Smoke Tricks?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by RyanB, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. RyanB

    RyanB Sr. Member

    What type of smoke tricks are there? I've Youtubed a couple things but the only ones I can find are ones that I can already do.

    French Inhale - Inhale it through your nose while exhaling through your mouth

    Mushroom Cloud - Exhale the smoke and then re-inhale it quickly so it looks like a small mushroom cloud

    Smoke Rings - Explains itself

    Ghost Inhale - Exhale it so it looks like a ghost-like "tail" and re inhale it

    What other types are there? Name and descriptions please if you have any (I'm not talking about like blowing the smoke in the table to make it look cool, I meant actual tricks that you only need yourself and something to smoke to do)
  2. tayg13

    tayg13 New Member

    ive tried the mushroom cloud and the french inhale so much, but i just cant get them. Especially the mushroom cloud, i see a ton of people do it but i just cant get it! :confused:
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  3. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    I learned how to do most of my smoke tricks while smoking a hookah, you can get some pretty thick ass smoke rings!!

    I can do the french inhale and smoke rings! But the fun doesn't stop there....I don't know if a pipe will work as good BUT...we used an empy towel paper roll and blew HUGE smoke rings ha, and it's fun because they go horizontal and you can hit people with them. Or blowing bubbles with smoke. THOSE look cool. Ha or blowing bubbles underwater with smoke in your mouth.....but be CAREFUL with's difficult ha DON'T DROWN!!
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  4. relaxwon

    relaxwon New Member

    Dont quote me on this but if you can make that clover thing with your tung and blow smoke rings, ive seen one of my friends combine the two and make a smoke ring that on the bottem have half a clover imprint on it.

    Im not sure exactly what my friend was doing....I was high
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  5. Da Ganja King

    Da Ganja King New Member

    I know how to do smoke rings, and french inhale, but ive seen my friend make smoke bubbles with the spit in his mouth. The Bubble was filled with smoke and it fell out of his mouth to the ground and exploded with smoke. pretty cool, ill ask him how he did it.
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  6. DroJuggalo

    DroJuggalo New Member

    hah ok. i would not suggest trying this becuase it is painful n prob not very good for you lol
    but my dads friend can blow smoke through his eyes. he like pulls his eyelids down n his face gets all red with effort like he's taking a shit n after 15 secs or so smoke starts coming out. its awsome.
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  7. Bushbr

    Bushbr New Member

    i taught myself how to do pretty decent smoke rings back when i smoked hookah,

    and the trick to french inhale is that you dont actually exhale through your mouth. you simply don't inhale as much, and let the smoke drift and float out of your mouth, you can push it out with your tounge too, do this and inhale into your nose. been doing it for years with cigs

    a friend of mine can blow cylinders. he says he just makes like he's doing a smoke ring, but he keeps exhaling and physicaly moves his head backwards to make a cylinder
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  8. pvsurfer

    pvsurfer New Member

    I can do those with cigarettes hurts like a bitch though... your eyelid literly feels like its on fire, but people say it looks really tight. I rarely do it so i dont screw up my eyes.... And i can blow perfect rings, im just trying to learn how to do mushroom clouds, there so damn hard to do :( any tips anyone?
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  9. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    I would love to be able to blow smoke rings... I can do it with shisha but the smoke is always far thicker when i'm smoking a hookah. For sheer entertainment I would love to blow my smoke into a buble wand.. being a girl this almost naturaly sounds like a fantastic idea :)
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  10. mrcool420

    mrcool420 New Member

    ive always been taugh that a ghost inhale is when you inhale and you hold it in for like 30 seconds and when you go to exhale theres no smoke. thats what kids do when they smoke in school
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  11. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    i can do all the fancy inhales they are easy french inhale "mushroom cloud"
    all that
    but i like ring tricks
    normal ring, large ring, lots and lots of tiny rings, and then there is ring through ring, hearts, and locked rings and then ringinhale lol

    theres so many ring tricks i like sending rings through rings the best though i can get a ring through a ring through a ring etc etc pretty much until i run out of smoke
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  12. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    i can french inhale and do decent smoke rings
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  13. StonedBassist

    StonedBassist New Member

    I think what you're describing is a ghost hit and the ghost inhale is different
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  14. maggie_monster

    maggie_monster New Member

    can someone explain how to do smoke rings? i've been dying to know and i can't get the hang of it... i can do a weak mushroom cloud, but a pretty good french inhale.
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  15. HarisMyleak

    HarisMyleak New Member

    ok. smoke rings... um
    i'm gonna try to explain it.

    make your lips in like a O and try to stick your tongue in the middle of your mouth.... you've seen others make smoke rings, just kinda imitate their lips (like you're sucking dick or eating a banana... for a lack of better words) then just kinda let your jaw drop... see how it doesn't go down all the way unless you force it... So, the position it sits at if you just kinda give a surprized look... A LITTLE below that is what you wana start at (when you're accumulating the smoke in ur mouth/throat area) and then do a slightly quick gesture with your jaw... close your jaw to a little bit above that "surprized look" mouth position. and repeat this jerk motion. your tongue stays in the middle of your mouth... vertically and horizontally. And, obviously you have to practice a lot on the exhaling part. the exhaling right way/right amount is the main thing. (takes longest to master)

    things to make sure ur doing: (no order... i'm high)
    1. lips round (they always stay that way while ur doin this... throughout the whole process)
    2. surprized look jaw position (just relax your jaw) you can't be forcing it open
    3. a little BELOW # 2 is where you wana start at when accumulating the smoke in ur throat
    4. a little above # 2 is where you wana close your jaw to (in a slightly jerking/quick manner)
    5. your tongue stays in the middle (not much i can explain) EDIT - okay just make it like a horizontal bar... and stick it straight out but not touching any teeth. and try to point it out of the mouth.
    6. try to accumulate smoke in your mouth when you go to # 3. then AS you go to # 4, blow smoke out slowly.... not after you go to 4, it's AS you go.

    This WHOLE time, your lips should be that sucking dick position or w/e.
    (when you get better at doing it... it'll be easier and you don't have to look like ur suckin dick but just practice alone.) - cigarettes work best cuz they're so uniform in burning and the smoke's not that thick/hard on ur throat, I can only do rings with green if i'm already high cuz on those initial tokes, i'd choke/cough if i tried to do rings.

    I tried to explain... sorry if i did a horrid job.

    And RyanB, just thanking everyone is a cheap way to get ppl to keep posting on ur thread. potheads aren't stupid. if anything, i get smarter when i get high.
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  16. KitLeHunn

    KitLeHunn New Member

    smoke rings - kind of act like you're about to whistle, curl your tongue and push it in and out. you know... it should make that woo-ooh-woo-oooh sound kind of like a whooping sound. anyways, so when you're smoking, take a hit but just fill up your mouth, don't inhale, then make that movement slowly or fast with your tongue. you might need to experiment with it a bit, you can inhale too, but i don't think its as thick. if you're good you can do rings thru rings. or take an empty bong or a toilet paper roll and do it, its great.

    mushroom cloud or the snoop dogg as the suburb kids around here call it - take a hit, don't inhale, just fill up your mouth. then gently blow the smoke out or use your tongue to gently push the smoke out in one consistent glob. then inhale.

    smoke is so fascinating to me. i like to hotbox my car in the driveway and watch the bright rays of the sun unveil the beauty of the mystical mary jane smoke.:hail:
  17. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

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