Sending weed through the mail..

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by piffsmoke, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. piffsmoke

    piffsmoke New Member

    Ok so my boy lives in utah and i live in va. He sent an ounce to a friend whos in SC and it worked. So I had him send me a half oz of some purple and a bowl plus a grinder. He vacume sealed it and put it inside a stuffed animal. I got the box back with the stuffed animal inside but there was just the cotton inside the stuffed animal and no weed or bowl or anything. Now its obvious it was taken out but im trying to figure out why?? Was it xrayed and the bowl was found? Why would it work the first time when he sent it to the other friend? Anyone got any ideas?
  2. hhm13

    hhm13 New Member

    How did he send it? Fed ex, ups or usps?
  3. KingKongBluntz

    KingKongBluntz New Member

    Yall have to be the damn dumbest people ive seen to send Herb through the mail. A grinder and bowl are a felony where I live so how the hell isnt your friend in jail?

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