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  1. towelie13

    towelie13 New Member

    I have been invited to try shrooms. I would be smoking weed with it. Any advice about shrooms? What are they like and how much should i eat? I am just scared of having a bad trip.
  2. Negation

    Negation New Member

    There's a few simple suggestions I have for you. As with most, if not all drugs (including marijuana), mushrooms have to be done in the right mindset and the right place, with people you TRUST to take care of you in your inebriated state. It's called set and setting, you may have heard it, maybe not, but set and setting are extremely important, especially for the first time using a new substance. Never do it if you aren't completely comfortable doing it, and if you don't have a tripsitter there at all times to take care of you; you have no idea how you'll react, and if things get dangerous and you're alone, you risk physical injury or death (in rare cases where people have "tripwalked" into traffic, that sort of thing), and having someone you trust nearby if you become overcome with fear or even outright terror on your trip who can try to help calm you down is also very nice. That goes without saying for ANY substance one takes, including but not limited to marijuana, despite its low rate of making the user do stupid and potentially dangerous things. After you've become comfortable after a few uses then you can try to experiment solo, but never do it alone the first time or two.

    As for the combination of the two, I've heard good things about the combo, but have not personally done both. Mushroom trips can be chaotic and confusing, and users report that it can sometimes lead to fear and anxiety, and sometimes the belief that you'll be stuck tripping forever. Again, I would recommend just doing the mushrooms and nothing else your first time. You don't know how you'll react, and you can turn a good trip or even a neutral trip into a ride through hell if you mix drugs, especially if you've never done one or more of them before. Don't mix the two until you're very comfortable with them on their own, and only mix them together if you start small on each. Drug interactions can very drastically change the effects and strengths of one or more of the drugs, and you want to make sure that you are (reasonably) safe while doing so. The fact that both marijuana and mushrooms can cause anxiety, fear and panic attacks in users should be reason enough not to mix the two without learning each on it's own first. The psychological damage caused by a bad trip can be severe, and while there are plenty of folks who are entitled to the opinion that mushrooms are bad, mushrooms can also be profound and life-changing, and you wouldn't want to turn a potentially amazing time into a terrifying nightmare because you got in over your head.

    I won't talk about other aspects of mushrooms, but you can find tons of information (including the answers to your questions) at Erowid. Be safe, and have fun.
  3. towelie13

    towelie13 New Member

    do you need a trip-sitter? there will be 1 or 2 other people there that will be doing shrooms but they have done it before. Is the high like the high from weed? Do you still have self control? Can you still tell between right and wrong?
  4. miSS Real

    miSS Real New Member

    I think shrooms are wonderful, but I don't like smoking weed while I'm tripping. I mean I don't see the point...If you are already tripping do you think you will feel the high?

    Everytime I've taken shrooms I ate an 8th..but you should probably eat about 2 grams to start and if u want to trip longer take the rest. Be safe and in the right mindset and you should be fine. [:
  5. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    If 2 of your friends who are doing it with you have done it a few times before then you shouldn't need a trip sitter. As long as you don't go eating too much shrooms you will still have complete self control and you will be aware of everything, 2 grams-1/8th is probably good for your first time. Just get yourself psyched up and excited to do it and don't worry, everything will be fine. As far as smoking bud with it goes, I don't think weed would make your trip more intense, I personally use it to help level myself out if I get uncomfortable. Also try and find something to occupy yourself while you're coming up, it will make the whole trip better.
  6. Negation

    Negation New Member

    Do you need a tripsitter? Simple answer: no.

    Better answer: yes, have a tripsitter. Mushrooms are nothing like weed. You can have strong open-eye visuals (OEVs) and closed-eye visuals (CEVs) as well as auditory hallucinations. Your sense of time will be greatly distorted, similar to weed, but still different because the active constituents of mushrooms (psilocybin and psilocin) are tryptamines, not cannabinoids like in weed. The trip is much different than being high on marijuana, not just because you might see colors change, inanimate objects "breathe," or because you see weird shit that may or may not be there at all, etc. etc. It's a completely different class of drugs and shouldn't be taken lightly, even by an experienced user; experienced users can have bad trips too. Because of your lack of experience, and the fact that hallucinogenic mushrooms are much stronger than weed (that's not to say the two are always comparable, because they aren't, the overall level of inebriation is quite different between the two though), you should have a tripsitter for at least your first time, if not more, and especially as you up dosages.

    If you've never heard of Alexander Shulgin or the Shulgin scale, go do a search on Wikipedia. The man was a brilliant biochemist and psychopharmacologist, and he created a "psychoactive scale," if you will. The higher the plateau you reach on his scale, the less connected to reality you will be. It's unlikely that you'll have a near-death-experience or feel like you're floating above your body watching it do things but unable to control it (dissociation), but because of the huge number of unknowns in taking drugs for your first time or two, you'd better have a tripsitter to take care of you in case you're unable to control yourself. It makes a HUGE difference and can easily make or break a trip.

    That said, the folks you're doing the shrooms with, provided that they do indeed have experience with them as you say, should be fine. If you trust them and know that they'll take care of you, that will work. It's always nice to at least know that someone else is present with you, even if you aren't present with yourself at the time.
  7. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    deff smoke a lot it helps with everything from a bad trip to nausea
  8. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    Go easy on them your first time out. Tripping is nothing like being stoned. You can very easily over do it. So it's best to start out small. As others have said be in an environment you know well with people you trust. It's also a good idea to have a sober person there to watch out for ya in case you do begin to have a bad trip. I've had them before, and their not fun at all. I've also been alone while having one, and that's the worst.

    As long as you are cautious and do thing right, you should enjoy your first trip..
  9. ilovevajj2

    ilovevajj2 Guest

    Heres the way to do shrooms.
    -Pack a bowl
    -And put some hand-shreded shroom on top of the weed.

  10. Big Nate

    Big Nate New Member

    I freakin love shrooms, you should definately try them. With marijuana, it makes a very potent stone-trip(strip?) experience. You do NEED a trip-sitter when doing both at the same time. Get a hefty bubbler too because when your tripping you drop the bowl a couple times. I know from experience. Mind you, when the two mix together, you will see things that arent there. Scary things, pleasant things, unusual things, you will see them. Open or closed eyes. If youre in a relaxed atmosphere chances are you'll get a happy trip. You will also be dis-connected from reality totally with weed and shrooms mixed together. I'd say smoke 2-5 bowls depending on tolerence and 1/8 of shrooms, that's what I did. Best trip of my life. I do reccomend the mixture, but please have a trip sitter and be responsible. Get hyped, man, your about to be disconnected from freakin' reality! its awesome!
  11. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    A trip-sitter is always nice, because you don't know what you will experience. A bad trip will always be scary.

    Is it a high like weed. no. not at all. It is a psychedelic, meaning you will most likely see things and things will change.

    If you don't have too many you will half self control. If they are proper magic mushrooms (psilocybin), if you have waaaay too many there is something called temporary insanity, where you believe you have gone insane and these trips will never end. That will only ever happen if you have ALOT of shrooms, some people have been taking psychedelics for years and years but never experience it, take it from me, I have never in my life felt so scared and so helpless in my entire life, so take it slow ;)
    Since it is your first time, take 1 or 2 grams, and stop. Wait 20 minutes, if you don't start tripping balls, maybe have another ;)

    And yes you are still the same person with the same thoughts, the only difference is what you are visually seeing and maybe feeling.

    Research it, look on some forums designed for psychedelic users (like this one for Marijuana users) and have fun :)
  12. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    I have never started tripping within 20 minutes of ingesting. Acid, yes, shrooms, no. I'd advise him to wait an hour to two hours before deciding to ingest more.
  13. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    It really depends on the shroom, the psilocybin shrooms I grow are quite fast hitters.
  14. Gee

    Gee The truth is in here

    I smoked a few different strains and ate some psilocybin truffles in the same day while in Amsterdam. I was fine until I went for a walk... that's when the shrooms kicked in. Quite an amazing experience and was really cool at first until I started to panic because the map made no sense and I really had the urge to be at the hotel with my wife. If you've been to Amsterdam you'll know how crazy the streets and street names are. Being in a foreign land with my brother-in-law (who pretty much walks around with a "fight me" sign tattoo'd on his forehead lol) I didn't really feel I could let go and thus panicked.

    We ended up jumping on one of those bikes with the cart that you sit in and the bloke drives you around. The bro-in-law thought it was 'gay' but I thoroughly enjoyed not having to walk but still getting to enjoy the colours. And you should definitely have someone you trust to help you through the trip. My wife said she would be there for me but wasn't. I felt she let me down and unfortunately would rather exclude her from the whole deal next time and find someone I can trust to be there for me.
  15. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    you're right, it does, but giving someone advice to only wait 20 minutes before deciding to eat more is irresponsible. You might be tripping at 20 minutes, but you probably haven't peaked yet.
  16. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    True, True, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.

    Don't bite my freaking head off.

    Yeah, take 1g or 2g, then wait AN HOUR, before you try again, then you'll avoid any sort of bad trip and have the best night off your life.

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