Smoking and Working out?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by SmokerJoe, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. SmokerJoe

    SmokerJoe Guest

    Hello everybody,

    I am very new to this website, and am not a "very often user" as a matter of fact, last time I smoked was around 6 months ago. I had a question to ask all you guys here that has been on my mind for a long time. But before let me tell you a bit about me. I work out heavily almost everyday. I take care of my body, and am currently on a heavy diet to gain muscle. (Eat 4000 calories blah blah etc.)

    I was wondering if Marijuana impairs the ability for your body to grow muscle? I have never seen a smoker be buff, or even muscular. If I’m wrong, please do educate me. Are you a person who smokes weed and is buff? Or have you seen a guy that would fit this category?

    Thanks in advance for your respond, and sorry for the awkwardness of the question

    (I wanna smoke cuz of all the positive stuff i've read about it, but i want to be very sure :)
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  3. potheadreturns2

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    No dude, smoking weed doesn't impair your ability to grow muscles(???). I'm not sure why it would, as muscles have to do with protien, and weed has nothing to do with protien. I smoke three-four times a day and I work out every other day and while I'm not buff(yet) since I started a few weeks ago I am seeing a noticable difference. So to answer your question again, no weed has nothing to do with muscles. However I wouldn't recomend smoking while, before, or after you work out, as I've done that twice and thrown up both times. It's not a pleasent experience. Peace and good luck.
  4. bijevil

    bijevil Guest

    I feel that if I smoke before i workout i can focus on my muscle contractions better. Though the one bad thing that i heard is that smoking weed will not give you the solid feel that you get from working out casue supposedly estrogen in a minute amount is produced in your body when u smoke
  5. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    And marijuana seeds are an excellent source of protein (excellent for vegetarians). The next time you have a sack try eating the seeds. They're crunchy.
  6. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    My old dealer was relly buff.. and he smoked a ****load of weed.. too bad he moved :( I miss him, he has REALLY GOOD BUD!..:bawl:
  7. Bear

    Bear Guest

    If you need something to kick back and enjoy, I'd take mj over booze anyday if you are working on being a healthy person. I workout twice a day and have found no downside to smoking bud, at least with repect to gaining muscle. I would think that any effect would be minimal at most.
  8. Suabakey

    Suabakey New Member

    I have several friends that smoke a lot of greens and are very built. I'm in fair shape myself.
  9. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I used to know a guy that grew and was huge!!!( hey that rhymed) He didn't smoke that much, but when he did he got HIGH!
  10. Haven't you ever seen American Beauty?

    Anyhow, I find that weed is a great companion for working out. If I smoke a tiny bit before I exercise, it helps me to keep better form and concentrate on specific muscles better. I'm not buff, but I just started working out the past couple of weeks, and I am definitely noticing a difference. I smoke pretty much every day, too. It's great to smoke a little bit after you workout, that way you get the epinephrin high from the workout plus the high from the weed. They go good together. I also like running or biking after can keep up excellent rythm and push yourself harder than usual.
  11. onEravEr22

    onEravEr22 Guest

    Hello there joe
    My name is petrocovich...well tahts waht my friends call me

    I am 4'11" 25 years of age weighing in at 263 pounds and am currently "fizaded".

    Ive been working out for 9 years and mj has no affect at all..well thats what ive noticed...
    Ive tried to quit for 6 months and noticed no different so i said what the not quitting for nothing =]

    So i am a daily user and i love it:p
  12. onEravEr22

    onEravEr22 Guest

    stick it!
  13. aznxpoloboi

    aznxpoloboi New Member

    i know plenty of guys who smoke and are buff haha well i guess u hafta define buff.. i think if someone can press two plates on each side is buff but maybe not
  14. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    Some people find that it interferes while they workout. Some people smoke and then specifically work out. I smoke after I work out. It's all up to you. :cool:
  15. Grewdoc

    Grewdoc New Member

    Weed the mental helper

    I am a smoker, and before i go to the gym i find that if i have a small toke... i will work out better, and more intense. I am also pretty build and have been smoking for a while. So i mean smoking can not do anything when working out except for putting some extra stress on your heart. This is due to the Mary J but limited amount is placed, so small concern really, be light on the cardio. But i mean smoking or not, i am sure we all know the simple answer to this question.
  16. garysmithee0202

    garysmithee0202 New Member

    definitely not

    i work out daily and have found that smoking helps your workout. smoking lowers your blood pressure so when you smoke beforehand youre giving your heart and your other muscles a better workout.
  17. appledee

    appledee New Member

    A friend of mine almost always smokes before he worksout. He's pretty buff too. However, I do not like smoking before I worked out. Well, I currently am not working out, but when I did smoke prior to working out I didn't like it. Physically I bet that marijuana does have some effect on anabolism, seeing as how the endocannibinoid system is SO complex. Of course there's probably no or not much research concerning this topic thanks to prohibition.
  18. Papa-Ganja

    Papa-Ganja New Member

    smokin weed doesnt affect protein and nutrients...what are you people sayin?? whenever you blaze it depletes your nutrients in your body. Ive been smoking weed bout 4-8 times EVERYday for a little over 2 years now. Ive been slowing down latley to bout once or twicee a day and started working out about 2 months ago. been noticing quite a difference, but not as much as i should be. If your gunna work out heavily then the best thing to do is to stop tokin up and eat mad food with protein and fats and turn it all into muscle..quickly! Otherwise your not gunna get the full potential of the nutrients.
  19. tadros

    tadros Banned

    iam not trying to brag or anything but i smoke everyday and i still have a nice body thts kinda a gay tht i say tht but when anytime i smoke and workout i get so fuckin lazy and dont workout it aint a good idea keep ur working out and smoking times seperate
  20. Nipster1963

    Nipster1963 New Member

    Wow. Seems there are quite a few of you that smoke & pump. I'm not sure where to start but here goes-
    If you're really serious about pumping iron I would suggest joining a couple of body building sites. This is a small subject there but you will find many guys that do both.
    Although estrogen is produced with MJ one can buy blockers if this is a problem to an individual.
    I, myself, smoke after working out, when I can. I should say I am a MMJ pt and some days it just comes easier than others. Consistentcy in working out is also a key so if you miss a couple of days, try focusing on the muscle group that you were scheduled to do next. Once a week work that group to exhaustion, meaning take of weight a bit at a time, lift as many times as you can then take off more weight and do the same. Don't do this more than once/week though.
    Remember, everyone will resond differently. So just because you and your buddy both smoke and workout, one of you will probabely react better to exercising that the other. Along t@ topic, the biggest influence on working out is your diet. If you don't feed your muscles properly AND constantly, you will not get the max benefits from your workouts. Eat 5-6 times a day. Read up on this topic. If you are truely interestedfin gaining the most you need to do some research on your own.
    I think I may have gotten off topic a bit. I guess a quick answer would have been "IMO I do both and don't believe it really hinders muscle growth unless smoking while working out as this depletes vital oxygen to the muscles t@ u need during pumps and for recovery".
    Take care all.


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