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  1. aseems

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    Hello. I am from Kathmandu, Nepal and I have been smoking weed for the past 15 years. Although still illegal, weed is widely tolerated in my country. In fact we have a special day to smoke weed legally too. Anyways, point of my matter is that I will be travelling to KL, Malaysia next week. I rarely venture out of my country for I know I will not be able to score some weed in a foreign land. I just read about Malaysian way of dealing with weed and I am scared. I am travelling with my family for vacation and I DO NOT want to venture out looking for weed in golden triangle. I read about the dealers modus operandi and their relationship with the Cops. Who would want to buy weed from a mole!!
    I am looking for fellow smokers who can help me score some weed in KL. As a passionate smoker myself, i would be more than happy to give a helping hand to a fellow smoker or a stranger smoker. Identifying a real stoner is not that difficult. I can smell one just by looking at the person. I am sure there are people in KL who are as passionate about weed as I am.
    Can anybody please help me? I will be in Malaysia for about 9 days. Although I have been smoking everyday for the past 'i dont know how many years', i can manage myself without it for any number of days. But I want to try Malaysian weed. Outside of my country I have been to Singapore, Thailand and India, and I have been fortunate enough to smoke weed of those countries.
  2. Buzzby

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    I'd just enjoy nine days weed-free.

    "Anyone caught with a mere 7 grams of marijuana can be labeled and tried as a drug trafficker, an offense punishable nationwide by the death penalty."

    Who needs that kind of worry when they're high?
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    Just like buzzby said, I'm afraid you gonna have to spend your time weed free as Malaysia has tough law against all drugs. I used to live in KL back in 2005 and also visit there almost every year, and like you a daily smoker. So whenever I plan to visit KL I just think of it it as a tolerance break....You could however take some prescription sleep medication to help you sleep at night as you said you've been smoking years without break.
  4. Buzzby

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    Getting high is a very enjoyable experience, but not one worth risking life in prison or the death penalty. As someone who took a sixteen-year tolerance break and frequently takes shorter ones, I can tell you that life without weed is not a tragedy. There is still plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had.

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