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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by cannabliss1, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. cannabliss1

    cannabliss1 New Member

    I can only do a few simple tricks like the French inhale, rings, and dragon tail. Does anyone no of any way cool tricks? I'd love to learn to do some cool stuff.
  2. bytemee495

    bytemee495 Sr. Member

    What's the dragon tail...I can do the snap inhale, and the rings...but I can't seem to get the french inhale as hard as I try! But the dragon tail sounds new...

  3. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    I know one that a friend calls a Snoop Dogg

    You fill your mouth with smoke, open, and then basically back away from the smoke in your mouth. This leaves a thick cloud hanging in the air, which you can suck back in starting with one section of the cloud. Cool to watch

    What is a snap inhale? French inhale is easy, just angle your lower lip up a bit and push the smoke out slowly with your mouth while inhaling with your nose.
  4. TemplarProphet

    TemplarProphet New Member

    I have the french inhale down to a science; I can do it better than any of my friends. However, I was never able to make smoke rings like my friends can.

    "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
    - Hunter S. Thompson

    K0TT0NM0UTHK!NG New Member

    I can make the bubble of smoke come out of my mouth, then inhale it all back up. I can do the snap inhale, and smoke rings. I can also do combos though, such ass, blowing out a smoke ring inhaling it through my nose, and with the rest of the smoke in my mouth blow a smoke bubble and inhale it through my mouth. Its pretty sick.
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  6. TemplarProphet

    TemplarProphet New Member

    I have only seen the smoke bubble done once.

    "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
    - Hunter S. Thompson
  7. thegoat

    thegoat New Member

    My only smoke trick is taking a good old fashion bong rip and holding it long enough so that when I exhale, "no" smoke comes out, heh. I call it the invisible hit. ;)
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  8. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    harsh, but doable
  9. cannabliss1

    cannabliss1 New Member

    The Dragon Tail is just another term for the snap inhale.
  10. cannabi$

    cannabi$ New Member

    Can anybody here do tricks with the smoke?

    I can kind of do O's but that's about it.
  11. Hootnnuts

    Hootnnuts New Member

    im kinda new at the whole tricks thing cause im used to smoking in an ally between 2 houses or anywhere else in the neighborhood where its kinda windy all the time. cant smoke in my house or my friends so thats what were stuck with. sometimes we can smoke in my friends garage when his dad isnt home but thats about it.

    anyways i can kinda do the O's. and i can do the one where the smoke goes from my mouth to my nose then i blow it back out.
  12. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    I can't do any but my friend can rip some bangin' O's. He also does the little trick where you put your index finger up to your lips and blow O's so that it splits and eventually shoots out two O's.
  13. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    This has been discussed before. I can snap inhale and blow smoke rings. I don't normally do either as I find it showy and I'm not like that.
  14. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    The basics, smoke rings, french inhale, snap inhale. Not sure how many more there even are, probably not much.
  15. Dank Perception

    Dank Perception 4TheLULZ!

    I can do it all. My fav lately is blowing an O from each side of my mouth at the same time.
  16. Feorge Gorman

    Feorge Gorman New Member

    Yes it a thread with the exact same name! So I will merge this to that one. ;)

    Piece o' :cake: :D

    Can you blow O's outta your NOSE? I can! :D
  17. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    How do you learn to do these things? I've seen people do O's with cigarettes but I don't smoke stogeys so I've never really been able to practice with them.
    Is it on youtube or somewhere?
  18. Jdezle21

    Jdezle21 Jr. Member

    Someone give a good tutorial on catching clouds (blowing a bubble of smoke and sucking it up before it drifts away)... I mean I can kinda do it every once in a while... but I wanna know how to do a clean lookin bubble/sphere type shape. I jus don't really know what mouth movements to do to achieve a good cloud.
  19. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    I can do the french inhale, rings (big ones, but inconsistant and not the best form), and I can hold my hits in for 2 minutes, that's about it. What the hell is a snap inhale?
  20. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    A snap inhale is when you snap your tongue down with your mouth open and a cloud of smoke begins to drift from your mouth and you suck it up real quick before it drifts away.

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