Smoking makes me so tired

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by soybomb, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. soybomb

    soybomb Marijuana Guru

    I usually smoke on the weekend nights and I usually get really tired because of it. I know this is supposed to happen, but is there any way to make me less tired? Does it have to do with the quality of bud you are smoking? And when i go to bed a little stoned I wake up the next day tired as hell even though i get plenty of sleep. Any thoughts?:(
  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I have found that I don't get as tired when I smoke good weed. Try drinking some coffee when you smoke. The only other thing I can think of would keep you up for 8-12 hours and I can't discuss here.:D
  3. pipedreamer

    pipedreamer Guest

    The main reason you get tired from MJ is the carbon monoxide created when you smoke. Carbon monoxide attaches itself to your blood preventing oxygen from doing so. This puts you into a mild state of "hypoxia" (lack of oxygen), which makes you sleepy.

    If you are serious about reducing the draining effect of MJ smoking you should look into Vapourizers. A good Vap produces little carbon monoxide, and a lot of users report that hey don't get nearly as burnt out.

  4. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    :D Another reason why I am going for a vap!

    But I find that I get EXTREMELY tired to, and if it is good quality bud and the time is right (basically if I'm not in school/working) I can fall asleep right away. A few times I smoked only a dime with a friend (good quality stuff though), and I actually passed out 20 minutes later.

    That's one of the reasons why I don't smoke until the evening, because if I smoke in the afternoon or the morning it just makes me very tired all day. Helped me with my insomnia though :)
  5. pipedreamer

    pipedreamer Guest

    B7: I think you might be surprised at how a good Vap changes the experience. I find a good few Vap hits in the afternoon can recharge my batteries as opposed to a joint which will usually call the sandman.

  6. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Sounds excellent, I have heard only good things about vaps, I wonder why they aren't so popular?

    Well, going to smoke my final joint (getting healthy, sticking to a vap for now on) tomorrow morning and set out to downtown and get my vap :D

    Just want to get this straight:
    - No smoke, just a vapor of THC
    - Do not smell, easy on the lungs
    - healthy alternative to bongs/joints

    It's a wonder why everyone doesn't use them :)
  7. krolley

    krolley Guest

    Yeah, getting tired is a bit of a bummer. That's why I like to smoke in the morning when my batteries are fully charged and I don't get tired.

    Oh, and in reply to soybomb's other question about being tired the following day, I think that has something to do with the type of sleep you get. Normally you move back and forth between 'light' sleep and 'heavy' sleep, the heavy sleep tends to give you dreams, while the other revitalizes (sp?) your body/mind. After you smoke MJ, i think you tend to stick pretty much to heavy sleep. This would explain that feeling when you wake up that feels like you blinked, and it's morning, like no time has passed. I like that, it's cool.

    The thing I can't explain though, is that some people feel very rejuvinated after a MJ sleep and others don't. Fortunately, I'm one of the lucky ones. I hope it helped you anyways.

    -- krolley. :)
  8. pipedreamer

    pipedreamer Guest


    Some things you should know before you buy. First, Vaps are not as amazing as some would have you believe. Good ones are great at producing much less noxious stuff for you to inhale, but you will still get some nasties in with the THC. They shouldn't be considered a "healthy alternative to smoking" rather a less unhealthy option.

    As to why they aren't all that popular. Well the market is strictly underground and the "industry" is made up of small business concerns, only a few of which are truly serious about their ventures.

    Also, the majority of the Vaps that have been produced over the last ten years have been disappointing to consumers. The ones that do work well, and that are supported by a competent business structure, are few and far between... but they do exist. Do your research.

  9. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    it seems to me..

    If i smoke and dont do anything, besides sit around the house, do something boring or something i'm not enjoying i get tired rather quickly. But if i'm playing soccer or any other activity that i have fun i dont get tired at all, but when i go to sleep i'll sleep in 10 seconds. But if i plan to do something after smoking like 5-6 hours after smoking and i'm REALLY tired i take a half hour nap and a shower that seem to help a lot
  10. I have the same situation about getting tired after weed. Coffee doesn't work for me, and its not really good for my health. I think I'll try some green tea before I toke. My question is this:
    What would be more efficient, taking the caffeine before smoking or after? I don't know if anyone knows the answer but I guess I'll experiment.

    Peace out
  11. HitTheHammeR

    HitTheHammeR New Member

    lol . . .

    my suggestion is:
    stick to the sativas

    of course, not many of us have the headroom to be growing these giants, but def if ur in the sticks, u might want to look at trying ur hand at a plant with a mixed ratio of maybe 60% sativa, 40% indica . . .
    (just depends on how long the sun prolongs a blue wavelength spectrum thingey for ur plants til the months of harvest turn over :) )

    btw -
    on the topic of methods of smoking, i find eating it to be the most dream-like state of being . . . lol, i just find that when im buzzing from a "doobie-snack" it just feels totally like im walking around inside a dream . . .

    and also btw - bongzilla, good luck on the vape again
    but joints arent really a bad alternative to all of those who cant afford a vape, from what ive read on the reports done on this site i believe in the health section (wherever it is) that unfiltered joints have one of the best tar:THC ratios among smoking methods . . . vape was the best, and i believe ranking after joints were bongs, and then regular pipes (but i dont think they tested hand pipes, just making a quick assumption)

  12. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    Try caffine pills or energy pills. Work like coffee, without being coffee. When I smoke at night I tend to get tired quiker, probly because its night time.. but I get a really good sleep.
  13. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    About caffeine....

    Besides being other drugs and other drugs are off topic, i would just like to add that those energy pill do keep you awake but its like your brain is about to melt down, you cant concentrate or anything you are just awake but dead like a zombie. I took guaranĂ¡ once to study for a test, worst thing i have ever done. I couldnt sleep or study...
  14. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    One side effect of MJ as a pharmeceutical herbal is as a sleep aid...a soporific.

    That is why you should not smoke & drive...falling asleep at the wheel...or smoke out at a party or place where you can be taken advantage of ... Be Safe...Smoke Out With Folk You KNow & Trust

    Try taking coffee, chocolate, cola soda or tea 30 minutes BEFORE smoking so the caffeine is in your system

    But please play it SAFE always..

    ~ have a cookie ;)
  15. foild_

    foild_ Guest

    Mamabuds - i would just like to say you seem like the most caring, and wholesome person i have heard from in a long while
    Plus u seem very inteligent, i really respect all that
    anyways, hehe
    just the thought of the day
  16. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i usually get really tired when i smoke. i actually use it as a sort of sleep aid. just about everyngiht, i smoke about an hour or two before i go to bed. when im with people, i just drink a caffeinated soda. it helps.
  17. zenith

    zenith Guest

    Usually if I'm just smoking alone at night I'll get quite tired after the buzz has worn off. But if I'm with friends I never really get tired, probably because I'm usually moving around and stuff.

    Actually there was one time when I smoked in the morning after a really short sleep and all day at school I was totally burnt out. The entire day was so hazy, and it wasn't the pleasent kind.
  18. dejavu1017

    dejavu1017 New Member

    To everyone who said that smoking weed makes you tired due to inhalation of carbon monoxide, benzene, etc.: Not at all true! You are inhaling SO much more combusted plant material when you are smoking a cigarette than you are when smoking pot. If that small amount of carbon monoxide from the weed what was actually making you tired, imagine how tired you'd be after a cigarette. But smoking cigarettes does anything but make you feel tired. Even though nicotine is a stimulant, the amount in a cigarette certainly isn't enough to completely reverse how tired you would be from the CO if that idea were true.
  19. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    This used to be a problem for me, but now that I vape pretty much exclusively it no longer is. Also feel fresh and clear the next morning rather then sluggish. I use a Volcano but there are many good cheaper alternatives, see the Vaporizer threads.
    I think BTW that the reason the vaporizer is more effective this way is two fold:
    1) Indeed stuff like benzene, carbon monoxide etc is greatly reduced or eliminated all together.
    2) You use a lot less herb to get a great high.
    And I do think that quantity changes quality and that most of us are simply using too much. In any case way more then is needed to get high.

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