7 months pregnant with my godson were in a car accident...We got side swiped by a taxi cab,freakin moron...The case looks great for us,the police report says it was completly his fault but they still cited my girlfriend,$80 that we cant afford,we have no car now...His insurance is dickin around an we dont even have a rental car yet,this accident happened Tuesday,its now Saturday...My girl needs a car to get to work,and its STATE LAW that when in an accident an police reports prove its not your fault they insurance have no choice but to pay it....An they aint lettin her so were suing the idiot an his insurance now an we allready have a lawyer...Its madd hassle....MADD stress...I literally have nots in my skull from punching myself...An my best friend,shes having premature complications,chances are she wont make it to 8 months,but the babies very healthy and strong and the doctor said itd easily live if she gave birth today,which is good...An shell probably end up getting more settle ment money then all 3 of us an the car put together,lol....Then my grandma is extremly sick right now,shes on oxygyn tanks an they said theres too much water retained near her heart...Ima go see her as soon as my mom gets home to take me,that one hurts the most....An then I have no job and we broke an probably wont be living here in 3 months....Way too much stress...I an say the herb is helping but its barley making a dent....I wont pop pills or anything sinthetic tho an that is to everyone else a problem...
  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Hey folks...

    Just jumping in here...

    Wanted to see how things were going .... It's been a difficult end of the month for everyone...Kind of makes you glad February has only 28 days :rolleyes:

    You both hit on one of those grey Pot Addicitve...

    No and Yes... is not addicitive in the way of narcotics that require continual dosage or the body will break down, require additional amounts to reach the same level or cause serious bodily and serious psychological effects if the withdrawn suddenly.

    It is "addicitive" in the same way that any medication used for the treatment of an illness on a daily basis will leave a gap in the treatment plan of the individual if that treatment is removed ~ to the detriment to the quality of life of that individual. By that definition, anti-inflamatory drugs like Motrin are addictive to an arthritic and anti-siezure medications to an epileptic or bi-polar.

    ~ special double chocolate brownies for you both (chocolate does lift the spirits you know ;)

  12. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    Ah, Thanks Mama Buds!

    The entire issue of pot addiction is a real touchy subject in my family. I decided to go with my own thoughts and feelings since I think I know my body best. I just get frustrated since my parents don't let me accept responsibility for my own actions. Like, if I make a lot of sales, or the house extra clean, my parents will say "Wow, your anti-depressant is really working, huh?" If I sleep in, or miss some plans we've made, it's always, "Your smoking too much mj. I wish you'd stop that and get some real medication." I can't win, or lose depending how you look at it.

    My fight with my dad was about me wanting my parents to appreciate me for who I am, not the substances I put in my body. They just don't get it. After 3 days of no talking though, my dad appologized and reminded me he'll always love me no matter what! :) Things are better, as long as we don't bring up the issue of medical mj or addiction or my depression for that matter. It's all good though, I'm here to take care of myself and my family. It's time for me to stop pleasing everyone but me.

    Thanks for the brownie!
  13. Asher420

    Asher420 Guest

    thanks for the info guys... *eats chocolate brownie* Brownies are great,especilly with lil green herbs in it :D
  14. i want a brownie too!

    i think i have founda new home in this thread. i totally know what you guys mean. fortunately i have not been diagnosed with any severe depression or otherwise mental/emotialnal ailment. but i do suffer from generalized anxiety and mild panic attacks. for a long tme i was smoking bud to self-midicate and it worked for a few months. but it got to the point that i had to be smoked out 24/7 in order to function and i realized that just was not the way to go. i sought out help and now im taking prozac. it seems to calm me down enough to function and deal with daily life. now i dont have the need to smoke all the time like before but i still do, i try to take a daily vacation from reality but if i dont i can still function.
  15. AndieBear

    AndieBear Seasoned Activist

    Thanks for sharing!

    It's good you were able to find a medication that works for you. I took prozac for about 3 years and it worked really well, and there wasn't any interactions with THC.

    I mostly wanted to say, "Welcome to Cheaptalk!" we are glad to have you here.


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