Smoking Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by bluntaholic, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. bluntaholic

    bluntaholic New Member

    well... my dentist got sick on the day of my pre surgery consultation and instead rescheduled it 15 min before my surgery. he sent me a packet with instructions on prepping for the surgery and it arrived 2 days before the surgery. in the packet this one pamphlet says to not use any recreational drugs prior to surgery.

    does this mean weed?

    u think i will be okay if i smoked multiple times before the surgery within taht week?

    i dunno whether i should tell my doctor or not...

    i am 21 and in decent health but i smoke weed like everyday

    i hope i dont die or become a vegetable while under the knife!

    surgery is in 12 hours and i have only half a bowl today, will i live should i reschedule my appointment and go another week sober? is smoking weed really that big of a deal? pre surgery
  2. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    You'll be fine, just don't smoke AFTER surgery. You don't want to get a dry socket.
  3. vai113

    vai113 New Member

    OMG dude lol your cracking me up... are you kidding??? are you gonna die??? rofl

    dude i smoked 2 blunts 10 mins right before my wisdom teeth surgery and it sure made it go by ALOT FASTER.... :laugh:

    and yea hes right dry sockets SUCK
  4. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    I just had surgery on my broken front tooth, we're preparing it for an implant.
    I chewed marijuana right after surgery, and it helped. You can read about it here in more detail, the first paragraph.
  5. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    You will only get dry socket if you somehow manage to wash the blood away from your hole. The blood blocks the pain receptors, wash it away and you get dry socket. Chewing herb will thicken your saliva, and your blood. Its good to do while your waiting for your hydrocodies to kick in.
  6. Undacova

    Undacova New Member

    What if you inhale through your nose? If I take it in slow and exhale out of my nose will I still take the risk of getting dry socket?
  7. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    Well.. this is like anesthesia awareness.. they warn people not to take drugs before hand because it will reduce the effects of the stuff they give you to knock you out (whatever it's called). I doubt this relates to marijuana.
    If you honestly want to know just ask your doctor. That's the safest way. They will probably tell you no and I'd still smoke anyway. Wisdom teeth removal isn't that huge of a deal anyway so any effects would be minimal. Don't smoke for a few days after though.. dry sockets :(
  8. steakii

    steakii New Member

    I smoked about 2 hours after my surgery with no problem, BUT the surgeon said that i had one of the easiest removals that he ever had. I would take it slow and avoid suction. Suction is what gets you on the dry sockets. See if you can find a way to get the smoke in your lungs without any suction. Smoking through your nose will work, but it will sting pretty bad. Keep hydrated too, nothing is worse than cotton mouth on top of all the wisdom teeth stuff.
  9. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    First of all, you'll be fine with smoking right before surgery, never mind the week prior. Second, do not, whatever you do, create suction in your mouth for a few days after the surgery. Even if you don't feel any pain, do not smoke. I saw my dad go through the most excruciating month of his life waiting for his dry sockets to heal. He smoked maybe 5 cigarettes during the healing process and it caused him much more trouble than those 5 cigarettes were worth. Likewise, smoking just once could cause you a few weeks of unimaginable discomfort. I refrained from any type of smoking for a week after my surgery. After that, I was all set.
  10. big baby

    big baby New Member

    I am having dental surgery on Wed the 14th of March and obviously i'll be under anaesthesia for 2 hours. They tell me not to smoke cigarettes for 48 hours! i'm a smoker and i've snuck a cigarette when I desperatly needed it, does anyone knnow if this could be dangerous at all or what the side affects would be?
    ty :)

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