Should i start flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by mikeysakkinen, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

    So this is my weedplant should i start flowering now or should i let it veg for a while? 1224110704.jpg
  2. alaskahnt

    alaskahnt Active Member

    well if you have the room let it go, is it a clone or from seed?
  3. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

    Its from a seed. I would like to clone though if you could give info?:)
  4. alaskahnt

    alaskahnt Active Member

    first thing you need to know is it female, you dont know unless you have sexed it (dont have sex with it) you need to cut your light to 12/12 for about 2 weeks to see if it is female after that you will know if it's worth cloning. you could grow it huge and it be a male so this is something you can do soon and then clone it if it's a female also if you turn the lite back after you know male/female turn the lite back up to 18/6 if thats your program.
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  5. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

    yea i read about sexing but i haven't got it on any light schedule just 24/7 but i can start to see little white pistols where the branches come out from the main stem so that means female right?
  6. alaskahnt

    alaskahnt Active Member

    no, you wont get the pistols till the plant goes to a flower state and sexis itself once you get the white hairs/ pistols or the sign it's a boy:mad:. myself im a clone grower i did seed 10-12 years ago until i got some killer shit and learned how to clone kinda ironic but it was here at marijuana .com i got all my info when i started. im no pro but i was you once :)
  7. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    You could force flowering now if you wanted, just by going to 12/12 light cycle, and with-in 7 to 14 days, you will know if it is male or female. But if you are wanting to clone it, I would clone it before you force flowering.

    So with that said, IMO I would let it grow a little more, if you (LST) bend the main grow shoot using a twist tie and secure it to the side of the container, that will force the side branches to grow out faster than they normally would, then once you have a good sized branch 4 to 6 inches long, cut it and clone it.

    just make sure that the clone has rooted before you force flowering on the main plant, then after you've switched the light cycle to 12/12, you'll know with-in about a weeks time if its female or not.

    Every grower out there was at one time or another, just like you are today ( a noobie ) but once you have learned the basic's of growing, you will be able to harvest some of the best budz you've ever enjoyed.

    Below my post, located in my signature area is a link (Cloning 101 by stoney) it certainly isn't the best way, nor the fastest way, but it works, and getting the needed supplies isn't going to break your bank.

    I would also invest in a grow book, their are 100's to choose from. the one I have is: Marijuana growers guide (deluxe edition) by Mel Frank & Ed Rosenthal

    it will come in handy believe me, and then you have everyone here to offer you advise as well.

    I hope this helps and gives you some additional insight into your growing experience.

    Good Luck,


  8. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

    thanks guys
  9. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

  10. criuslight

    criuslight New Member

    Hello my friend, you must be a professional planter. And can you tell me what the mean 12/12 light cycle is? Why we must know the sex of plant?
  11. alaskahnt

    alaskahnt Active Member

    welcome, 12/12 is the reduced lite cycle the plants will flower under. and only the female plants flower the buds that are desired. again welcome and i hope this helps.
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  12. criuslight

    criuslight New Member

    Thank you

    thank you for your help,glad to be your friend, could i know your MSN ? could i chat with you frequently ? Crius
  13. mikeysakkinen

    mikeysakkinen New Member

    any other opinions?
  14. Brassmusic

    Brassmusic New Member

    You will be upset if you flower that plant now. The nodes are not even stepped.
    Since it is grown from seed, around the 3rd-4th week of Veg you should start to see pre-flowers. These look like typical sex organs for the plants but are a smaller & they stop developing as Veg continues.

    12/12 refurs to light cycle. 12 hours on & 12 hours off. For Vegging you typically want 18/6 & 12/12 for flowering.

    What you smoke is the flowers from female plants, only. Males just produce pollen. If your female plants get pollenated from a male plant, the female stops producing the cannabanoids your attempting to grow & change over to making seeds. This is bad. Your seed count goes up & your THC, CBD percents go down.

    As Stoney said, invest in a quality grow book & read it!

    As far as conversing via other mediums... No! Post your questions & comments here.

    Brass :D
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