Small white rocks in bag?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by LaxPhishy, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. LaxPhishy

    LaxPhishy New Member

    Has anyone ever gotten tiny little white rocks in their bags? I got a QP the other day that had a few here and there. I looked through my friends bud (from a different city) and his had one little rock in it too. They are all tiny, and they crush into powder like chalk. Any idea wtf these things are?
  2. replica

    replica New Member

    It could be from anything I suppose. I've been smoking for years, and I've never gotten a bag with tiny white chalk rocks.... It is also possible that the substance in question could be mold, in which case.... Time to buy a new baggie.
  3. LaxPhishy

    LaxPhishy New Member

    It's definetly not mold. I find it really odd that I have found a few pieces actually embedded in the nugs. Here are a few pics (phone sorry)

    I've actually been seeing this alot recently in the area. One of my friends told me it's chlorine, although I have no idea why that would be in nugs.
  4. replica

    replica New Member

    Why do you say it's definately not mold? Especially if it's embedded. And I've never heard of cholrine in bud. Unless the grower watered the plants with pool water, I doubt that's true.
  5. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    is it an off-topic possibly?
  6. LaxPhishy

    LaxPhishy New Member

    off-topic? I'm wondering if there is a health concern. If they are a type of mould, it is not like anything I have ever seen before. When I pull the nugs open they fall out like a hard little rock. They are very hard, but if I crush them they turn to a fine white powder. It is fairly tasteless. Oh well, hoping someone had seen something like this before. I have found this in three different bags from the last 2 months from 3 different cities in a 300 mile radius.
  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Thirty-odd years ago we would occasionally get a few pebbles in bricks of Mexican schwag.

    What you describe doesn't sound like mold at all. There's really no way of knowing what it is short of taking a sample to a lab and having it analyzed. A GC/MS analysis would tell you exactly what the substance contains.
  8. Muktananda

    Muktananda New Member

    Adulterated herb is one of the dangers of prohibition, which requires those who do not grow their own to purchase herb from nefarious sources. It could be a cutting agent meant to cause harm, not increase weight [definite health concern] to PCP in crystalline form [most common laced substance in street weed], and the fact that it was in the bud sounds like it was placed there purposefully. It could also be real rocks [lime, caliche, etc] from a dirty processing environment.

    I don't recommend ever buying street schwag. Growing your own is the only way to be totally safe. I'd find a new source.

    Of course, the Prohibitionists and the fascists in DC know this, but they know the WOD is all about money, not "protecting" one from themselves. Freedom, as a result, left town in the USA a long time ago, replaced by bought and paid for "representatives" of the CorporateFascist government we have today.
  9. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    It could be off topic stimulant free base? Or it could be off topic hullucinogenic veteniary anesthetic caked up into pebbles. Or it could be off topic opiate caked up into pebbles. Or it could be of topic hallucinogenic vetinary anesthetic that starts with a K. Or it could be any of the various off topic pills cut into crumbs. Or it could sheet rock crumbs. Or, or, or,...........................

    It could be a lot of things!
  10. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Nah, I used to find little white "rocks" like this in my bags sometimes too, and when you try to crush it, it turns into a powder. You would think it was cocaine, but it's not. I don't know what it is, but just pick them out and smoke your bud as normal. I definately didn't experience any hallucinations or crazy stuff from those buds, so no worries.
  11. LaxPhishy

    LaxPhishy New Member

    After further comparison I've concluded that it's little bits of perlite from the dirt it was grown in.

    what is off-topic ____ anyway? I've never heard it used that way.
  12. replica

    replica New Member

    A drug. Not marijuana.
  13. walstmonky

    walstmonky New Member

    Perlite is my guess.
  14. stering294

    stering294 New Member

    do you pick up bags by weight, or do you just get nick's twenty-sac's and stuff like that, if you go by weight, it may just be to add the extra .1, or .2 that saves a dealer weight in the long run... other than that i have no idea, it could be any number of things.
  15. buzzmobile

    buzzmobile Member

  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    That's what I figured, Buzz. I'm no grower, but I've seen the stuff enough to know, I just couldn't put a name on it for the life of me!
    Well that's kind of and old saying with our new policy now. An off-topic is anything that isn't marijuana, whether that be legal or illegal drugs, e.g. alcohol, salvia, cocaine, etc.

    Before you weren't able to mention/talk about them, but now you can talk about other substances as long as it relates to marijuana; you can't just directly start talking about something, like how cool your mushroom trip was last week.
  17. Zubi420

    Zubi420 Guest

    hahaha lol mine was ausome lol:D

    My trip last week was ausome while I was eating some mushrooms

    on a pizza while stoned.;)
  18. thechronic

    thechronic New Member

    I doubt it's laced, if it was they would have charged you for it. Off topics are too expensive and in demand to be giving away with weed. It could be perlite, fert residue, dried bug nests/leavings, or pest control residue. I think the most likely culprit is that they are dried bug nests/leavings. I get white bugs on some of my garden plants outside and they leave these little white masses on them. When they dry they are hard but crumble just as you've described.

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