Smoking keeps me awake rather than putting me to sleep

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by mtvesuvius, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. mtvesuvius

    mtvesuvius New Member

    As the title says instead of putting me to sleep like most people weed actually tends to keep me awake. I usually can't fall asleep until my high completely ends around 4 hours after smoking. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    na man i use it to help me sleep, and im about to crash cause im feelling it:afro:
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Some varieties of marijuana tend to make you high-energy and awake. These are pure Sativas or Sativa hybrids. Indicas tend to lock your butt to the couch and put you to sleep. I find that most commercially available marijuana is Indica hybrid with heavy Indica characteristics.

    Do you find that all marijuana keeps you awake or just certain batches? Are you a new smoker or have you been at it for a while?
  4. drkseph

    drkseph New Member

    All the reefer I've ever smoked made me kinda tired, but there are strains that give you energy. As long as its giving you a good high it's all good.
  5. mtvesuvius

    mtvesuvius New Member

    I've been smoking since the summer, and pretty regularly since december. It's been the same for all the weed I've smoked so far, and I've had a decent amount of different strains.
  6. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    maybe your smoking crack laced stuff?? just a thought haha.
  7. mtvesuvius

    mtvesuvius New Member

    hah I don't think so. But sometimes as I'm crashing I'll pass out, and then after I sober up I wake back up, like fully awake. That's what really sucks.. It's not too much of a problem, I just make sure I smoke at least 4 hours before I go to bed, and I'm a night owl so thats not too difficult.
  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    I have more of a 2 hour window. If I'm high in bed, my thoughts are crusin' thru my brain...makes it hard to fall alseep. If I'm coming down off of the high, sleep comes rather quickly.
  9. Passage

    Passage Sr. Member

    If I'm still baked I can't fall asleep, thinking too much. However, once I start to come down from the peek I can fall asleep real easy.
  10. glorious

    glorious New Member

    I can never fall asleep right after i smoke unless i have already smoked previously that day.
  11. theMADNESS

    theMADNESS New Member

    Why would you want to fall asleep right after smoking? That seems like a waste..

    But I usually fall asleep when I'm coming down, even if its just a nap.
  12. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I never try to sleep until at least an hour has passed since I smoked. That way, I'm usually not high anymore, but coming down. I sleep like a baby....

    I can sleep right after smoking, as long as I remember to fall asleep...
  13. mtvesuvius

    mtvesuvius New Member

    Yea so I just smoked a lot this weekend and slept after like an hour or so. I think maybe it has a lot more to do with how sleepy I actually am. I have a lot of trouble sleeping normally so I think maybe the weed just doesn't help me that much
  14. Burnin_Dro

    Burnin_Dro New Member

    try smoking alll day
  15. JulieNY07

    JulieNY07 New Member

    I totally know how you're feelin. Weed generally keeps me awake more than it makes me tired. I love mary jane, but ive learned i cant smoke if i need to get to sleep. but then again i cant sleep with a tv on either...could be just me
  16. steakii

    steakii New Member

    If im just a little high, i think alot and it keeps me awake. If im really high, i just pass out.
  17. Starhigh420

    Starhigh420 New Member

    It happens to me a lot depending on the bud. Some strains make me fall asleep when i smoke it (rarely happens) other strains dont let me sleep till my high is gone. Other strains i feel wide awake when i do it and u cant feel when the high is over which is good because your not lazy on your come down.
  18. ilovealbertwalker

    ilovealbertwalker New Member

    ya usually its based on what kind of weed it is,like some i can fall asleep like after and hour, sometimes i stay awake and its energetic. but either way i be sleeping later
  19. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    I thought I would revive this thread by saying that it puts me to sleep, however, it keeps my boyfriend up, we usually don't smoke before bed...I find it to be somewhat wasteful.
  20. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    ...Are you smoking more of a Sativa based plant or what?

    If you want sleep, I'd recommend a Indica. :D

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