Smoking people out their first time

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by imported_medizone, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. imported_medizone

    imported_medizone Sr. Member

    Last night I had a few friends over, and my dad is out of town so I was just planning on us all smoking in my garage and playing video games and stuff. It turns out that one of them had never smoked before! I love getting people to try weed, so I loaded up the bong and showed her how it works and all that stuff. Me and my other friends smoked a bowl or two before she was ready. She was acting really ditzy, saying stuff like "I don't know how to do it," "how do you hold it?" and all that. Since it was my brand new $80 bong we were using, I not only lit it for her but I held it for her too.. So anyways she takes two hits, coughs like hell, and doesn't get stoned. :( I was trying really hard to get her to smoke more but she just didn't want to. She said that the thought of getting smoke in her lungs just creeped her out. I'll just have to get her to smoke again some time..

    Me and my other friends smoked around 6-8 bowls, the last two were just me smoking because I have a higher tolerance than anyone who was there.

    Please share any experiences / stories you have about getting people high for the first time!
  2. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    shoulda pulled out the grav bong..heheheh :laugh: :laugh:
  3. Actually reading your post triggered one of my first time trying to get someone to smoke for their FIRST time. My one friend is a pretty big jock that doesn't want to do anything to screw up his athletic ability including drinking and smoking. Anyways I had him and a few other friends over once and we were all smoking and we convinced him to try it. He was a lot like the girl in the first post he took about two hits then quit BUT we convinced him to take a couple more hits and one was huge and he got REAL HIGH. I played him in Madden with my like all-star team with a bunch of made up players and he freaked out because I was always sacking him and breaking 40 yard runs and 70 yard passes. Overall he liked it but he still hasn't done it since but claims he will do it again sometime.
  4. SkyyVodka

    SkyyVodka Sr. Member

    Was she hot?

    Some people don't get high there fast times, I just don't know why :shrug:
  5. imported_medizone

    imported_medizone Sr. Member

    I'd say she's leaning towards the butterhead side, but I'd still do her :laugh:

    she has a bf right now though, and I will not put myself in that situation... I'm going to get her to smoke again though. At least until she gets high :D
  6. Almost Bliss

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    I hate how whenever I try to smoke people up for their first time they only want to take a few hits....and I try to convince them if they want to get high they should take more, they never listen.
  7. budblazer420

    budblazer420 New Member

    thats like when i tried to get my 300 pound friend high. we split a j and 3 bowls, but he didnt get high. i weighed like 140 at the time, i was blazed.
  8. TiKiTiKi

    TiKiTiKi Sr. Member

    lol when new people smoke. Ive found out that they either dont get high. or they get superblazed.. Ripped with the giggles and stuff. I love smoking people out that have never smoked before.. I am known to get very dank weed and i guess my reputation kinda gets around. Anyways, I really love smoking out people that are new.
  9. KashogiStogi

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    Dude...smoking people out who have never smoked before is a delight beyond words.

    Most people don't get high their first time, and as a result, think it's a waste of time. Well that and also that the smoke hurts their throat and lungs or some****.

    So when ever I have the chance to plan out getting someone high, I use brownies. About a year ago, my friend made some really dank brownies (he's the best ganja chef i've ever seen). I get to the place we decide to chill at quite late (like 2 hours late). I find him and his girl chillen in his girl's room (though I didn't actually walk-in on them or anything), while my other guy friends are kickin it in the hottub with some chicks and other good girl friends of mine.

    I was jipped out on the hottub, cause it was packed, so I instead help myself to a couple of brownies in the kitchen and smoke on the lonesome. As I'm chiefin in the middle of the living room, I hear some girls giggling upstairs. Naturally, I got up to go check it out. I wasn't expected much, but when I opened the door, I saw the sister of my friends girlfriend and two of her hot friends on her bed giggling and ****. Their two grades below me, and I was a junior last year. They were 14-15 and I was 16.

    All three of them were new to pot, so they were gone. I walked in, started making fun of them, and sat myself down at the head of the bed. They started pronouncing my name in messed up ways and laughing at the outcomes. After awhile, I get up and start looking at the pic's that are all over the wall. The sister is hot, in my opinion hotter than the one my friend's going out with. So, I tease her the most, and since it was her room, start pullin out pics of her in 4th grade and ****. She looked like the biggest dork back then lol!

    Anyways, to make a longer story short. Those newbies laughed for hours on end.
  10. voltion

    voltion Banned

    Ah old memories, a good friend of mine got blazed for the first time about a year ago. We were at a skate park (no I don't pretend to skate but police don't come down) and just piped a bit of weed, not even that much and the kid greened the **** out. He was on the floor for over an hour, just moaning ****. I was on a bike and kept spinning him out by riding around him. I think the same day we got 3 people on a stolen bike and crashed it.

    People who don't smoke a lot should always have a memorable first smoke.
  11. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Dude, weight doesnt make much of a difference in getting high at all. Its not like alcohol, where heavier people can generally drink more without feeling the effects. Trust me, I've smoked with people ranging from about 85 lbs to 400 lbs.....and not once have I ever noticed ANYONE getting higher/not as high because of weight. THC is absorbed through the lungs, whereas alcohol has to be absorbed through the stomach. Absorbtion through the lungs is a rapid process, whereas it takes time to absorb something through the stomach. Weight has NOTHING to do with the a THC high, at least not that I know of, seen or have heard of. Most likely, if he didnt get high, he wasnt inhaling correctly. It wasnt because of his weight. Trust me dude, I have a few FAT freinds,and they dont smoke any more than anyone else does to achieve a high.
  12. evolution84

    evolution84 New Member

    Oh man, it's always fun to smoke people up who've never smoked before. Back when I was a senior in high school, I was with my girlfriend at the time and she had smoked before but never got high. I decided to pick her up and take her out to a movie, it happened to be The Ring. Anyways, we were hotboxing my car while driving around her neighborhood. I got her sooooo high it was hysterical. We went to the movie theater and decided to pack up another bowl before we went in. We were really high by the time we sat down to watch The Ring. We were both so scared, it was funny she was clutching on to me the whole time. It was just a great time.

    Another time, more recently actually I was at a party with a few friends of mine. The party wasn't that good so we decided to head back to my place and smoke. My friend Jess had never smoked before and she decided to smoke with us. I rolled a blunt, took a couple of hits and then immediately passed it to her. I told her what to do and everything. After the first few hits she was stoned out of her mind. All of us ended up getting really baked and just laughed for hours and hours. It was just a good time.
  13. quimb420

    quimb420 New Member

    this last 4/20 i walked into the school with a couple of people one of them had smoked a few times but not got stoned before to see my friend sitting there blazed just like me so we were both like hey lets blaze
    we convinced the newbie he needed to blaze with us ( we needed a ride it also took very little convincing)
    so we rolled a fatty and smoked it us being blazed asked him if he was stoned he was like no but can i have some of that drink (as he was all red eyes and blazed looking) it was so funny i laughed for like 20 minutes
  14. shakoBuDz

    shakoBuDz Banned

    ive brought many people into the cannabis world. most of those people did not get high there first time. i didnt get high my first time either...weird.
  15. Blunted

    Blunted RIP PIMP

    It's always nice to introduce someone else to weed, I have a good amount of people under my belt. I didn't get high the first two times I smoked though, but it wasn't good weed either. Third time I smoked I got ripped
  16. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Just remember, guys, pot isn't for everyone.

    Although I'm certainly happy my best buddy in high school peer pressured me enough to overcome my initial nervousness :)
  17. Furious George

    Furious George New Member

    yeah i smoked my cousin out for the first time. it was in a tent at my grandparents house. it was so funny i was super ripped and kept asking him if he was high, he would say not and then start to stare at his hand and grin. he did it everytime so i was pretty sure he was ripped
  18. The Mighty Quin

    The Mighty Quin New Member

    Delta-9-Tetrahydracannibinol is fat soluble. I am not certain if that would indicate that those who are of a "larger glandular disposition" would actually get higher or not, but 'twould be interesting to know.
  19. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    I have yet to innitiate someone into the culture. I'm trying to get this acquintance of mine who is rediculuosly uptight to try it, some THC in his system would do a lot of good. He's not super uptight about pot, but he's japanese (i'm not a racist) there is a part of the japanese culture which takes everything way too seriously. He IS that part. Whenever someone says anything he assumes it's about him and assumes it means the worst possible thing he can imagine. He needs to get high.
  20. The Mighty Quin

    The Mighty Quin New Member

    I thought Japanese people were high to begin with. Have you ever seen Dragon Ball-z? That show makes so much more sense when you're blazed.

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