shipping stuff in a car thats being shipped?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by whatamidoinghere, May 24, 2011.

  1. whatamidoinghere

    whatamidoinghere New Member

    so i have been debating whether or not to send some (about an ounce or 2) stuff through the mail(UPS,USPS etc.)...OR use the same precautions used for mailing stuff, but instead just hide it in my car that will be getting transported on a tractor trailer cross country...i have a vacuum sealer, wont leave prints, will put it in something else to hide/mask it, all those steps, etc. The thing im wondering is, what kind of trouble could happen IF someone did search through my car and found it? (which i think is highly unlikely anyway)
    1-for them to search my car would be kinda nuts, considering there would be at least 6 other cars on the trailer and mine may be up in the air..why search my car, if they search 1, they search them all right?
    2-to what extent are cars checked/searched that are being transported? I understand it that they are weighed only...they dont search them though right? often are these weighpoints? (the car will not be crossing any national borders, just state ones)
    3-if they do find it, cant I just deny deny deny?? because ultimately, there will be no prints on it, they have no proof I put it there, and when the car is handed off to the truck driver, they take posession the car (duh) and in theory, I cant control who/what goes in and out after that unless the driver searches my car, i am free at that point..
    I also know that they do a quick look over to check for damage to the car so theyre not held responsible, they also make sure anything inside wont shuffle around etc, and they take a picture or 2 from the outside..
    i just dont feel 100% with mail...too many things can go wrong, and now with the mail bomb threats and heightened security, i dont think its worth it...but this method, i think will work...ANY help or comments/concerns would be great...thanks guys!
  2. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Wow, crossing multiple state lines, just to get a couple of oz's through, ya-know what comes to mind, "RISK vs REWARD".

    first off, if it were found, you wouldn't be there to know it had been found, and since you have moved it across state lines, it becomes a federal issue, alot of times, if the police find something like this, they will leave it there and get the owners information, along with its final drop-off location and then who ever takes possession of the car gets arrested. same thing with the mail, if it gets discovered, the police will attempt to deliver it and arrest the person that receives it.

    I would re-think this idea, and consider getting yourself something once you get there, thats just some real serious risk if it goes wrong, vs a very small reward if it goes through.

    Just my thoughts,

  3. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    I have never done this, nor heard of this idea. So i have no clue if it would work or not. Sounds like a good idea if you can put it in something that is really hard to find, and would have no business looking there. And you did say you would vacuum seal it so as long as the smell doesn't reek up the inside you should be good? Don't take my advice though, as i said i've never done it.
  4. whatamidoinghere

    whatamidoinghere New Member

    understood what actions they would take, but how could they prove anything? theres no prints, nothing on camera, nothing really admissable in court besides the fact that its in my all they would have is circumstancial evidence...
    also, we dont even know what types of checks are ran on these vehicles being shipped on big rigs...i understand checking the compartment of a trailer, but individual cars, i just dont know...thanks for the input lets see what else is said...
  5. Brad420

    Brad420 Sr. Member

    I highly doubt they would find it.

    But if it does happen, penalties are different in different states.

    And if you really want to conceal your stuff, I recommend Dogproof bags. I ordered some a while back, dogs cant even smell through it.
  6. candykidz09

    candykidz09 New Member

    i happen to know someone who used his car to transport xo's from the dealers to his house...he would just pull a fuse or something to disable the car and call a wrecker to tow it to his house....he never got caught up, but crossing state lines for a couple of oz's is crazy at best. the only way they would search your car in any kind of depth is if someone tells it on you, so you will probably be good as long as it's out of sight and you are the only one who knows about it.
  7. whatamidoinghere

    whatamidoinghere New Member

    any other input? does anyone here know to what extent vehicles that are being transported are checked, if any? i just dont see why someone would want to check inside the cars on the trailer for drugs...maybe use a bomb dog or even a drug dog thats fine, my shit will be airtight...
  8. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Do you really think this hasen't been done/tried before you? transporting drugs, especially across state lines is a constant issue with law enforcement, and there are all kinds of checkpoints that big rigs go through when travelling across the united states, and just because you have it packaged in an "air tight" bag doesn't mean that a drug dog wont discover it, so just don't place yourself into a false sence of security.

  9. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Former truck driver opinion

    There are usually weigh stations close to state borders so each new state can catch violators entering their turf. Count the states you will travel across and that is probably how many weigh stations you (your car) will encounter.
    If this is a know smuggling route, east/west or north/south, the probability of dogs being paraded around your carriers truck go up. Given the ability to deny ownership this method allows, I wonder if this is a known method of commercial smugglers?

    If you were going to try it I would put it in a thermos, bought new/without fingerprints on it, and just slip it under the front seat. Then the question of who put it there is up for enough debate that I doubt you could be convicted of much, but I am not a lawyer. Truck drivers are notorious for small scale personal smuggling of this type, and I doubt the cops would be too interested in putting too much effort into pursuing it. As the standard advice about mailing goes, I would pick up the car and drive far enough to be sure no one is following you before getting the weed out. That way you could still deny knowledge of it's existence, and you could prove the car has been out of your possession. But again, I am not a lawyer.
  10. whatamidoinghere

    whatamidoinghere New Member

    thanks for all the gonna stick tripple vacuum sealed bags covered with vaseline into some other air tight container surrounded by coffee grinds...ill place it somewhere not so hidden, no prints, no nothing...i think for such a small amount even if someone found it, they really cant prove much...after all, the car would have been in someone elses posession for at least 5 days....not much of a case....ill be alright!
  11. whatamidoinghere

    whatamidoinghere New Member

    well it worked....thanks for any help/critiques
  12. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Ive done it..I had my car hauled 800 miles on semi trailor..It wasn't two onces maybe just an 8th, but still, the car didn't get searched or anything..
  13. GetRondo'd

    GetRondo'd New Member

    Just an 8th? May I ask why you needed to transport that tiny amount?
  14. Superexcretor

    Superexcretor New Member

    1) you want to use USPS. They need a warrant to open your box. FedEx and UPS do not. 2) You want to conceal the smell. All carriers use dogs these days. Dryer sheets, plastic food wrap, etc will not work with dogs, as they can easily "smell through" any masking odor. Think of it like this: a dog's world is populated by and dominated by odors, much like our world is dominated by what we see. Trying to mask an odor with another odor fools not the dog - it would be like trying to hide a color from a sighted person by putting a different color next to it. An example of this that any dog owner should know is poop sniffing and butt sniffing. Do you imagine that dogs sniff butts and poop because they like the stench? No, they are merely identifying the dog that laid the poop. Glands in the dog's anus lace their poop with an odor unique to that specific dog. Dogs build a map of their dog neighborhood by sniffing the butts of all the other dogs they encounter and when they sniff a poop pile they know which dog had been there to lay it because they can smell the glandular excretion from the guilty dog in the pile. So ANY dog can smell minute amounts of this glandular excretion mixed in with overpowering poop stench - something that would make a human wretch (Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannity being the exceptions. They are used to smelling the shit that is constantly dribbling from their mouths). Do you think you can fool such an animal with dryer sheets or pepper? I don't, and you can't. 3) If you want to protect your stash from dogs, you need an odor ELIMINATING bag. Pot smell easily leaches through Foodsaver bags and the like. If you don't believe me, try this simple experiment: Wrap some stinky weed in a Foodsaver bag. Put it in a new, airtight plastic box for a few days. Open the box. You will smell the weed. Easily. To ship, I protect myself by using the Gonzo Bag, which at $45 for a 1.5 lb capacity bag is cheap insurance. It uses activated charcoal (AC) in double walled sandwich design bag. The AC absorbs 100% of the odor and traps it inside the bag. Try the same experiment as above with the Gonzo Bag. You won't smell anything but plastic box even a month later. You can order them online at I think they have 3 or 4 sizes now for different prices
  15. justlegalizeit

    justlegalizeit New Member

    You should look up the doctrine of 'constructive possession.' Just because your fingerprints aren't on the bag does not mean you weren't 'possessing' or 'trafficking' the marijuana.
  16. BubbaJ216

    BubbaJ216 New Member

    Whether your shipping your weed through mail or hiding it in the car on a way back from a trip, your gonna want to conseal the scent of your weed. The best way I know of doing this is using the Gonzo Bags from I myself use them to receive my high grade weed. & they work perfectly. If you read Superexcreator's post he seems to be on the same boat. These bags work. And I wouldnt trust anything less for my own security reasons.
  17. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Not very nice to put the truck driver in danger like that. You not only risked yourself, but any other person shipping their cars, and the truck driver. Next time hall it on your own so you dont accidently get some guy trying to make an honest wage in trouble.

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