Smoked once, 6 or 7 days clean

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by d00d, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Hey guys, on Sunday night I shared a blunt with 3 other people. I was clean for 7 months before. I am going to take the test on Monday, which gives me 7ish days clean from the one incident.

    I'm male
    170 (thin, with a little chub)
    average metabolism

    Here's my plan to Dilute, please let me know if there's anything I missed:

    - Start today and spend the weekend getting fat as hell by only eating fast food and sitting around
    - Started creatine loading today
    - On Sat. take a home test with first void of the day (I'll update thread)
    - Morning on the test, take 4 aspirin
    - Morning of test, take B12 (not sure how many I'm taking yet)
    - 90 minutes before Test, start drinking 20oz gatorade, finish 60 minutes before test

    Is that all I should do? I normally have to urinate pretty soon after I drink anything (friends say I have a bladder the size of a Walnut); so does it matter if I pee once or twice after drinking the gatorade and before I take the test?

    Thanks guys!
  2. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    Regarding the drinking the Gatorade an hour 1/2 before and then possibly having to pee too early. I'm pretty sure the whole point of drinking it early is to make sure it gets through your system. But if you have to pee quickly usually, just delay drinking it a tad so you have to pee on time.
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  3. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Ok cool thanks. I'll do a test run this weekend also to see how long it takes to work its way through my system. Hopefully I can pass a home test on Saturday first thing in the morning and won't have to even worry about a full dilution the day of the test; since it was just a one time high, with a week in between. I've read several threads of people who were in a similar situation as me and they seemed alright.

    On another note, it's kind of fun eating like crap since I normally eat so healthy. For lunch I ate french fries and a milkshake. Bring on the trans fat!
  4. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    Yeah, my friend who was on probation would smoke like 4 or 5 times a month..and wait like maybe 2 weeks before the test to not smoke at all, and he'd always come out clean. A one time thing over a lifetime of not smoking isn't going to horribly ruin your chances.
    You can dilute just to be sure, but don't stress too much.
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  5. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    I would like to enlighten you on something.....a one time high (TOTALLY clean beforehand) ONLY stays in the body 3-5 days. The longer you smoke, the more built up gets into your body cigarette smoke on the lungs. Since it was only one time, you shouldn't have any built up. I would almost say that you may be already clean enough to pass a standard drug test. I won't go into much more right now until I see the results of your home test...but, again....I don't think you should fret a bit.
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  6. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Followed my above plan out more or less as described above and took the test today. I didn't end up buying a home test due to last minute financial constraints this weekend. The vitamin B complex made my urine look a laughable neon yellow color at the testing place. Hopefully I passed, I will follow up in this thread when I find out. I know how helpful it is for me when I see threads that are updated from start to finish.

    Also, for those worried about Subbing at a place like Quest, it would have been ridiculously easy if I felt that I really needed to sub.
  7. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Hey gang, to follow up on this, it appears as though I passed (as you guys predicted). I called the testing place to get the result and instead of telling me what the outcome was they just said that it had been reported to my employer a week and a half ago. So I would assume HR would have already notified me if it turned out badly.

    One thing I would like to mention is that it is quite easy to become overly paranoid when you are likely already clean or would only need a light dilution to pass. It's hard to be disciplined on test day and not let your nerves get the best of you...resulting in you drinking way too much water or gatorade and unnecessarily getting a diluted result.

    Hopefully my thread, while probably ultimately unnecessary, will ease the nerves of some of you guys searching for answers on this board.
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  8. bluntwrapsupreme

    bluntwrapsupreme New Member

    good looks on posting your results. i have a test friday and im bugging big time about getting a diluted result. all ive been thinking about is timing my liquid intake perfectly and im scared ill have to wait for my test and get fucked over. i cant wait til its over.

    i was just wondering at what time you took your b complex as compared to the time of your test and how much liquid you drank following taking the vitamin?
    and also how many times you peed before you got your "laughable" neon yellow pee?
    i bought one of those omni drinks and although i know it was a waste of money it has and absurd amount of b-vitamins that im going to use in place of pills. i dont want to piss neon green on the test but i also dont want to take it too early and end up pissing clear.

    glad to hear you passed and hopefully i can post the same good news in a few days
  9. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Looking back on it, I suppose the color of the urine was just the "vitamin yellow" referred to in the main Dilution sticky. The B Complex I bought had "500%" of the Daily B2. On the morning of the test day I was a bit dehydrated after going out for a good friends birthday the night before and drinking alcohol. Test time was at 2:00PM. The fluid intake that follows isn't particularly recommended, but I'll post it for posterity. At 8am I drank a glass and a half of water, chugged is probably a better word since I was quite thirsty. Around 9 I had a glass of milk (16-20oz) with a bagel breakfast sandwich. At 10 (four hours before test time) I was taking my 4 aspirin in class when I realized I had bought a 32oz Orange gatorade and not a 20oz. During the next hour I slowly sipped about 1/3 of the gatorade down so I would have 20oz or so left to drink 90 min before test time. At this point I was already voiding regularly and figured my liquid intake wasn't too much and was fairly spread out over the morning as well.

    I got curious about how long it would take for the B Complex to change the color of my urine. So around 11:15 I took two of the pills. They don't taste particuarly good. By around 11:50 or Noon, the urine started to have a yellow tinge to it, but it still looked mostly clear.

    At 12:30, I started drinking the 20oz remaining of the Gatorade and finished at 1:00PM. At 1 I took 2 more B Complex vitamins, since the urine didn't seem yellow "enough" to me.

    I got to the testing center 30 minutes early and really, really had to pee. I was squirming around in my car. There really wasn't anywhere else to go, so I peed into the 32oz gatorade bottle and low and behold the urine looked just like some sort of lemon gatorade. Certainly brighter than urine, but it definitely had a yellow color.

    At the testing center at 2:00PM I easily peed on command and had quite a bit. Again it looked to me like some sort of neon lemon gatorade and not urine, but the testing person did not act like there was anything out of the ordinary and accepted the sample.

    For the entire rest of the afternoon and evening my urine had that color to it, so I would imagine it would be ok to take the B2 more than one hour before test time.

    Let me know if this answered your question.
  10. bluntwrapsupreme

    bluntwrapsupreme New Member

    ok thats good info for me. i have this omni drink that i referred to before. it has:
    80mg vitamin B1
    80mg vitamin B2
    80mg vitamin B6
    200mcg vitamin B12

    my friends who have taken it referred to the piss as "neon green" after drinking it, so i definitely dont want that for the test sample.
    the guy at the store gave me directions to drink the 32 oz omni (about 1-2 hours before) quickly then refill the bottle with water and drink quickly following (and he didnt recommend fluid after that). if i take it at 7a.m.ish and my test isnt til about 930 i know i will pee a few times and im hoping that the neon green fades into a more reasonable color because im not suppose to eat or drink anything but water after midnight the night before, i dont want to be too obvious with neon green piss haha.

    i was thinking about waking up at like 6am and drinking about 2 water bottles to get at least 1 clear void in before the omni, and hopefully diluting it a bit beforehand, then following the directions of the guy at the store except maybe filling it only HALF way back up with water, drinking that, and then sipping the other half til test time.
  11. d00d

    d00d New Member

    Yeah man I just don't know much about Omni. Drinking 64oz of fluid within 1-2 hours of the test seems way too much, especially on top of two bottles of water earlier in the morning. I'm not sure what the purpose would be of filling up the empty 32oz Omni bottle and drinking more water, other than just further diluting the result.

    If you are really that worried about having neon green urine, you could just skip the Omni all together and grab a cheap b complex supplement and a gatorade. I can tell you for sure it's a yellow, not a green color, that comes out after the B Complex. I know you already bought the stuff and it probably wasn't cheap, but as far as I've seen on this forum Omni-type drinks are not really the recommended method for dilution.
  12. bluntwrapsupreme

    bluntwrapsupreme New Member

    yeah man i know what youre saying. im torn because i spent fucking 45 dollars on this shit and i know people that have used it and passed with no other usage of the dilution method(i dont know how). ive been loading on creatine for the past two days and will continue until thursday night so im hoping that will really help me not dilute.
    i might just skip the 2 bottles in the morning, take the omni at about 6:45am, then slowly drink 2 bottles of water until the time of the test.

    if im going to be flushing out creatinine everytime i piss then i dont want to piss TOO much before the test and waste the normal levels, but if i will consistently have high creatinine levels regardless of how many times i piss i might try and get some clear voids in before i take the omni just so the first thing im drinking wont be over loaded with b-vitamins.
  13. jim420

    jim420 New Member

    the more you pee in an hour the less toxins are in urine. take forexample when you go out drinking and you start pissing ever 45 mins or every half hour your piss is clear cause your body hasnt had time to drop and toxins in it be cause you keep drinking and it has to keep moving to make mmore room for the next drink
  14. Shouldofsaidno

    Shouldofsaidno New Member

    Can someone please help me out with some knowledge???

    So I'm about 6 feet tall and 160lbs, I have been smoking for about 10yrs and I stopped smoking for 6 days and did a lot of steam room and sauna however on day 6 I took a few hits of a blunt with some friends then I went back to not smoking and my normal steam room and sauna routine do you think I still have a chance at cleaning up for a hospital drug test which will most probably be administered somewhere around day 10 -12??? I'M FREAKIN OUT!!! SOMEONE PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT!!!!!

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