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  1. xDxSxMx

    xDxSxMx New Member

    Anyone ever tried ? Ill be pickin some up soon :D

    hows does it smoke ? ive heard its mostly indica and tastes great.
  2. weedislove11

    weedislove11 New Member


    I have met my top high record with that bud, and it's the smoothest thing you could ever imagine. I hit it straight out of a blunt, and it felt no different than me breathing in air. I was so incredibly stoned. It's deff some indies cuz i got couch lock for about 3 hours. It is seriously some of the dankest weed I have ever smoked in my life.

    You will love it. Buy as much as you can.
    Post on this thread and tell me how you like it. =D

    Good Luck, happy smoking.
  3. Hemostrat

    Hemostrat New Member

    Yeah, I had this strain a couple of times during the school year back up in Oregon.
    I remember it being pretty good, but nothing out of the ordinary like OG or Jack H.

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