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    hello my fellow smokers, recently i have learned of ways to smoke inside and not get caught but the problem with these solutions is that most of them only work with a pipe or bong. Some of us dont have pieces at our disposal so heres a little trick to not get caught smoking a joint or blunt. First get a bottle or jar and poke a hole in the top or wherever you find suitable, then stick your joint or blunt in the hole but leave enough out to inhale, one thing you can do is put the blunt or joint in an empty pen and stick the pen in the hole so you can finish off the roach. Once you take a hit all the excess smoke given off by the blunt or joint should stay in the jar or bottle. Next get an empty toilet paper roll stuff some dryer sheets in and this is where youll blow your smoke through, this will eliminate the weed odor. After you finish your joint or blunt take a rip from all the excess smoke left behind and while it might he stale itll still help you get high.While its not completely foulproof this little trick will reduce your chances of getting caught greatly, anyways i hope this helps, stay high my friends ;)
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