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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by MeatRo, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. MeatRo

    MeatRo New Member

    Since I'm bored and high.. A pretty good homemade thing I've got is my Sharpie stash. It only holds a nice size J, but it's still nice. Plus, it's easy to do, most people have the stuff, and the Sharpie still works.

    Sharpie, scissors, bic pen lid, lighter.

    1. Pull the top on the Sharpie off, grab the lid pretty tight until you have the entire top half of the pen off and you can pull out the ink sponge thing.
    (The easiest is to just wiggle it a little bit and it comes apart really easy.)

    2. Take the ink thing completely out, so you have 3 pieces, the top, the labeled plastic part, and the ink. Bend the ink thing right below where it is in the black piece, now get a pair of scissors (do this over a trash can) and cut the ink right below the bend, you will get a 1" piece.

    3. Put the 1" ink thing into the black piece (it should fit all the way in there). Now get the lid from a bic pen, and shove that into the black piece of the Sharpie. It fits in there nicely, put it in there really tight. get the scissors and cut off the part of the bic pen lid that isn't stuck into the sharpie.

    4. melt the black part of the sharpie and the bic pen lid together a little bit, just so the bic lid doesn't fall out all the time You probably want to melt a little hot glue or something in there too, so the ink can't get to where your stash is. Melting a tiny bit of plastic in there works too, anything that will seal it off.

    Now it just pops right back together like a regular sharpie pen. Take the lid off and it comes off really easily and you can still write with the pen. Wiggle the black part of the sharpie off again and you've got a nice, clean, smell-free stash spot for a J. Perfect for school and work, or anywhere.. I've never even been asked twice about my sharpie pen.

    Which ones have bud in them? ;-) College isn't so bad.
  2. Strave

    Strave New Member

    Right on dude, nice play by play of how to make a pretty decent hiding spot! I have actually used just a bic pen with roughly the same method to store pinner J's in! :eek: You have to roll a pretty small joint for it to fit in, but it should still be big enough to get at least one person pretty blazed! :cool:
  3. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    nice stash mehn,

    it sucks to get caught at school.
  4. shirschmokealot

    shirschmokealot New Member

    Damn thats a nice stash, I'm gonna make one right now. And I think its airtight so maybe it cant be smelled by dogs?
  5. MeatRo

    MeatRo New Member

    I'm not gonna guarantee it against dogs, but I sure can't smell it. I've got a roach inside one from last night.. Can't smell a thing. Open it up and it wreaks. But take off the lid and all I smell is Sharpie. I always take one to work and school, and pretty much wherever else I'm going that I can't take my whole stash with me.
  6. greenfuse3

    greenfuse3 New Member

    I cant get the top of the sharpie off! ahh I really want to do this
  7. MeatRo

    MeatRo New Member

    Just grip it really tight and wiggle it, comes right off. Use some pliars or something, but the whole black end of the pen comes apart from the rest and you can get to the ink well thing inside the pen.
  8. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    thats pretty sweet..

    thanks for the share
  9. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    NOOOOO......DO NOT count on this to foil dogs. While skill levels vary, most drug dogs have EXTREMELY keen noses, and smetimes even the miniscule residue that may be on your HNADS touching the outside of the sharpie would be enough to trigger a response. Very few things can reliabely defeat a drug dog, so much so that I won't trust ANYTHING to be a surefire method of defeating them. Multiple, vaccuum-bagged baggies, handled by latex gloves, with clean hands IN the gloves, reportedly does the trick. Either way, if it takes that much work to POSSIBLY defeat a drug dog, I'mm not going to even try. Best bet/ Don't get pulled over, and if you do, don't act suspicious enough that the officer feels the need to run a dog around your vehicle? in school? shouldn't have weed with you anyway!!:cool:
  10. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    This looks real cool. Im going to try it. Ive made 1000 different stealth stash spots from tennis rackets, to all types of electronics. Most ending in my gutting it, then throwing it in the back of the closet hahah.
  11. greenfuse3

    greenfuse3 New Member

    what do i need the bic pen cap for? where do i put that?
  12. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    You put upside down in the end where the tip of the sharpie is. It separates the ink sponge from the open part where youll put the joint.

    Quick bullshit drawing for you

  13. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    I found it works way better ifyou use one of the bigger kinds they have, I used 2 like that and you can have plnts of room for a good amount of bud or a couple Js. and instead of a pen cap, use hot glue from a glue gun it works great.
  14. somekind

    somekind New Member

    nice drawing.
  15. Mrs. D. Pervert

    Mrs. D. Pervert Subscriber

    Don't tell Darque, but, I think I love you. Just a little.

    Don't keep it with you at work or school. Don't try to fool a drug dog. (Trust me, the dog is usually the smarter individual in that equation.)
  16. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Thanks :D

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