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    Hey guys,​

    So my pot expenses are spiraling out of control lol, so ive decided to set up a grow in my 10x12' spare room. Anyway prepare to be spammed with noob questions on growing and construction. I've searched afew forums already but if anyone's got any good links that could help me it would be much appreciated. I'm also gona post my progress here as I go.​

    I'm getting White Rhino and Sugar Haze seeds, and I also want to make afew dozen seeds for each so I don't have to re-order seeds after i stop growing.​

    I want to grow the highest thc shit i've ever smoked, and also i'm getting a sativa and indica because i like the different high's depending on what kinda mood im in.​

    So far I've read most of "Marijuana Horticulture The IndoorOutdoor Medical Growers Bible", watched "Mr Green I Grow Chronic" (which made me lol) and "Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow".​

    I want to grow using led lights, I can't find any good noob guides for led lights but from what I've read they use way less power and I don't want a suspiciously high power bill. My budget for my initial set up can only stretch several hundred dollars, I'm not sure how much they cost.​

    I want to grow as many plants as I can in the room, mabye like 10-20. I'm wondering how many lights that kinda setup would need. I'm renting my place so I want to avoid drilling hooks into the ceiling if I can't hide the mark it leaves behind when I take it out. It's just a typical flat, white ceiling. Is there any way I can simply stick lights to the ceiling? I am considering building an entire room inside the room like in Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow just so I don't have to damage the ceiling to hang lights, but this seems like a waste of time/money.​

    As for the medium, I am a noob and mabye i should just stick to soil for now. But I don't understand does hydro actually make the buds have higher thc content or just grow the plants afew weeks faster? I want the cheapest and simplest possible setup for this basically and I would like to crop out asap so I guess I would prefer hydro, even though it sounds more difficult. I have plenty of time to invest, but not much money, can only spend afew hundred dollars atm. Anyone got any links for simple hydro setups?​

    The room itself, walls are almost white so I'm probably not going to bother covering them, except maybe I should shield the exterior wall with something, right? I also need to cover the carpet with something.​

    The smell situation kinda worries me. The room is on top of a shop, and i doubt the smell could travel down, but there are two grates though at the top on each side of the wall which seem to be vents, I'm thinking about putting two PC fans on each one, hooked up to an old power supply. One for intake on the side closest to my neighbors (their grate is 1ft away from this one) and one for exhaust. The far grate is on the other side of the exterior wall next to one of my rooms, and I'm thinking about using it as an exhaust, is this a safe distance and do I need an ozone generator, carbon filter muffler, etc? I vape in the room all the time, but I've never risked smoking in that room because I'm unsure if they could smell it when they open their windows. I could open the window but it's on side close to the neighbors and I couldn't put a duct or fan there because people across the road would see. If it's gona stink too much, then I might grow less plans than the 10-20 I'm hoping for.​

    As for temps outside temp is around 40-60F so will I need heating?​

    I want to set up the vegetative area asap and then I'll start on the flowing area.​

    Any links/advice much appreciated​
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    Thanks for the idea it looks great for stealth and it looks like something that would need way less time to set up, yeah I found a 6.5x6.5 tent for $220. I'm thinking about buying one tent and either dividing it down the middle for flowering or saving up for one more which I'll buy right before flowering. I'm just not sure how many plants this tent will fit but two of them basically take up most of the room.

    I'm probably going to use CFLs for veg, looking for something to buy atm. Also if i get more cash together are LED lights good for veg? Can't find those led lights on ebay can you please link me?

    This all seems a reasonable budget but it'll take me a while to save up. Can't wait to smoke this stuff!

    Also, those are nice plans plantguardian :)
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    The blackstar looks sick and I'm drooling over it atm, would it be enough if I fill my second tent with plants or should I get another next crop? Found a link for new:
    Next step for me is to calculate how many I need.

    I found a 130W 14000k and 2400k kits for $60 (which type do I get for veg?), so this looks like an inexpensive solution for veg, again I'm trying to calculate how many I need, how many they grow etc.

    I'm gona have to quit bud for afew months to pay for all this stuff, but I can imagine how stoned I'm gona be when I crop out :3

    I'm aiming to germinate my seeds within the next 2 weeks :)
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    Hey good luck lightweight! I'm sure you will do well, and as always you will get better as you go.
    "A good life is a happy life" - Bohemian
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    Thanks guys for the support :) I'm going to continue my planning on the sister site seedmine as it's more suited for noobs, here is a link:
    I will link/copypaste my notes and journal on this site aswell from time to time.
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    I wouldn't declare you a "lightweight" as you obviously have read a lot. So many people jump in without doing their homework, and then read after the facts. Your "due diligence" will surely pay off, so "hats off to you" for that, at the least! Many, many, many opinions here (as elsewhere) and like someone before me stated, "you'll learn more as you grow" is oh, so, true! You are going to find your own ways; that which works for you and it'll be the best way too.
    I would definitely start with soil. Hydro is great in that a lot of the energy a plant needs to convert sugars into their food (photosynthesis) is not needed and therefore the plant puts that energy into growth. The explosive roots are from the "Aeroponic" effect the roots receive in most hydro set-ups. I get two root systems on each plant. Remember that the plant uses oxygen at the roots. The more you can get there, the more explosive the roots will be. More roots = more growth = more bud (ultimately).
    Lots of answers gotten already, I offer one simple solution to one of your questions. If you want to hang lights (or anything else) without damaging the ceiling, get 3 - 2"X4"'s from your local lumber source. Clean and relatively straight too. The first (#1) is to be wall-to-wall, the length of the ceiling (obviously in the direction you are going to run), cut almost exact to that dimension (about 1/4" or less shorter). Then, the balance (#2 & #3) should be cut to fit underneath the horizontal top (plate), and go from the floor to each end of the top one (at the wall). A snug fit will hold this in place from moving and cannot come loose unless one does so on purpose. Once they are all in place, screw two screws (2" to 3" long) at a 45* angle securing the side "studs" into the top "plate". This will hold +/-400 lbs., and will come apart real easy if you want to leave.
    I also like the venting idea you have (if I understand it correctly). As long as your intake equals your exhaust, you'll get a constant flow of replenished, fresh air so valuable to your grow. If one is more than the other, you'll either get negative or positive pressure, both have their benefits. For now, I'd make them equal CFM's.
    All the ides I saw above seem to over-burden your expense budget. One tent takes and uses the budget! I'd make my own equipment if you are handy and have the tools. I make everything I can to save money. I have a 48 plant Flower room and a separate nursery. I run a perpetual system in that I take cuttings from my older, veg'd plants and then root these (clones) and veg them, and do the same to them when ready, ad infinitum. When the veg'd clones are about 24" tall, they are put into flower with the clones to replace them. I take 18 cuttings to get clones from, moving 6 at a time to flower and have 3 cycles in veg all the time, of varying ages and heights. I generally move a "cycle" once every 3-4 weeks, so I am harvesting every 3-4 weeks something to the tune of 18-24 oz's of dried bud. I get 3-4 ozs./plant consistently, except for a few strains that give less...
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    I've decided for now I'll be growing hydro with an ebb and flow system like Mr Greens, I know it's probably easy to fuck up, but I have quite a lot of time to supervise the grow, I'm willing to do the homework, and I'm impatient as fuck to crop out lol.

    I thought about building such a structure with 2x4s and mylar like they did in Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow, but I'd be spending nearly as much on the materials anyway, plus i would be more likely to rip the mylar or knock it over, and if I wanted to take it down and move it it would be a lot less practical. I wouldn't be able to fold the 2x4s down into a small space, I'd be lucky to even fit them in my car! I'd rather spend more money and do it right the first time.

    3oz a plant? Damn man, you sound like a guy I should listen to more though :afro:

    Also anyone know any good noob links for making seeds? I want to make afew dozen seeds for each strain early into the grow in case I screw up and need to start over or I pack up the grow for a while.
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    Sugar Haze

    White Rhino
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    one thing to save money instead of that tent for 220, at walmart u can get a portable 36in w 19.5in d 63in h closet for about 20$. then for the smell just go and grab some spray for like 10$. i forgot wat it was called exactly but it takes the smell away like magic. WITCHCRAFT!!!!
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    Mr,green I smoke chronic makes me lol too and White rhino will make you wanna sit on the couch all the time
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    Can you order seeds any where? Even in the U.S in states that have not yet legalized/decriminalized it? That question is to the OP, though anyone may answer.
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    I use meizhi LED grow light I bought in the ebay store meizhigrowshop
    It is too long when I see this post, do not know whether you still need the LED grow light from ebay lol.......

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