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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by gOpOoF, May 20, 2003.

  1. gOpOoF

    gOpOoF New Member

    What's the best thing to store a pipe/small amount of weed in? right now its in a tin and rolled up in a sock, but i can still smell it when i just buy a large bag. any ideas?
  2. mike94z28

    mike94z28 New Member

    you can buy small mason jars that come in 1oz sizes and up... mostly smellproof i guess...they are air/water tight.
  3. Jaycrills

    Jaycrills New Member

    You can buy "Smelly Proof" ziplock bags at headshops. They are actually called smelly proof and have it written in green on the bag. I don't know if its just a thing at the headshop I visit alot or if they have them elsewhere.
  4. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden New Member

    ^ i havent seen em in california, north or south..
  5. brd

    brd New Member

    im looking at a smelly proof bag right now. all from my southern california bungalow. haha. but ya these things do work awesome. i have an empty one that i put a lot of bud in and out of, and it stinks like all hell when its open. but zip that **** shut and the stank is GONE. they work fantastic.

    i think the company orange chronic made these, allthough i could be wrong. but they truly do work, and its basically a zip loc, so it has all the pro's and con's of one. with the obvious addition of smell proof.
  6. JonnyLentilbean

    JonnyLentilbean New Member

    i mainly use a 3" tall glass jar that originally had old miniature screws on it. i added an extra seal onto it, so i seriously doubt that anyone [even possibly a drug dog] could smell it.
  7. nocturnal

    nocturnal New Member

    any old galss jar should work
  8. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden New Member

    thats crazy, maybe ive just been goin to crappy head shops.

    now im on a mission to find those bags.
  9. beats

    beats New Member

    A drug dog will still pick it up..they can smell it from you touching it, then touching the outside of the bag. Still a little bit there. Probaly enough to get busted for.

    I just put mine in a tin, or when I only need a bowl or so, I use an extremely washed out blistex can :p

    They sell stash tins at headshops, they should be relatively smell-proof if it's in a ziplock, or just got with the smelly proof's.
  10. tokeaway

    tokeaway New Member

    put it into a ziplock baggy and then in a mason jar

    or ( never tried this) put it in a ziplock baggy and then in a bottle of water and shut the lid on the water . i think this should keep all smell in if the bag keeps the water out, i would try this with something other than bud because i wouldn't want to risk it getting wet.
  11. turtle1965

    turtle1965 New Member

    Oven Bags work very well at hiding the smell.
    I use that for fresh QPs.
  12. Potty

    Potty New Member

    Good idea with the water thing, just make sure it's SUPER water proof though. Good place to stash weed if that worked would be in the back of the toilet in a bathroom where the water drains and fills up, that'd be cool. Also the water is usually REALLY cold so it's kinda like a freezer at the same time.
  13. beats

    beats New Member

    I've done the toilet thing. When I have some I need to save for awhile.

    I stick it in a jar, then a bag, then duct-tape it up and make sure there isn't too much air. Then it doesn't bonk around.

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