Smoke indoors with no smell?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by weener pie, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. weener pie

    weener pie New Member

    Ok, so i have just moved into an apartment, and starting smoking again recently after being caught by the cops over a year ago, and by my

    School starts tomorrow and i wanna get one last goodbye summer high, but i got a few problems...

    1. im indoors
    2. im in an apartment complex, so if i smoke indoors idk if people upstairs would smell it in some wierd way
    3. its late and my moms still up and she wants me to go to bed early so i can go to school.

    well i dont give 3 shits about the first day of school anyway so..
    first i have to make a homemade piece again real quick because i'm too sketched out to even have my own piece as long as im living with my mom lol, but the real question is how can i smoke maybe in my closet or shower without any smoke getting around the house, any smell WHAT SO EVER. NONE.

    we just moved in so my mom comes in my room and closet alot these days so if she smells the slightest bit of ash, smoke, and weed (which i dont think she knows what it smells like), drug test is imminent.

    much love to homies who can hook me up with a plan. :jump:
  2. nomack67

    nomack67 New Member

    I don't recommend you smoke indoors. Way too risky, she probably would smell it. If you have to smoke indoors you can turn the shower on hot and steam up the bathroom and then smoke. By time you shower after you smoke the smell will be gone.
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  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Have you considered going outside to smoke? There are some ways to reduce the smell but no way to totally eliminate it:
    1) sploof (paper towel tube stuffed with dryer sheets)
    2) open window, fan blowing out
    3) incense/febreeze/air freshener/anything to chemically reduce or cover the smell
    4) bathroom, hot shower on, exhaust fan running (or exhaust hood over a stove)

    But your best bet is to go outside. Do you have roof access?
  4. weener pie

    weener pie New Member

    the past few days i have opened my window and gone on my balcony on the other side, and i know that is like... a way way easier way to just smoke.. open window, step out, smoke, come back in, yeah, simple... but i feel like, when i step outside she can hear the grill lighter clicks, the balcony creaking upon steps, maybe me hitting the leave of plants as i go back and forth to the my window and railing, trying to find light to break my weed under and shit, its such a hassle. and no chair.
  5. larson60

    larson60 New Member

    Best way. never been caught. u need a exhaust fan in your bathroom and a slpoof. smoke a bowl and blow your smoke through the sploof into the exhaust fan. and i mean get ur face close to the fan by getting on top of toilet or counter top. if you cherry it and it keeps smoking while blow ur hit into the fan then put it up to the fan so the smoke gets sucked up. once your done smoking, tear the sploof up and flush it cuz i had a friend get caught cuz his sploof he had smelled. then take a nice hot steamy shower and make yourself smell really good. steam up the whole room. when your done brush your teeth. spray deoderant/ put lotion on(optional). if you have a window open before doing those last 3 steps. Leave the bathroom only till after the room and mirrors arnt steamy. when your done and ready to leave the bathroom, shut the window if is makes your parents suspicious that its open and spray fabreeze in the area u were smoking and towards the fan.(shits really good at masking smell) . keep the fan on and window open and keep the door open and ur good. Ive never been caught doing this. Ive had parents/sibilings go into right after i get outa there and they've never said a thing. and if they do just say you took a nasty shit. and don't be a dumbass and slip off toilet/countertop or drop bowl cuz then ur pooped.
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  6. I'mwithweed

    I'mwithweed New Member

    Outside is the best way. But if you really must toke inside, open a window without making too much noise if there's someone you live with and you want to keep it on the dl. Pack single hits, don't leave a cherry in the bowl, blow all the smoke out the window, really it works best if you have the screen out and can stick your head out a bit.
  7. CS&N

    CS&N New Member

    I agree with everything thats been said, though I will add that a steamy shower in the dark while high as balls is a life changing experience.
  8. rocky400

    rocky400 New Member

    This helped me alot.. Wait till she goes to bed go inside your room or bathroom and exhale into a towel facing a open window and put a damp towel down on the door gap. Worked for me :D

    Stay high :)

    [ame=""]Good way to smoke pot indoors with out your parents knowing - YouTube[/ame]
  9. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    You could trying using a vaporizer instead of smoking the weed indoors.
  10. larson60

    larson60 New Member

    How do i post my own threads? So that ppl can see mine and post back?
  11. rocky400

    rocky400 New Member

    Well from this page go up to where it says reply to thread and click "surveys polls and questions" and there will be a page with a bunch of threads and at the top you click new thread.. Hope that helped
  12. orangecrush8585

    orangecrush8585 New Member

    in my old college dorm we used to cover the end of a toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet and stick a towel under the door. never got caught!!
  13. bong+weed= life

    bong+weed= life New Member

    hey man
    I think i may be able to give you a few idears to help you out

    firstly one thing even with a vaporizer you will still smell the weed, you wont see the smoke but it is still the, dude the best thing to do is go outside any thing esle with stink up you room for a while.

    now even once you go out side you still in to hide/ cover the smell and is is a very potant one
    1.deodrant will work if you like bathing in it an you would smell redculasly of it

    2. this is best one if you smoke, ciggarets will mask the smell the best all though you jjust really cover your scent of bong smoke

    3. if you really feeling up to it and it is the only sure way to get the smell complelty out of you clothes and such things need is go for a walk or jog for about 30min- hour
    this is the most effevtive way if you have the time
    to other wise the other 2 are your quick fixes to hide the smell but i go with smokin

    hope it helps: helpful stoner

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