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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by pollux5000, Oct 26, 2002.

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    Well, seeing as how Halloween is coming up in a couple days, I thought it was about time we gathered a bit of a census on slang terms, information, pricing and general attitudes in your area.

    I would hope that everyone would contribute, by saying where they live, cost(s) of marijuana etc., availability, and slang terms.

    I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Here, marijuana is about $10 (CDN) p/gram, about $220-280 p/ounce. In Saskatoon, Hash & Hash/Weed Oil are all readily available for about $15 p/gram, and of course, marijuana is always readily accessible. There aren't alot of GrowOp's happening here, but it's definately not dry. $10 CDN would convert to about $6.50 US I think.

    There are alot of popular slang terms, but here are some of the more common ones, some new and some quite popular.

    Weed/Bud - Marijuana (no one says pot anymore)

    Five-O - Police (no one says pigs or cops anymore)

    Quach - 1/4 oz.

    Dime - 1 gram

    Five Chunk - .5 gram

    Half Bag - 2 grams

    Bag - 3.5-4 grams

    O (as in the letter) - 1 oz.

    Half-O - 1/2 oz.

    Heat/Heatscore - Someone who talks about Marijuana (etc.) when there are teachers/parents/police around, if you are not low-key enough, you are 'heat'. Thus, for instance, if you are walking down the hall and you are talking loudly about Marijuana (etc.) with someone, they might say 'don't be heat!'.

    Sketch(y)/Sketchbag - The opposite of Heat/Heatscore, someone who is 'sketching out' might be getting panicky and afraid when there's no cause to. Most people try to find a balance between being Heat and being Sketchy.

    J - a Joint (no one says doobie or joint anymore)

    Although all these terms are probably quite popular and are commonly used, most kids these days will also use the word sh*t to describe virtually anything, along with other profanities.

    Well, if anyne would care to share their slang terms and information that aren't listed here that may be unique to their area and/or their group of friends, please do so. Thankx, I'm going out to shovel the walks, peace.
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    Perhaps this thread would be better suited for this forum.
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    And it would be better suited in these threads:


    or here


    Those are common terms everywhere in the states, and we use the old terms too.
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    Thread Moved to Glossary of Terms
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    I live in Toronto, Canada and here weed is $10 for a dime (.8), $70 for a quarter $110 for a half and $190-210 for an ounce.
    Hash is $15 a gram.

    some popular terms here are


    and so on and so forth...
  6. jakes snake

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    Im in winnipeg, and a 5 chunk would be 1/3 (.3) of a gram, a 10 chunk 2/3 of a gram, and a a G..................................
  7. dbighead

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    I don't think we can talk about prices on this website. Or can we?

    I haven't seen Hash around here........but I haven't
    looked either.:rolleyes:
  8. RauleDuke

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    Dude i just moved away from saskatoon about a month ago, its the only place ive lived. everybody i know says pot, cops, pigs, joints and doobies. And your getting ripped off paying 280 for an ounce, you should never pay more then 225, i was getting mine for 200.

    it sucked having to move, but the grass in bc makes up for it...
  9. AshZillA420

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    Tucson Weight,Prices and Slang (From my experience):

    Typical quarter sacks are 6-8 grams.However what Ive been getting since the beginning of October is usually 8-12 grams for $20 of quality ish.Theres all different kinds of quality in Tucson,but we have a wide variety of good mids and highs and always different strains of KB. An ounce of high commercial goes for $60 usually.If your REAL good friends with someone,$40-$50.Of some real real good ****,$80-$100 an oz.QPs go for $120-$200.Pounds go for $300-$600,really depends I never get involved with more than a QP.Slang:

    Nick=Nickle=$5 worth
    Dime=10 Spot (lol)
    Twenty=Dub sack=Twin sack
    Ounce=O-Z (oh-zee),Ozzy(Like Ozzy Ozbourne)
    QP=Quarter Pounder with Cheese,QP,Quad
    Marijuana=MJ,MaryJane,Weed,Herb,Ganja,Bud,Green,Sticky Icky
    $20+A Gram ish=KB,Kind Bud,Killer Bud,Grammer,Chronic,Hydro,Fruity Pebbles
  10. imported_MmmOranges

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    I live in Illinois and an 8th here costs around $35 for some pretty kind bud......

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