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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by volume, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. volume

    volume New Member

    What is the smallest and easiest homemade piece to smoke out of? I usually smoke joints, but i'd like to minimize the amount of pot that i waste, and i have no money to buy a piece.

    So, basically, post what you think is the smallest and easiest homemade piece to smoke out of. If you could post how to make it, that woudl be great as well. :)

    *edit* woo 500th post :D
  2. eXploit

    eXploit New Member

    if your learn to roll a joint properly you won't waste any more weed than you would from smoking a bowl.

    Well, maybe a little more, but nothing significant enough to effect your buzz.
  3. volume

    volume New Member

    first off, thanks for the helpful post *sarcasm button on*.

    Second, i know how to roll a joint, but it does waste more than a bowl.
  4. MinnesotaMan

    MinnesotaMan New Member

    i don't like rolling joints either cause they keep on burning and wasting weed. I take a pen, preferably a paper mate flexgrip, the black ones with the rubberized coat and the metal end. Unscrew the end, take out the ink and the back, heat up either end with a lighter, and once it is hot enough and melting a little, stick the metal end on the melting plastic and hold for a while. Now you have a fast and easy piece, it doesn't hold much in it, but works well. :)

    I attached a picture of the final product
  5. volume

    volume New Member

    whoa man, thanks a lot
    that looks like it could do some lung damage though, i'll have to check it out. Thanks again!
  6. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Two words.

    Lightbulb Vaporizer!

    However, joints are still the most fun way to smoke :) Try tearing your weed up really fine, and mixing it with tobacco. Also use two papers instead of one to roll. It makes the joint burn alot slower.
  7. im grumpy

    im grumpy New Member

    That also makes it alot more unhealthy and fuggin disgusting. double rolled and mixed with tobacco? :puker:
  8. volume

    volume New Member

    yeah, i'm with you grump. double rolling is pretty sick on its own, but mixed in with tobacco, i think i'd almost pass on that joint. I'd like to stay away from tobacco, my dad used to smoke cigars and i know its just not good for you at all. Pot isn't either, but i think its healthier.
  9. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Apple pipe is you best option. Doesn't affect flavor or harshness of the smoke. Also you avoid smoking metalic particles.
  10. DaDornta


    Ever smoked a blunt? Thats not brown paper there bro, cigars are wraped in tobacco leaves. Hence the reason blunts have more "kick" to them.

    A pinch of tobacco on a joint can add flavor, longer burning joints, better high--and save a little bit of weed.

    I think our european counterparts have it figured out.
  11. DaDornta


    If your a little a worried about that pen can make the "DaDornta Special"...which dosent mean any one piece in particular...

    Here is an example...

    1. Get a socket

    2. Get a screen from a sink facuet. (Take it out the 1/2 bath in your home since that is the most un-used bathroom)

    3. Get a roll of electrical tape

    4. Get some kind of tubing or straw (the long flexi ones from old waterbottles are perfect)

    5. Put screen down into socket

    6. Put tubing or flexi-straw into the square/smaller end and pull back a bit (dont want the plastic to get to hot) and hold it there with one hand.

    7. Begin taping the straw to the socket piece.

    8. It may take a bit of tape, but eventually it'll be sturdy enough to smoke out of...enjoy.

    Note: The longer the tube/straw the better, because someone else can light it for you (kinda fun) AND you can hold it between your knees in the car whille driving. (not that i condone that use..)

    It's important that you use some kind of flexible tubing or straw. I just found one of those old 80's waterbottles with the straw that sticks up out of the top and used that.

    We actually used this pipe for quite a whille without any bad taste/fumes. The screen eventually might need to be replaced, but thats about it.

    You must be under 18 or somthing, if it was me i'd just go to a headshop and buy those pieces to make my own metal pipe. Here you can get the bowl, body, mouthpiece for around 7$...but personally I only smoke outta glass. No more urban ghetto-ness for me!
  12. Barker

    Barker Cunt.


    Weed+Tobacco=Longer,Better burning Joints....

    But if you dont smoke cigs dont bother trying it...
  13. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    If you're freaked out by what might be in a lightbulb, find a
    *clean* (preferably brand new) test tube. Pyrex is best.
  14. Bluntblazzer420

    Bluntblazzer420 New Member

    YeA , i got everything down from pipes about an inch long , to a bong i named party boy that stand 6' , there is no hoses on this bong, someone else has to light it for you , good

    when you have one of thoughs smoke out partys:D , ONE charge from a friend will send you packing your bags to ClOuD NiNe,,,,,,,,,,, very awsome, once u filled it up you could just pass it for a awhile between friends

    :D cAsH:D ( I say*%$%!!! this bud is quite tasteful)
  15. Big_Budz

    Big_Budz New Member

    Buckets or a Gravity Bong is what you want if you worried about wasting weed. It takes very little bud and a few, if not one, hits will get you ripped. It's pretty easy to make but it's not something you can carry around.

    Get a juice container (the ones you put the frozen juice in once it's made) and get a 2L pop bottle. Cut the bottom of the pop bottle off, cut where the bottle starts to turn in at the bottom. Get a bowl piece at a headshop or a hardware store will have something that'll work as a bowl. Make sure the small end of it is small enough to fit in the pop bottle cap. Make a hole in the cap so u can fit the bowl peice in nicely (you don't want it to fall out).

    Once you have all this, fill the juice container with enough water so that the pop bottle can be almost fully sumerged. Have the cap on the bottle and fill the bowl with only a little bit of weed (0.2g should be enough). Now place your thumb over the bowl so the weed doesnt fall out while placing the bottle into the water, put it in so the water has cover 3/4s of the bottle. Start to burn the weed while you slowly (make sure its slow) lift the bottle out of the water. You should beable to see smoke in the bottle, continue to lift the bottle till there's only about an inch left of the bottle in the water. Keep the bottle level and removing the top, now put ur mouth on the bottle opening and inhale while you slowly push the bottle down into the water.

    It's not very small but once u get the hang of it, it's easy. And 1 to 2 hits gets you ripped if it's good bud.
  16. Rizzo22

    Rizzo22 New Member

    all you need....

    all you need is like at the most $3 for A small tobacco pipe:)
  17. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Cheap, easy homemade piece

    Aight... this is the recipe for an awesome waterfall. It's easily reproduced and very airtight if you do it right. It's the best waterfall my suitemates and I have been able to make. The materials are very cheap.

    The bowl may seem small, but it's exactly the right size for a 20 oz bottle.

    Coaxial Cable
    Gatorade Bottle
    Regular Lighter
    Torch Lighter (optional, but works better)

    Pull the metal connector off one end of the coax cable. This is your bowl.

    Take the cap from the gatorade bottle, and start to melt it from the bottom with the regular lighter. It also helps if you have someone else heating up the bowl at the same time (USE PLIARS). When the cap is close to melting, push the bowl through the cap. If you do it right, it should stick. You might have to trim the excess plastic from the underside.

    Take the torch lighter and melt a nice round hole in the bottom of the bottle.

    Pack the bowl, fill the bottle with water (covering the hole at the bottom). Replace the cap, and as you let the water out, light the weed.

    Remove the cap and inhale (duh).
  18. GonzoGarbonzo

    GonzoGarbonzo New Member

    I'd just like to say that you can get some pretty reasonable pipes for under 10 bucks. Other than that, I can't really think of any homemade pipes, except something I made once that kinda sucked- get a brick or a hard surface, cut a coke bottle(plastic) and light the weed, place the cut out bottle over the weed and inhale. Didn't work very well, but it was fun.
  19. jnco_692003

    jnco_692003 New Member

    hell yeah i got somethimg for ya!

    :idea: make a pipe out of wood! man just ****ing get a drill and make a bowl then make a smaller hole for the mouth peice thats what i did! but u can do it how ever the **** u won't to but u can also make a dug out with the same things.(drill,wood) thats all ya need man peace out. :wave:

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