Signs of Laced Weed

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  1. RosettaStoned

    RosettaStoned New Member

    I am new to smoking, and I was wondering what are some signs of your weed being laced? And post your stories if you want.
  2. jodster

    jodster New Member

    There's been lots of threads about laced weed. It isn't economically 'smart' for dealers to lace weed with something else since off topics usually cost more than weed. So you really don't need to worry about laced weed. But if you want to be on the safe side, don't buy from shady people and if it smells or looks very very weird then don't smoke it.
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  3. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    Dealers generally don't sell laced weed, I mean in 25+ years of smoking I've only seen it sold once, opiated Buddha-Thai, laced with opium and it just about doubled the cost, and I've only seen that once in the early 80's. If a dealer laces it, they will want a lot more money for it first. The time's I've had people lace weed with PCP unknown to me were so-called friends who think shit like that is funny. If you're weed is laced I bet you 500-1 it was a person you consider a friend that laced it, not the dealer. Always smell the smoke coming off first before you take a hit off a joint of unknown origin(ie. a stranger offers you a lit joint at a party or concert). I'm someone who used to lace his weed a lot when I was young so I have experience with other drugs added to weed. Only thing i've seen jerk dealers do with weed is spray it with sugar water to add weight.

    no other drug really tastes or smells like pot, if coke, PCP, meth, or opiates are present you will know immediately. Marijuana always tastes like a burning plant or if it's good like flowers, if it smells or tastes chemically don't smoke it. Also, when smoking these drugs the effect is almost immediate, if you smoke coke,opiates, or PCP you will know it because you will be flying way beyond marijuana within a few seconds of inhaling. Some weed smells like gasoline because it was smuggled in fuel tanks. Sometimes people mistake poorly flushed weed with laced weed. If the grower used fertilizer on the weed, then doesn't flush the weed the last few weeks of growth by watering without fertilizer, all those chemicals are up in the plant and can cause some people to get sick and the weed taste like crap when smoked, even making it chemically tasting if they used chemical fert.....

    Search is your friend here, this topic gets brought up often and there are tons of threads about this.
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  4. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    "Laced weed" is pretty much a myth. As described by other posters, its not within the dealers best financial interests to spike the weed.
  5. marijuanavillle7

    marijuanavillle7 New Member

    Opium laced would be nice :D
  6. potboy

    potboy New Member

    i've heard of people selling "dank" when really its schwag with a little salvia
  7. meet the decline

    meet the decline New Member

    your weed isn't laced. if you start freaking out thinking it is laced, you're probably just really stoned, enjoy it.
  8. kokemueller

    kokemueller New Member

    If it is laced you will notice because it wont look normal.

    The one time i had salvia my friends said i was crawling in the middle of road.......weird
  9. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    I think most of the time when people say they have laced weed they are either very wrong or maybe, on occasion, the weed looks like it was sprayed with something.. maybe pesticides..
    I had really bad weed once that gave me a panic attack. I don't think it was laced with another drug.. but something was obviously wrong with it.
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Not necessarily...Ive witnessed countless panic attacks, and have had a grand total of ONE myself.... but in each case, the person smoked weed wioth a GROUP (shared pipe, bong, blunt, whatever) of people, and only ONE person in the group had a panic attack, or even a slightly differnt "experience" than usual. Just because you had a panic attack doesn't mean the weed was necessarily suspect. "Normal" weed has been responsible for every weed-induced panic attack I've witnessed, and I've seen several over the past 15 years
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  11. icedragon891

    icedragon891 Guest

    The first time I had a "panic attack" was when it was the first time I was totally stoned. I didn't know how to handle the situation. Make sure you are with people you trust when this happens. The reason I panicked is because like I said, I didn't know how to handle the situation.

    One way of checking the weed is to smell it. If the guys looks sketchy, smell it, and try to match it with what weed from a clean source would smell like. Make sure you know what strain it is just in case of confusion. If anything smells or even looks suspicious, don't take the chance, chuck it. My friend in high school would take a ruler and scrape some of the weed with it. It's a pretty good detection method. Try to match what is coming out of the weed with pictures of heavy drugs on the net. And even though laced weed is largely a myth due to the financial troubles of it, you never know who is out there who can put some dangerous stuff in your weed. Just be careful man.
  12. smoke2blunts

    smoke2blunts New Member

    first off how many of you guy can tell me how to lace weed answer maybe 2 it not that hard all you need is embalming flud and a spray bottle and boom you got weed laced with pcp its not hard its not like it cost a million dollars to lace weed maybe 10 so dro smoker beware
  13. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    Why would you want to lace weed? If you can't enjoy it in its natural state then I don't know what to tell you.
  14. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Laced weed is not that common. I've smoked for 15 years, and have yet to encounter it. Furthermore, if you think "embalming fluid" is actually the same thing as PCP, you have a lot to learn. Chemically, they are nothing alike, and the slang term "embalming fluid" used for PCP has led to many inexperienced, unknowlegeable people smoking REAL embalming fluid, thinking it is the same thing as PCP. Effects are similar, supposedly, but that doesn't mean they are interchangable

    Erowid PCP Vault : Embalming Fluid: New High or New Guise for PCP?
    Ask Erowid : ID 117 : Whats "embalming fluid" on cannabis and how does it work?
    from the second link--
    I guess that settles that.....
  15. ohheyemily

    ohheyemily New Member

    it'll look funny (possibly darker) and it might have a weird smell.

    i once got weed that had gasoline in it and my lungs were on fire! it was so horrible.
  16. DonkeyKron

    DonkeyKron New Member

    My weed is always laced....with good times :D *cries and runs off at your boo's and hollarings* haha :]
  17. snog47

    snog47 New Member


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