Smoking and Hives?!

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by knutter218, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. knutter218

    knutter218 New Member

    I have been a heavy toker for 2 years now and I am starting to break out into hives when I smoke. Actually, the hives can appear during smoking or if I am just handling weed. The hives only show up in localized areas and it's usually on one side of my neck. I can't believe that it's an allergy after so long and b/c it is only in one area. I think it may be related to anxiety, but it only happens when I smoke.
    I know that quitting is the option if it's an allergy, but does anyone have another suggestion? Anyone else breaking out into hives?
  2. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    Search this site using under "marijuana allergy". Sounds like an allergy to me by the way.
  3. b a n a n a s

    b a n a n a s New Member

    As weird as this sounds, my old friends boyfriend was allergic to weed and he got something from his doctor for it. I don't know what he told his doctor, but i dunno just tell him your allergic to something, i think most allergies are treated the same.
  4. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    An allergic reaction to cannabis is quite rare; however not unheard of.

    More likely you are reacting to stress, even so far as getting a hive reaction to your own sweat.

    Often a small dose of diphenhydramine which goes by the name Benadryl, applied topically in a spray or lotion, will sooth effected area. Or you may choose to take it in it's pill form. Do NOT however take botht he pill & topical appication.

    OF COURSE -- If you have any additional side effects, difficulty breathing, or a reaction to the medication see a docotr immediately
  5. Chron

    Chron New Member

    Okay, so I'm not the only one! This happened to me the other day, and it's weird because marijuana never irritated me before. I got these little hives on the skin under my eyes. But it only happens while I'm breaking up the weed. I have no problems while smoking.
  6. 420budz

    420budz New Member

    sounds like an allergy. that sux!
  7. wxyz420

    wxyz420 New Member

    It's Not An Allergic Reaction

    I have the same exact thing happen to me. The cause is anxiety, you just don't realize it when you're stoned. Weed causes everyone to be more anxious, most people just don't see it as that. The next time you get nervous or anxious about something even when not high, check the mirror, you may have hives.
  8. genralP

    genralP New Member

    I dont know whats wrong with you buddy, sounds like you have some emotional problems, but I'm prety shure what I have is an allergic reaction. An allergy to marijuana is not so far fetched an idea, buds are the flowers of marijuana. Who wants to argue that flowers can not cause allergic reactions?
    I've been smoking regularly for several years but only in the past year have I experianced these hives. It only happens when I break my stuff up and then scratch my neck or touch my leg. Where I touch I get hives a minute or so later.
  9. Vonzi

    Vonzi New Member

    Could it be an off brand swisher, like "good times."
    I'm experiencing hives right now

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