Should I put ice in my bong?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Zyinxz, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Zyinxz

    Zyinxz New Member

    Alright, I recently bought a new bong and I always wanted one with an ice pincher. This particular bong doesn't have one. In your opinions, do you think I should put ice in this bong?



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  2. xDxSxMx

    xDxSxMx New Member

    I know I would.. go for it man.
  3. weednprotein

    weednprotein New Member

    yeaaaaa do it!! it's only cooling down the smoke so it's not as harsh on your lungs. A.k.a huge hits hah
  4. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    If that's a guard right above the perc and the ice wouldn't fall down and hit the perc, then fuck yes! Fill that shit up with ice and rip it hard!
  5. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    if that is indeed a guard above the perc than go for but if not be prepared for your percolator to shatter. it might not happen right away but after repeated bashings by falling ice your perc will give out eventually
  6. Zyinxz

    Zyinxz New Member

    At the top of it, there's a little pointy part, but that's the only one. I've checked many other bongs, and I don't see any other that's similar to mine. I guess it's like this

    except for the fact that I have another layer on top of that (pointy party) which is kind of odd. I guess it's a guard?
  7. thedude55551

    thedude55551 New Member

    i prefer hot water but snow would work very nicely.
  8. jdogg2112

    jdogg2112 Sr. Member

    Just tilt the bong on its side when you put the ice in so it doesn't fall down and smash against whatever is going to stop it.
  9. Andreeew

    Andreeew New Member

  10. PurpleJiffy

    PurpleJiffy New Member

    Do It! Ice It Down! You will be glad you did.
  11. LostProphet

    LostProphet New Member

    Yeah man, do it! Why wouldn't you at least once?
  12. thedude55551

    thedude55551 New Member

    ah nice bong man + rep. snow ftw
    Edit ah shit already commented

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