Smoking in the shower. Need help

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  1. JustinSmokes

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    Ok so i'm planning on smoking in the shower tomorrow morning before school. Iv'e done some research on this but can find a answer to these questions. Am I suppose to turn on the fan? or will that suck up all the steam. And if i turn on the fan wont the smoke go through the house and set off alarms? Also, am i suppose to blow the smoke into the shower drain or just into the shower? And this is what i have so far.
    -Towel under door
    -Coin to cover top of bowl after hitting
    -Turn shower on max heat and let the room steam up

    Anything else i need? please help thanks :)
  2. 5drive

    5drive Slacker


    A lot of people actually smoke in their homes-all the time.

    What you need is to use some common sense and forget about getting high before you go to school. Why anyone would want to make school time seem longer is beyond me.
  3. Ryan Overill

    Ryan Overill New Member

    I'm sorry but the alarms will NOT go off, just do it.
    Make sure the windows are closed and the heat is up to generate more steam.

    You'll be good and stoned, although I also wouldn't recommend doing this before school.
  4. Teleo9

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    It's really not that great lol. Unless you can hotbox the shower the only thing that's good about it is being high while you're in the shower, in which case u can just get high before u get in the shower.

    Also I agree, getting high before school just sounds dumb, even though everyone loves doing it apparently. If you want to be a productive member of society, use getting high as a reward for a good day of solid work even though school sucks.

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