should i buy this shake?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by BayAreaMML, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    ok so im asking my dealer for some stuff and he quotes me 50 bucks for a qp of shake. actually its a little more its 120 grams for $50. that is soooooooooooooo cheap. i have a picture that he sent me, and wanted to know your take or what i should do. thanks for the advisement.

  2. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    Dude....yes??? Imagine how many blunts are ready to be rolled with all that shake..
  3. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    im not stranger to buying weed, but i have never purchased shake. usually i get it from the local club, but this is like screaming "buy me buy me". so regardless of the quality you would say do it? i haven't seen it in person yet, so i can make no claim to its quality as of yet. i mean even for low grade shake, 12.50 an ounce is pretty much in the grand scheme of things, free. right?
  4. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    BUY IT NOW!!!

    Your getting a great deal!!!!!!! but befor that smoke a bowl to make sure its not no fake shit.
  5. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    if i buy this im totally going straight to the store to get a nice zippo. lol. always wanted a reason to get one. this seems to be a good reason.
  6. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    haha i already called the guy and am waiting on a call back. i hope he's up late. he freakin texted me this deal at 830 this morning. idk why i waited so long. i hope nobody else has taken it yet. ill feel REALLY dumb if i lose thise one.
  7. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    buying that much at one time, especially shake; is it impolite of me to ask to smoke a bowl first. i mean even if i dont like it ill pay him for it.
  8. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    i dont think it should be a problem but some dealers dont like to do that. if he dosent let you tell him you'll give him a buck to smoke 1 bowl. and if he still wont let you then i wouldent buy it because it's more then likely to be fake.
  9. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    well my dealer only deals to people with cards. so i mean he knows all of his customers have been to the clubs or have grown before. he knows we know about weed. so thats why im inclined to think that its not fake.
  10. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    buy it and make edibles, you will not regret it. 50 for a qp of shake is a no brainer.
  11. 420homebrand

    420homebrand New Member

    back a few years me and my friends were in the possesion of around about a pound of shake and i thought that was what mj was at the time (was only smoking to be cool new nothing about it or what it was) but i do remember it got me high after like 6 joints lol its worth the buy if you have not already got it.

    On the side of how we came into the possesion of that much shake one of my friends hangs around with some of the biggest gang/freaks in my town and he got it for free so yeh.
  12. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    I mean, anyone who knows their herb doesn't have to smoke it to know if it's real, so let's assume it is. MAKE SOME BUTANE HONEY OIL! This by far the best thing you can do with shake, it is RIDICULOUSLY potent.
  13. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

    omg buy

    Shake is fine, it'll get you high
  14. weednprotein

    weednprotein New Member

    I wanna know if he bought it yet?!?! Making edibles would be the shiiit!!
  15. 024

    024 Sr. Member

    yeh thats alot of potential edibles.
  16. 303ninja

    303ninja New Member

    hell ya you can make edibles or hash or just somke it
  17. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    dish man! did you make the purchase yet or not? c'mon OP don't be holding out on us! :)
  18. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    You guys act like he hit the motherload! It is shake, Ladies and gents :p.

    A shake can mean two things. One, it can mean the bits that have fallen off of bud. Usually a good amount of leaf but a lot of bud too. Even the leaf has a lot of trichomes on it from this shake. Obviously not as good as bud, but it gets the job done if you need it.
    Second, shake can mean the trim cut from the plant. If this is the just got suckered. It could still be worth it, if you made hash or cannbutter or oil, or some other extract...but smoking straight trim won't get you very far on the THC ladder.

    A QP of shake is a whooole lotta shake. That amount would seem like he's talking about trimmings since it's not unreasonable to accumulate that much of trim, and if that was the case, I would pass. You'd be disappointed.
  19. WolfGang Paco

    WolfGang Paco Sr. Member

    Quarter pound? Uh, 16 divided by four is 4 so four ounces? Shit man, 50 bucks? FUCK.
  20. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    the guy flaked on me. so yeah. that was a no go. but im glad i didn't, cuz i got a new hook getting zips for around 135 now.

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