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Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by 34tuforlunch, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. 34tuforlunch

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    Ok so I have some questions about sending weed in the mail. In Ontario if I send weed in the mail is their much of a chance that it will be found? If its less than 2 ounces will their be an investigation or will it just be taken? If I get my med card which I am in the process of getting is their some type of stamp or something I could put on the box to show that I am not breaking any laws by sending the weed and its all good.
  2. BubbaJ216

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    If you are looking to ship any Marijuana threw mail, Without wanting your products sniffed out by any dogs.
    Then you are going to want to visit these bags get the job DONE. I have just started using them myself & i would not settle for anything less now after seeing how great these bags work. If used properly no dog will be able to smell whats inside. Trust me I just got a nice QP of Flame in the mail. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.
  3. 420Buds

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    Probably not a great Idea to send cannabis through the mail. You can fly out of Oakland with 1/2 pound in your carry on as long as you have a dr recommendation for cannabis.:mj2:

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