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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by IcantExplain, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. IcantExplain

    IcantExplain New Member

    I got 2 big winter jackets and in one of them there is about 2-4 grams of weed i think and my parents said there gona send the jackets up to me (from vancouver to fort mcmurray) so im a little concenred wondering if they check ur stuff for drugs when u send it form place to place( like let dogs smell em or something) just kinda wondering in general how shipping stuff is (it is from one province to another if that makes a differnce)
  2. odoylerules

    odoylerules New Member

    That's a terrible idea. Don't do it! Give up on the 2gs. Weed's cheap anyways. If you're ever in Austin, www.myspace.com/mikeysmic
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    In the US, the PO and other shippers do use dogs randomly. Also, bulky but light weight packages, like two winter jackets would be, are often considered to be suspect for shipping weed. I don't know if it's true in Canada, where the government isn't as paranoid about weed as the government is here.

    I would guess you're in a bind because your parents don't know that you use weed and you don't want to tell them to remove it from your jacket before shipping.
  4. IcantExplain

    IcantExplain New Member


    haha yep u got it man so now i have to some how explain y i dont need the 2 jackets all of a sudden(when really i need them prety bad its gona be freezing up here real soon).. and also i just moved here yesterday and it sure would be nice to be able to smoke a bit since i just passed my drug test this morning:) but that sucks taht they do acutaly chek for drugs like that..
  5. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member

    C'mon-- 2 grams? If dogs in Canadia are looking for anything it's evidence of explosives... so dont dare air-mail the parka and you shouldn't have any worries...

    if it's old pot it might not smell so much anymore...

    just a thought, probably wrong though.

    hope you get yer jackets in time.
  6. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Sr. Member

    HAHAHAHA, yeah, a certified drug detection K9 won't be able to smell the weed because it is OLD. That's a good one.
  7. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member

    well... okay... youre right.

    Oh well...
  8. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Sr. Member


    Do you have any experience in the postal field, the law enforcement field, or the judicial field with which to back up your "doubt" about what the judge would or would not do? Or is that just pure speculation?

    Giving someone advice to do something that could land them in jail because "old pot might not smell so much anymore" and because two grams is "petty" in your opinion does not seem very smart. To the original poster, beware of advice from people like this.
  9. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    A buddy of mine got busted for sending pot in the mail back in the late 70's. I can't remember the fines etc. that he got, but I do know it ruined the career of being a LEO that he was studying for.
  10. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member

    Okay Phuzz

    Obviously you think you know more.

    Dozens of people get away with worse. I am not instructing this young man to break the law am I? If I wanted to do that I'd tell him to have his mommy put a big bag of fresh ground coffee in the box with the parka... but I am not going to say that because it would be stupid... and you'd try and jump in my shirt.

    But you are all absolutely right. I still dont believe he will get in trouble for getting a parka in the mail. Afterall he wants the parka and it is a coincidence the weed is or was inside the coat. If he hadn't asked us the whole thing would still be undercover y'know.

    Furthermore do you, Senior Phuzzbucket, purport to know for a fact what a judge would do faced with the decision to either jail a silly kid who wanted his jacket or Bust a stupid punk for the crime of recieving a parka + .07 oz. of herb?

    OMG 2 grams :rolleyes: why dont you back off in your own jackyard.

    "Yes it is a federal offense to sell bud online but in my 2 years in the MOM world, the only people getting siezed were those who went through customs (from netherlands, canada, etc). Also a higher up that I know in the usps says that the best they did against anthrax is to give out warning phamplets about not opening unexpected packages from unknown senders. It is better to use USPS than Fedex or DHL because they are known to report illegal activities whereas USPS, well too much mail flows in and out. They DO NOT XRAY... you know how much XRAY costs? + you have any idea how much mail goes in and out of the states? The mail goes into a truck (the USPS truck) and leaves for its destination. The only way they gonna find out is if it smells or the insides show" (excerpt from vickysecret420 message in thread "mailing weed")

    So stow your high and mighty bullshit you old warmonger

  11. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Sr. Member

    Say what you want, but I think I have adequately demonstrated over the past six years on this forum my knowledge and experience when it comes to issues pertaining to law enforcement and search and seizure. We get a lot of people here who give their unqualified opinions/speculations as fact, and we also get a lot of people here who regurgitate internet rumors as fact. And some people reading here don't know better than to believe it, and it can get them into some pretty nasty trouble.
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Lets see.....a police officer with years of experience and training.....or a random dude with no background whatsoever in the field in question.....Who would YOU trust? I know its sterotypical pothead behavior to automatically dismiss the ideas of the police, but seriously folks.....Phuzz knows what time it is on these issues, and his advice is far safer to follow than that of a random person recycling what they've heard and personal OPINIONS. Didnd't the "coffee" comment tell you all you needed to know about pirates credibility on the issue, since its widely accecpted by many of the knowledgable posters here that coffee does NOTHING to hide the scent, and actually makes packages appear MORE suspicious?
  13. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member

    And so.... a rose is a rose

    and yet, dozens of people get away with shipping weed daily. It's a popular subject. Haven't we noticed?

    the coffee comment was simply that, a comment. Not a suggestion... Read it again and you might notice me denouncing such actions as stupid

    So far I have not offered any advice only regurgitated the drek that is already here and stated opinions--

    sure the risk does exist, we aren't here to debate that. Ican'tExplain already knows there's a serious risk or he wouldn't hove been askin ye.

    Peace to all who enter here...
  14. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Phuzz01 is a respected member of this community. Who are you?

    Phuzz01's advice, coming from his law enforcement background, has helped a lot of people here. Your advice, coming off the top of your head, is likely to get people in trouble.

    Anyone with any real knowledge would tell you that a dog's olfactory system is not fooled by such tricks. Dogs can smell several things at the same time.

    We respect each other in this community. If you can't do this, go somewhere else.
  15. dredpiratrobert

    dredpiratrobert New Member


    I'm putting this in here a second time so's ye can quit cerrectin' me:

    the coffee comment was simply that, a comment. Not a suggestion... Read it again and you might notice me denouncing such actions as stupid

    maybe you missed that part the last two time I posted it.

    you are exactly right and it's a good thing we have the respected advice of seasoned professionals in such a place.

    I'm not pretending to be anyone nor do I purport some voluminous knowledge on smuggling practices...

    the real issue is still the parka. Not my level of inferiority or the level of your superiority complex... we have deviated entirely and inexcusably from the young man's query which was, "could I get my favorite jackets mailed to me in Canada..."

    Peace out,

    P.S. My crew fancies a pizza so your off the hook Phuzz...

  16. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    IA: They Sent Pot Through The Mail, Got Sent To Prison

    They Sent Pot Through The Mail, Got Sent To Prison
    DesMoinesRegister | 09/07/2006

    Two men charged last fall with smuggling marijuana into Iowa through the mail have been sentenced to a combined 14 years in federal prison.

    Authorities in November said they followed a package-tracking device to a Waterloo home, where they found an undisclosed amount of marijuana and charged Nolasco Desiderio-Rondon, 28, with trafficking. A second suspect, Leopoldo Caballero, 26, of Hampton was arrested by state troopers with more of the drug in his car.

    Desiderio-Rondon was sentenced last week to five years in prison, followed by two years of supervision. Caballero was sentenced to nine years in prison, followed by three years of supervision.
  17. smudged123

    smudged123 New Member

    This story may be a lot less frightening if the ammount was -known-, for all we know the guy might of been receiving pounds and pounds, which is kinda askin for trouble....
  18. smudged123

    smudged123 New Member

    And as I read through the USPS Inspection Services website, take a look at the "Wanted Posters":

    Only drug related ones seem to be LSD, Cocaine and Heroin; And I'm fairly sure they were sending a great deal of it!

    Also, on the same site, U.S. Postal Inspection Service , they have Mail Crimes listed...:
    And under "Other Mail Crimes":
    Still, sending drugs through the Mail is OBVIOUSLY illegal and prohibited, it just makes me question its importance ranked up there against other things considering its not even listed on the site.

    Any comments?
  19. ninfan77

    ninfan77 New Member

    While i dont doubt the advice of phuzz, dredpirate does have or says, he has experience in the MOM services. i think we can all attest that ALOT of weed goes thru the USPS and even across the Canadian border via Xpresspost. A quick google search brings up a number of MOM services, some of which i know have been working for over 18 months successfully.

    Mailing 2 grams in a jacket over the border, i really doubt you'll have a problem. Document mailings however are even better than packages as they are not screened near as much.

    I'm sure i'll be denounced for this, but thats what i know, and re: documents i talked to a postmaster about that.. so unless he was bs'in me...

    2grams is nothing, its like mailing seeds. Worse that'll happen is it gets pulled and you get a seizure card in the mail (assuming you used your home return addy). Otherwise, you just lost your jackets.
  20. walstmonky

    walstmonky New Member

    Just a joint or two...

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