Smoking keeps me awake rather than putting me to sleep

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  1. sub_graf

    sub_graf Sr. Member

    I can usually go either way as far as sleep goes. I've fallen asleep with a bowl in my hand, and right now, at 3:55 a.m., I'm smoking a bowl, typing this. Bud helps me sleep, but, usually, doesn't make me "sleepy", if that makes any sense.

    As long as I keep my mind occupied, I'm fine, but if I lay down and get cozy, I'm out like a baby.

    It also depends on what medications I'm on at the time also. Some of my anxiety meds (taken as prescribed) mixed with pot put me on my ass pretty quick.
  2. Redwun

    Redwun New Member

    Keeps me awake i tend to walk around my shop doing things while sipping on a nice ipa. Definately keeps me aeake sometimes till 3 4am if i want. Homegrown or medical or other all seem to have the same effect. I would be considered ADD, very creative. Can multitask well. Out of the box thinker. Not sure.
  3. who-dat

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    I honestly think that stoners don't want to miss anything or waste a buzz. Coming down? Fix it. Just fixed it? Don't want to waste it... See the cycle :)
  4. ßü††|맧

    ßü††|맧 New Member

    Last time I tried sleeping w/o a buzz I failed miserably.

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