Smoke only on weekends?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by lol420giggles, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. lol420giggles

    lol420giggles New Member

    Hey guys. I recently started smoking again because I was preparing for a possible drug test. However, my job does not test, so I am back to smoking!!

    I was just wondering--for those who work and/or go to school, do you only allow yourself to smoke on the weekends, or do you smoke during your regular work week as well? I guess I am just kind of hesitant to smoke on week-nights because I don't want to be effected the next day at my work.

    How do you guys feel about this? Do you think it is out of the question to smoke during the work-week?

  2. If i were you, i would get used to being high again, because if your basically clean, then your tolerance is at 0. Which also means that your going to get REALLY high, and most likely still be burnt out the next day. Once you get used to being high again you wont have to worry about that, because now, im only burnt out for about an hour, and all i have to do is go to sleep, and i wake up refreshed, and perfectly fine.

    All in all, its up to you. When i started smoking, i didnt even really even have a burn out the next day, once i went to sleep, i would wake up perfectly fine. Although, i have heard many people say that they have a weed hang over the next day, but its just basically being groggy, its nothing like a alchohol hang-over.

    Your choice, you could always try it, and if you dont smoking on week nights, then dont do it any more.
  3. DiegoDraw

    DiegoDraw New Member

    Well, personally, I usually get weed burnouts (when you're still a bit high the next day), but they usually only last for the first hour of the morning or so, and they aren't nearly as bad as actually being high. It's honestly your decision, but I see nothing wrong with smoking on weeknights.

  4. ThillyThailor420

    ThillyThailor420 New Member

    i personally never feel any lingering affects the next day. but everybody reacts differently so i suggest you start smoking on fridays or saturdays (whenever you have the next day free) for a couple weeks and see if you feel burned the next day. if you do and its to the point where you think itd hurt your ability to work, just keep smoking on weekends. better safe then sorry.
  5. simplystoned

    simplystoned Sr. Member

    I feel a little burn out the next day but as stated before it normaly only lasts the first hour or so of the day. Try it on the weekends and see how you feel then makea decision. If you are worried then do not do it just smoke onthe weekends. All in all it is ultmatly your desision and how you respond to smoking. Take it slow and see how it goes. If you feel uncomfortable at all then don't do it.
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  6. ITG

    ITG Ardent Dilettante

    I've found that no matter how low my tolerance is, I'm always fine the next day, and even if I don't sleep I don't really feel any worse than I normally do if I don't sleep. But everyone's different... I think simplystoned gave you the best advice- experiment first, then decide. Good luck!
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  7. Gref

    Gref New Member

    The only after effect, that gets to me, is a nasty taste in my mouth and a side of cottonmouth.

    I just grab a glass of some drank! and try to do something that makes me sweat. After that its back to normal. :cool:
  8. lol420giggles

    lol420giggles New Member

    Thanks for all the comments :)

    I hate work--who doesn't?:mad:

    I'm going away on vacation for a few days and i'm leaving Friday night. This week is going to go SO slow.

    I just feel like maybe I can't let myself go as much as I would like because I know that I have to get up for work the next day. There are too many work days and not enough weekend nights lol
  9. Tokemon420

    Tokemon420 New Member

    its different for everybody, it really depends what i do, if i smoke up and just relax and doze off, fall asleep, then i usually wake up the next morning feelin pretty good, but if i get very very blazed and end up going on some adventure with my friends and crazy shit happens im a little bit tired the next day. But honestly in my opinion there is no real big problem, so what if im a tad bit tired the next day, it was worth it :p I used to smoke up b4 school, after school, and again a couple hours b4 going to bed. It became like a part of my schedule lol :rolleyes: however, i am a very lazy person, and never did my homework
  10. Lemon Herb

    Lemon Herb New Member

    When I first started smoking I was really burnt out for a while, almost an entire week but after that I haven't had trouble with it at all. I have been smoking every night for a while now, so long as I haven't run out like now.
  11. hydro420

    hydro420 New Member

    well i dunno about you but i did the same thing you did... not smoke till i got a job then waited a little while to smoke.. first it was once a week... soon enough i was smoking before and after work... but i also don't show it as much as others do.. or you can always do what my best friend use to say. you gotta show up to work the first day high as fuck so they know what to expect from you lol.
  12. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Most of my smoking does happen on the weekends. But I'll smoke during the week also. I try to keep it very regulated, I never smoke before my classes (wasn't always the case) and I don't smoke until all of my books can be put away, homework done. Again, I didn't always do this...
  13. guntroll

    guntroll New Member

    I smoked everyday during school this week (which is the first week) I was high almost all of the first day of school. The rest of the year will be more sober starting tomorrow, or just at school. It's risky and the experience isn't all that great anyway. The only problem with smoking on the weekends is that a sack bought on Monday will last a good amount longer then one bought on Friday. It's still worth it though.

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