Shipping weed in peanutbutter?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Mindblown420, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Mindblown420

    Mindblown420 New Member

    I will be going on vacation to Texas soon and would like to mail an ounce to a friends house out there. I was thinking about baging the weed over and over again and stuffing it in a jar of peanut butter then resealing the seal with glue and mailing it over night. What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks :)
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  3. Mindblown420

    Mindblown420 New Member

    Oh yeah, I read about this somewhere else, I wouldn't dare take an ounce with me on a plane, especially if my destination was some where else in California lol
    that's why I want to mail it.
    A gram of some dank goes for 20 in Texas
    I figure its cheaper in Cali.
    I know its risky I plan on making sure I don't leave fingerprints on anything
    what do you think of the idea over all? Is there a better way?
  4. friedfever

    friedfever New Member

    A drug dog can find it. 60% of their brain revolves around their nose. If a dog can smell a tumor growing inside someones body, they can smell weed in a jar of peanut butter.
  5. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Mailing just a jar of peanut butter is pretty suspicious, especially one that's been opened already (glued or not). Any security that sees a package like this will most likely send it for further investigation I foresee this not going well at all.

    Mailing anything illegal is a major risk; if you get caught you will most likely get hit with a trafficking charge. If you really insist on doing this, I suggest vacuum-sealing the herb and putting it in a flat package that makes it look like something else, like a book or paperwork. Write "PHOTOS CONTAINED: DO NOT BEND" or something similar on the box just to add to the illusion. The trick is to make this package look like any other normal one as it passes through the hands that help deliver it.

    If you're doing this just to save a few bucks, you're much better off waiting to find herb in Texas. The money you end up saving won't be enough to bail you out of jail if this goes poorly.
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  6. Mindblown420

    Mindblown420 New Member

    Thanks for the advice, but what if I sent it with a couple other things, sort of like a care package? Just to make it look less suspicious say like jelly and bread? Just a thought haha.
    I mean is it possible for them to know what's in every package? Does each mail service including fedex and ups X-ray every package or something?
    Btw I really like your idea, do you think a hollowed out book would work?
    I do plan on taking as many precautions as possible, (using gloves, different return address, so on)
    How would they be able to track it back to me?
    Again thank you for the advice and warning but I really prefer sending some herb from here
    I'm hoping that if this does go poorly the worst that could happen is loosing the weed, but I'm just being optimistic.
  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I'd say that mailing anything that can be picked up in any convenience store in America is pretty suspicious. Between the x-rays and the dogs, it's likely that you'd get caught.
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  8. Mindblown420

    Mindblown420 New Member

    Ok new idea, what if I take the grey hound, I read something about that before but it was outdated, what do you guys think about that?
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  9. wakenvape

    wakenvape New Member

    if you take the greyhound than you are 100%fine
  10. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    First off, that is bad information. As most everyone will agree, whenever you are using " public " transportation, you are never " 100% " safe. Although, I will agree with you that he would be much safer going greyhound vs a plane. But even on a greyhound bus, I've seen drug dogs in the past being used at greyhound bus terminals, going through & inspecting the luggage area's under the buses. So, IMO if the OP chooses to go greyhound, I wouldn't put it in my luggage, I would carry it on my person, so in the un-likely event that your bus gets inspected, the chances are that you'll be fine as the dogs won't be hitting on your luggage. they don't line the passengers up for the dogs to sniff on, only the luggage area under the bus, and maybe a walk through the bus (while it's empty) it's not very often that you'll see this happening, but you never know when the police will get a tip about someone travelling with drugs. ~Stoney~
  11. wakenvape

    wakenvape New Member

    wow i was not under the impresion they do that in the us, in canada i have never seen drug dogs at a greyhound
  12. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    idk but im getting ready to have my boy ship me some hash oil. im nervous about it but he says he has been doing it for awhile and knows how to not get caught. i hope hes right. anyone know if drug drugs can smell out oil through a vacuum seal? anyone know the risks or chances of getting caught shipping oil? ANd the penalty for being on the recieving end of it? If I were to get caught could i just deny and say i know nothing about the package?
  13. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

  14. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    Yes, although it's not a common occurrence, it does happen. So if travelling that way, IMO you would be better off carrying it on your person, for the most part, you should be pretty safe. It could depend alot on where your travelling ( to/from ) some area's or states may have higher bust rates and therefore will have more heat.

  15. Superexcretor

    Superexcretor New Member

    1) you want to use USPS. They need a warrant to open your box. FedEx and UPS do not. 2) You want to conceal the smell. All carriers use dogs these days. Dryer sheets, plastic food wrap, etc will not work with dogs, as they can easily "smell through" any masking odor. Think of it like this: a dog's world is populated by and dominated by odors, much like our world is dominated by what we see. Trying to mask an odor with another odor fools not the dog - it would be like trying to hide a color from a sighted person by putting a different color next to it. An example of this that any dog owner should know is poop sniffing and butt sniffing. Do you imagine that dogs sniff butts and poop because they like the stench? No, they are merely identifying the dog that laid the poop. Glands in the dog's anus lace their poop with an odor unique to that specific dog. Dogs build a map of their dog neighborhood by sniffing the butts of all the other dogs they encounter and when they sniff a poop pile they know which dog had been there to lay it because they can smell the glandular excretion from the guilty dog in the pile. So ANY dog can smell minute amounts of this glandular excretion mixed in with overpowering poop stench - something that would make a human wretch (Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannity being the exceptions. They are used to smelling the shit that is constantly dribbling from their mouths). Do you think you can fool such an animal with dryer sheets or pepper? I don't, and you can't. 3) If you want to protect your stash from dogs, you need an odor ELIMINATING bag. Pot smell easily leaches through Foodsaver bags and the like. If you don't believe me, try this simple experiment: Wrap some stinky weed in a Foodsaver bag. Put it in a new, airtight plastic box for a few days. Open the box. You will smell the weed. Easily. To ship, I protect myself by using the Gonzo Bag, which at $45 for a 1.5 lb capacity bag is cheap insurance. It uses activated charcoal (AC) in double walled sandwich design bag. The AC absorbs 100% of the odor and traps it inside the bag. Try the same experiment as above with the Gonzo Bag. You won't smell anything but plastic box even a month later. You can order them online at I think they have 3 or 4 sizes now for different prices
  16. Cudder_Fan

    Cudder_Fan New Member

    what about shipping edibles?
  17. Superexcretor

    Superexcretor New Member

    The same principle apply, although the edibles will give off significantly less weed odor than a bag of same. Either way, a trained dog will easily pick out the smell of cannabis from even the most chemically complex odors. The only way to keep them off is to use AC, e.g., the Gonzo Bag. That's the only one on the market that I know if and it's patented.
  18. BubbaJ216

    BubbaJ216 New Member

    If you are looking to ship any Marijuana threw mail, Without wanting your products sniffed out by any dogs.
    Then you are going to want to visit these bags get the job DONE. I have just started using them myself & i would not settle for anything less now after seeing how great these bags work. If used properly no dog will be able to smell whats inside. Trust me I just got a nice QP of Flame yesterday in the mail. THEY WORK LIKE A CHARM.

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